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三木章刃物本舗. Neemantools. We are a small crew of skilled craftsmen from Latvia who use our heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations to design and create woodworking tools and knives.


Our process, our method and mission keep these traditions and crafts alive and well. In this high-tech age, our own traditional craftsmanship is flourishing. Our company was founded and all the tools designed by Jacob, a carpenter, with a love for traditional woodworking together with his close friend - a local village bladesmith, that has deep knowledge in historical blades and techniques. We use our hands to produce tools that will live on, telling their story in the hands of the craftsmen after us. Lee R. Griffiths Artistry - Field & Stream: The Gun Art of Master Engraver Lee Griffiths.

Katherine Plumer Fine Art: Drawing, Scrimshaw Engraving. Hand Engraving, Sterling Silver Belt Buckles, Gold Belt Buckles, Custom Belts - NR Hunt Studio. Ford Hallam - Metal Artist. Monogram Styles. Sample Lettering Plate: Armstrong Engraving & Custom Jewelry. E"hand engraving tools, metal engraving machine tool, gun engraver, gun engraving tool, air engraver, Learning to engrave, stone setting toolsngraving, engraver,online,school,gun,knife,jewelery,lindsay,airgraver,grs,tool,igraver, - Russian knives. Русские ножи. Часть 1. The Knives made russian gunsmith. 52 copies.Ножи изготовленные русскими оружейниками. 52 экземпляра.

Russian knives. Русские ножи. Часть 1

Fine Hand Engraving. Engraving is one of the most recognized and exacting adornments on metal, and most of our engraving is done on stainless steel, and occasionally - on Titanium, adding layers of difficulty to the process.

Fine Hand Engraving

William Henry works with a select group of world-famous master engravers to create very limited edition pieces on an ongoing basis. Each edition, or piece, is carefully conceived and executed by William Henry and the engraver, and every finished engraving is hand-signed by the artist. Gold-inlaid Engraving is another, even more complex, rendition of a classic art form. This involves creating a fine engraving with deep relief, then inlaying 24K gold (or different metals) into select portions of the engraving. If done in damascus, we then heat-color the frame which creates a beautiful darker background to highlight the gold inlay. All Materials. Tharwa Valley Forge. Harumic World by Harumi Hirayama. Japanese Knife Imports- Home. February 2012. Well it is now the 9th February, 11.30am and I am in my busy little office/showroom/gallery/workshop and it is bitterly cold, (old building with no central heating and silly old fashioned single pane windows...) and I have my 2 favourite heaters formed into a little cosy corner next to me.

February 2012

So I say roll on summer!!!! ...well it may be chilly in here but still looks bright and shiny... I am uploading a very quick video from my ipod...goodness knows what it will be like or where it will be on the page, just to show you it is shiny in here. ( it is at the very bottom of this post!) I had a lovely commission (as they all are) before Christmas, for a 40th birthday from husband to wife. My favourite Tudor Crystal Bowl, so heavy I cannot pick it up with one hand.

The Chinese year each family member was born in, for example, the calligraphy style outline of a traditional cartoon style image worked best. The flowers, the leaves, the church, the symbols, all very relevant. Ten One Design. oStylus - емкостный стилус рисования. IPEN, первый активный стилус для IPad! на Vimeo. Sensu кисть - кисть художника портативных и стилус для устройств с сенсорными экранами.

Nomad кисть. Главная Artrage. Nomad Brush: Кисть Stylus. TheGreatNude Исполнитель реестра. Online Art Academy - Workshops. Ножи и гравировки. Ручная гравировка на Zippo Vimeo. Заточка gravers с "Фил Coggan bulino точки" Шаблон. Линдсей Graver точилка для точек, ручная гравировка.

PalmControl гравировки, инструменты Линдсей Гравировка. Personalized Engraved Wedding Guest Book, Signature Frame & Mat, Engraved Tray & Platters. Gum печати 1. IPhone приложения для художников - Camera Lucida. Camera Lucida для iPhone, IPod Touch (4-е поколение), IPod Touch (5-е поколение), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, IPad (3-е поколение), IPad Wi-Fi + 4G, Ipad (4-е поколение), IPad Wi-Fi + сотовый (4-е поколение), IPad и IPad мини-мини Wi-Fi + сотовая в I.

LUCID-Art камеры LUCID-Art Учебное видео. Камера-люцида. Компания Camera Lucida. Результат поиска Google для. Camera Lucida 2000 The Camera Lucida is an artists tool that was invented almost 200 years ago.

