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Find Connections between People and Companies

Find Connections between People and Companies
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instalcac DataWrangler for your data formatting needs Formatting data is a necessary pain, so anything that makes formatting easier is always welcome. Data Wrangler, from the Stanford Visualization Group, is the latest in the growing set of tools to get your data the way you need it (so that you can get to the fun part already). It's similar to Google Refine in that they're both browser-based, but my first impression is that Data Wrangler is more lightweight and it feels more responsive. Data Wrangler also seems to do more guesswork, so you can set less specific parameters. The video below describes what all the tool can do, but it's better to just try it out. I'd be interested to hear what the Google Refine users think of Data Wrangler. [Data Wrangler via Waxy]

Reverse Phone Lookup | Find out who owns cell phone numbers and landlines | Reverse Phone Directory 5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad It seems as though the minute the iPad was announced, innumerable light bulbs went off as developers and entrepreneurs everywhere came to the same realization: "We could totally use this device as a digital whiteboard!" Indeed, a search for the word "whiteboard" in the App Store returns a whopping 170 iPad apps. Although the device's 10-inch screen may not compare to a full-sized, physical whiteboard, it can be quite handy to use a virtual whiteboard with team members remotely, and the iPad's form factor suits itself quite well to exactly that. As we mentioned, the App Store is loaded with these kinds of apps, and many of them are quite good. SyncSpace Try it out (iTunes link) SyncSpace has all the standard drawing and text editing tools of a digital whiteboard product, but with a few extras thrown in. The size of the canvas is essentially infinite, as you can pinch to zoom in and out. ZigZag Board Try it out (iTunes link) LucidChart Try it out (Web app) Conceptboard Try it out (Web app) - Free & Online: Convert and save PDF from any web page Get serious stats about your Twitter community with Social Bro You might think you know a lot about the people you follow, and who follow you, on Twitter. However, Social Bro is an app that might change your mind. It lets you explore statistics that provide some interesting insights into your Twitter community. Once this Adobe Air-based app is installed, you have to register for an account. e24Apps , the company behind Social Bro promises to authorise new accounts within 24 hours, so you may have a short wait to get to use the service, which still in beta. The Home tab gives you a wide range of statistics, including a graph plotting your followers, friends and tweets; details of people who recently unfollowed you; new followers; inactive followers; your noisiest friends (those who tweet the most) and more. Meanwhile a set of slider controls let you explore your community in more detail. Social Bro can be downloaded here and you can register to use it within the app.

TwitPic Founder’s Heello Launches As A Simple Twitter Clone 8 tools to help you get the most out of Twitter With over a million registered apps designed for Twitter, Leo Widrich of Twitter Tip Blog picks out his top eight and how they help you make the most out of the microblogging site. Twitter recently announced that there are over one million Apps registered now. I believe this is an incredible statement about how strong Twitter's ecosystem has become already. For the future, there definitely won't be a problem of too few options. Buffer Why: Gives you 200% more clicks on tweets Everyday there is a ton of great articles I come across on the web. Top Tip: To know how effective your tweets are, the app will show you the number of clicks, retweets and reach of each tweet sent via Buffer. Formulists Why: Helps you build lists on twitter the easy way When I started out on Twitter, I never gave much thought to building lists. Top Tip: The app also creates a dynamic list of those people you speak the most to, so you can always keep in touch with your close network. Twitsprout Tweriod KeepStream

OLAP Bar ChartAvailable in 2D-3DHTML5 or FlashComes in Column, Bar, Stacked, Stacked Percent, and Multi-Axis Area ChartHTML5 or FlashComes in Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Percent, Area Spline, Stacked Area Spline HTML5 or FlashComes in Line, Spline or Stacked Pie ChartHTML5 or Flash Scatter ChartHTML5 or JPG Multi-AxisHTML5Column, Stacked Column, Multi-Axis Line, Multi-Axis Column Netvibes Updates Social Analytics Solution With its "integrate everything" Universal Web App (UWA) technology based on open standards, and Host your own Social Analytics giving the enterprise control, Netvibes announced the latest version of its namesake enterprise platform already adopted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including the US Dept. of Energy (US DoE). Boosts Open Market Access, Social Analytics “Netvibes for Enterprise was designed to solve two major shortcomings in the enterprise portal market: The lack of open access and limited social analytics. Netvibes for Enterprise makes it easy for companies to integrate everything from Sharepoint, Websphere and Salesforce to Facebook and Twitter, all on one continuously updated, real-time dashboard that each user can personalize and access everywhere — from desktop to mobile, as a whole or by the app,” said Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes. Sharepoint Websphere Salesforce Oracle Sage Etelos SAP Social apps supported include: Twitter Facebook Google Docs Dropbox

Social Media Tools To Help Analyze Your Reach and Strategy | Hettema & Bergsten Whether you believe it or not, social media progress is measurable. To do this simply takes a critical eye with a knack for numbers, and reliable tools that provide consistent and measurable results.Here are five tools and resources I have personally leveraged to provide insight into our own team’s social media progress. 1. SocialBro 2. TwitSprout 3. Clicky Analytics 4. 1. I am a big fan of native platform solutions. In-depth analysis, practical overview upon first opening the app, and multiple Twitter account support is necessary for a social stats nut. Socialbro – Explore your Community from Socialbro Explore your community on Vimeo. 2. My favorite analysis product for Twitter is TwitSprout. TwitSprout condenses all your Twitter stats into one PDF document, using easy to read graphs, with necessary information prominently displayed. 3. An important part of your social media analysis is measuring results on the web properties you control. 4. My suggestion for teams? 5.

2 solutions pour se créer un CV infographique en ligne Le CV est très souvent l’étape essentielle pour obtenir un premier entretien d’embauche qui vous permettra de pouvoir prouver votre motivation et vos aptitudes pour un job. Pour peu que vous sortiez de vos études, vous risquez d’avoir du mal à faire le poids face aux autres postulants plus expérimentés. Oubliez ce que vous avez appris à l’école Les professeurs ont souvent une formation très «old school» concernant le curriculum vitae, datant d’une époque pre-Internet. Un CV, ce n’est pas une page avec 30 lignes de textes qui listent vos expériences et vos études qui finiront par vos hobbies. Non, il faut impressionner votre interlocuteur et pour cela, profitez des possibilités offertes par l’air multimédia. Cette URL peut amener l’embaucheur dans votre univers et lui fournir une vidéo, une animation ou une infographie, mais attention, donnez lui toujours l’occasion de pouvoir imprimer votre CV au format texte, afin qu’il puisse, par exemple le transmettre à ses collègues. CVGram