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Earn Money for Web User Testing - UserTesting What do I need to get started? A PC or Mac, an internet connection, and a microphone. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet If you’d like to take Mobile tests Ability to download our testing software You must be at least 18 years old Ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English Ariel Seidman Yahoo! Email Director Product Management Login 3 Day Free Trial Reset Password 3 Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required Access over 3 Million Contacts Now! This will be your Lead411 Login Sign Up With : Home Product Pricing Blog

No Printer Required: First Paperless Daily Deal Service Launches Gaming platform SCVNGR has teamed up with American Express and Levi's to create the first paperless daily deal redemption system. If you've ever purchased a Groupon or LivingSocial daily deal, you've probably gone through the awkward process of redeeming your coupon. You have to print out the daily deal, remember to bring the printout with you and give it to the cashier, who may or may not be trained on how to redeem it. Plus, pulling out a coupon isn't necessarily something you want to do on a date. SCVNGR and American Express believe that they have found the solution.

Weird and strange inventions of aquatic vehicles in Thailand floods Last year, continuous heavy rainfall caused river levels soaring; Thailand’s central and northern regions were suffered from the severest flooding in the last 10 years. The floods that had lasted for two months was affecting 3/4 of Thailand and millions of people. All 77 provinces in Thailand, 58 were flooded, including 25 provinces with serious disaster. Writing Opportunities As a writer, you know how hard it is to build your portfolio while writing about things you love. Where can you start? Skyword allows you to combine your passions, expertise, and writing skills to publish content on leading brand and media company websites. Our platform and staff make it easy for you, which puts the focus on where it belongs: your creative process.

6 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers This week's list of educational web tools has a variety of new services that we have handpicked for you from different blogs and platforms. If you are a teacher whose work eats away all his/her time leaving him/her with no time to go online and digg for some new technology resources to use with their students then dont worry we did the digging for you and here is what we have for you for this week : 1- Bee Clip This is an amzing tool to create digital scrapbooks. It combines images, videos, and text and lets you create and manage student classes, projects, download and share and many more. Eric Marcoullier In March 2008 Eric Marcoullier founded Gnip. Prior to Gnip, Eric Marcoullier founded MyBlogLog with Todd Sampson in January of 2005. The service went live in March 2005 and was acquired by Yahoo for an estimated $10 million in January 2007. He left Yahoo in July 2007.

SCVNGR Pilots New Hybrid Mobile App for Local Merchant Deals With Game Mechanics Location-based mobile game startup SCVNGR is releasing Thursday a second mobile application for iPhone and Android called LevelUp. This release is meant to serve as a pilot in the Boston and Philadelphia areas and test a new approach to merchant deals that better drive customer loyalty. LevelUp plays in the same sandbox as Groupon , LivingSocial and the myriad of other daily deals sites, but the product attempts to reengineer the formula with game mechanisms and location — two areas SCVNGR knows well — to benefit both the consumer and the merchant. “LevelUp is a new type of location-based interaction. It combines the best parts of the check-in, the challenge, and the reward into one bite-sized unit,” says SCVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch.

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