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Art Direction, Graphic Design & Illustration

Art Direction, Graphic Design & Illustration

Our Work We’ve spent more than a dozen years perfecting the right mix of skills and the right level of process to deliver great work for our clients. We build digital (web and mobile) products and platforms, including award winning marketing sites for big brands to help grow their business, and consumer-facing software products for startups that are the business. Advance (strategy & marketing) Strategy The key to building or improving your business is understanding your users — how they currently behave, how they could be acquired more cost-effectively, and how competitors vie for them, for example. Strategic Planning & Project Management Competitive Market Analysis Content Strategy Quantitative User Research & A/B Testing Data Analysis and Statistics Google Analytics Implementation & Training Inspire (design & interaction) Design Exceptional design is usable, simple, and beautiful. Extend (code & technology) Development

Blogs Texas-based artist Terry Hays cuts, assembles, and paints sculptural works of art filled with ornate details, intricate patterns, and bold splashes of color. The resulting pieces, made of acrylic paint on wood or sintra PVC, are incredibly unique works that portray otherworldly scenes through eccentric, dizzyingly dense imagery. Fire, rivers, and the landscape are transformed into highly stylized elements… Ruby Taylor Illustration Doppler | Email Marketing Made Simple Co.Design | business + design this isn't happiness™ Peteski samantha slinn

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