Результат поиска Google для

Thanks to David Hockney and his television programme and book, Secret Knowledge, interest in the use of optical aids has been revived. His thesis, which sets out that many artists of the past (including some acknowledged masters) used lenses as an aid to accuracy was in part the inspiration for the contemporary re-designed instrument known as the Camera Lucida 2000. It works by reflecting an image onto a piece of paper. The picture seen by the artist is correctly orientated and as crisp as a colour slide. Camera Obscuras are another magical art tool, which have been used for centuries to enrich the way an artist sees.

The Camera Obscura's image simplifies and enriches color while adding depth by focusing on one distance at a time—the same way your eyes work. Its images were seen as magical in the 17th century—often described as nature’s paintings. The first time you see a camera obscura in action you'll get chills. It projects a clear full color moving image of what is in front of it onto the ground glass screen making it look like a tv screen that you can draw on. The light from any object comes through the lens bounces off of the mirror and up through the ground glass or paper for you to trace or just view. Cintiq 22HD Pen Display. Обзор продукта. Wacom Inkling: Digital Pen Sketch. | by Levent Ozler- Wacom Inkling is a new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

Wacom Inkling: Digital Pen Sketch

Designed for rough concepting and creative brainstorming, Inkling bridges the gap between paper sketching and digital drawing by giving users at the front end of the creative process a way to rough-out ideas with real ink on paper and capture their concepts digitally so that they can be later refined on their computer. Inkling even allows users to create layers in the digital file while sketching on paper in the following creative software applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. The Inkling digital sketch pen is comprised of both hardware and software components. Hardware includes both the pen and a wireless receiver that captures a likeness of the sketch and stores it digitally. Cintiq скорости краски. Wacom Inkling first test. It just keeps getting better and better.Wacom have given us another tool for our digital studios but this one brings us back to basics we can now digitally capture our doodles or sketches that we might do on a piece of paper or sketchpad in front of the telly or in my case sitting on top of a mountain far away from anyone.the sketch I did in the RMIT University wacom lab was on a piece of A3 photocopy paper with the sensor attached to the top.I sketched with my normal light hand and I was impressed to see how the pressure sensitivity of the pen even picked up my very light lines.The ability to draw in layers was also a bonus and as you can see I was the able to import my sketch into my favourite Alias sketchbook.By the way the sketch was an idea for a concept for a new Santa's sleigh for a Christmas card image I will post some more demos later.

Wacom Inkling first test

Принтер обзора - Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3 + The Epson 2880 offers a revised formulation of inks and other improvements.

Принтер обзора - Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3 +

Keith has been looking at how it performs as a photographic printer. This review looks at an Epson R2880 driven directly from Photoshop and using an Apple Mac. Functionality is very similar if you were using a Windows PC. Epson SP R2880 We've written several more articles connected with our fine art printing business. This review concentrates on using the printer for high quality print output, rather than covering any of the bundled software. Gravograph - Engraving Materials - Outdoor Plastics - Acrylic. 3D Laser Engraving Systems and 3D Laser Engraving Equipment. Kern's laser engraving machines specialize in creating 3D images on a variety of materials.

3D Laser Engraving Systems and 3D Laser Engraving Equipment

Our 3D engraving technology has opened new avenues for artwork to be displayed on woods, acrylics and specialty materials like IKONMetal. The Process Designing 3D images takes some time but the end results will be breathtaking. The key to 3D laser engraving is to understand the software you are working with. You need to be able to shade your drawing in gray to give the depth desired in your image. There are many brands of software on the market that will allow you to design in 8-bit grayscale.

The Gantry Co. is one such company that has been providing the finest 3D grayscale graphics to engravers since 1994. The Kern Advantage Kern's array feature in our KCAM software will allow you to duplicate the 3D image across the entire x-axis. The Results. Mac Pro Memory – Apple Mac Pro Xeon Quad-Core, 6-Core, 8-Core, and 12-Core Memory Upgrades High-Performance Multi-Channel ECC Kits up to 128GB. Gallery gunstocks- Evgeni Dimov-hand engraving. Sam Alfano, engraver - Master Hand Engraver. Alain Lovenberg : Maître Graveur. Моя жизнь под микроскопом ...: "Величайшее поколение" Боуи нож.

Hellooo, sorry for not blogging more... I'm back and forth between two computers, with no photo/website software on one and tempermental old software on the other, so blogging is kind of a giant pain in the you know what right now. I need to get all transferred over so I can resume normality here on the internet. But, nevertheless, I finished second part of the "The Greatest Generation" project, the Bowie knife, a few days ago. Andrew Biggs Engraved Jewellery.