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Thousands of Homemade Tools

Thousands of Homemade Tools
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Dan's Workshop Blog Survival Podcast s MiniLathe and Little Workshop lathes Machine Tool REFERENCE ARCHIVE - This material written by and the copyright of Tony Griffiths (© Tony Griffiths), 1998 - 2012. All rights reserved, worldwide. Material may not be copied nor reproduced in whole or part without written permission from the author This Archive of lathes and other machine tools is provided entirely free of charge; I do hope you find it both interesting and useful. Individual visitors during the last 12 calendar months = 3,910,980 (hits 73,073,678) Need more information? What’s new ? In response to many requests a complete copy of the Archive and web site is now available on a DVD with 3 Gig of data. TIP: to search using Google include the word "site:" e.g.

Tools and jigs | Finely Strung Over the years, I’ve learnt a lot and picked up many good ideas from other people’s woodworking and instrument making websites. So, to return the favour, here’s a collection of shop-made tools and jigs and workpiece fixtures that I’ve found useful. Few, if any, of the things here were my idea originally, although I may have made modifications, and I’ve done my best to acknowledge the sources. Finger planesHolding and clamping awkwardly shaped piecesSharpening small or short bladesJig for a Dremmel for routing rosettes and soundholesFret bevelling fileCello clampsUsing rare earth magnets to tame a cello wolf noteDovetail markerDovetail viceRouter table for a Dremmel Finger planes Here are three photographs of cello and violin making planes that I’ve made. Dealing with tapered shapes It’s hard, if not impossible, to plane a taper on small pieces of wood on the bench top or held in a vice. I’ve since made a modification to my jig to incorporate this useful feature. Mixing filler and catalyst

Backyard Workshop - Home Toggle Clamp Sanding Block I made this quick-release sanding block from four pieces of 1/2-in. -thick birch plywood. The top three pieces are glued together. All four pieces measure 2-1/2-in. wide by 7-in. long. Tools - Tailstock DRO - Academy of Lagado Tailstock Digital Read-Out [March 10, 2014][March 23, 2014 - note][April 5, 2014 - addendum][May 12, 2014 - note][Aug. 24, 2014 - Model 2] This project is not original with me, and is in fact based on a very similar project by George Race. For a link to that project and other related projects look here (scroll down to Tailstock > Depth Gage). Revised Model 2 This revised Model 2 was made because the original Model 1 was interfering too much with the compound rest. This new design moves the DRO to the top of the tailstock. A measured drawing is available for Model 2 at the links below: To make it easier to bend, the aluminum flat stuck was held in a vise and bent before it was cut to length. The back of the DRO was removed, and two mounting holes were drilled and tapped for socket cap button head screws. The clamp to hold the end of the DRO was made by re-using the clamp from the Model 1; this required the clamp to be milled down to fit the revised application. Original Model 1 Quill Bracket

Shop Made Tools - Page 104 I have went through all 133 pages of the postings and there is a wealth of information here. Some of the items are flat incredible and kudos to their makers. Mine is much more modest though I find it quite handy.I don't know if power tapper is the correct term for this tool and the tool certainly is not original with me.

Socket and Screwdriver Bit Organizer | ToolGuyd Lee Valley has started carrying a rather interesting tool storage system that consists of a tool board and repositional adapter pegs. The tool boards are made from ABS plastic and measure 7-1/2″ x 11″. You can mount them to horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as the wall or your benchtop, and can also place them inside drawers and tool boxes. The recesses can fit standard 1/4″ hex screwdriver bits without needing any additional accessories, and optional adapters are made to fit 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ square drive sockets. There are ribs on the inside of each slot to ensure that screwdriver bits, adapters, and tools won’t wiggle loose as you move tools to and from the board. Prices: $6.50 for each tool board, $3-4 for 12 socket adapters, $3.50 for 6 pairs of tool clips. There is also a special 50-piece introductory kit option that comes with 2 tool boards and one pack of each accessory type, for $18.50. Buy Now(via Lee Valley) Related Posts: Craftsman Unimax Tool Set

MIMF • View topic - Jason's vacuum thermoforming adventures While watching some youtubes of folks doing vacuum forming at home, I noticed some guys actually pressing the plastic down with gloved fingers to get edges pulled down completely. This seemed like a bad idea, as I was sure that it would create this spots or ugly deformities, but the plastic is already cooled enough that it's not a problem. I tried pushing the edges with a piece of wood, and it turned out pretty well. To improve upon that idea, I made a ring, just slightly bigger than the base of the pickup mold, to press the last 1/4" to 3/8" of plastic down evenly around the edges. This worked so well, that I busted out four more identical covers! This whole adventure didn't end up costing much. Not shown are some of the bigger failures, including blistering and tearing of the plastic, due to overheating. If I was going to do this again, I'd build a bigger table, maybe 12x12. Fire away with any critique or questions! -Ruining perfectly good wood, one day at a time.