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5-Poser du biais à ma façon - Nine Couture

5-Poser du biais à ma façon - Nine Couture

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Desk chair transformation Last Christmas my in Laws gave Ken and I matching Desk chairs. We only had one and it was pretty broken. Ever since I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it. I love it because it’s so comfortable, actually one of the best I’ve ever had.

Tutorial: Adding bias to curves Continuing on from last week where I showed you how to add bias and always catch the back, this week we look at adding bias to curves. Set your iron with the steam turned off (you don't want to burn yourself) and press the bias to the curve you are needing to sew. Pressing the bias into a curve shape will help you get a nice, neat finish. Normally you align your bias edge to the fabric edge. With curves I find it works better if your bias is overlapping the fabric edge a little. Because you can't see the fabric edge you must pin or you will run off.

Sewing darts - the right way! - MariaDenmark Sewing I don’t really believe in right and wrong in sewing – if it gets the job done, I’m all for it. But in sewing darts there is … a better way to do it! And if you experience always getting this small bubble underneath the darts you sew, like on the picture here, you are doing it the not-right way… Learn to sew darts the better way.. Darts are one of the things that can really be a challenge when you start sewing clothes. They are marked on the pattern as triangles to sew away, but when you sew them, you get a small fold or bubble just where the dart ends.

Drafting and Sewing Leggings // Stretch Yourself This series is sponsored by Baby Lock. For over 40 years, Baby Lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for sewing, embroidery, quilting and serging – all with ease-of-use, high quality and a touch of elegance. I’ve always loved sewing with knits, but recently I’ve developed an even greater obsession with it because of leggings. I’ve never had a problem finding leggings that fit (they’re all so stretchy most everyone can find the right size). Sew Together Bag Tutorial. Сумочка для рукоделия ~ The Sew Together Bag is a niffty little bag with three zippered pockets, four open pockets, a pincushion and a great little needle landing all held together by a zipper that forms two handles. Мастер-класс по шитью кошелька с отделениями.

Applique inverse: un tutoriel This is a really fun, simple project. Yet another way to fancy up some plain tees or a great fix for old shirts with holes. It takes a little practice to master sewing a curved design like this one. I'm definitely not there yet but, I was pretty impressed with myself this time around. Printable Bias Tape Maker! You all know how much I love using cardstock folding templates, right? For a few years now I've been playing with the idea of a cardstock bias tape maker. Whenever I had a project involving bias tape, I would experiment, fail miserably, and scrap the idea. Well, right now I'm working on a Sis Boom pattern that requires picture perfect, 1/2" wide single fold bias tape. I have a metal tape maker that size, but I don't have the patience (or the dexterity) to keep the fabric centered for such small, even folds. So I was forced to revisit my paper folder idea, and I'm pleased to say I came up with something that actually works!

Drafting Part VII - Adapting a Basic Sleeve for Other Styles Start by drawing vertical lines as in the puff sleeve example above. You can use the centre line as one of the vertical lines to be cut later. Remember, you can reduce the width of the segments or reduce the number of segments. Cut along the centre line (as one of your vertical lines) first. Do not cut the other lines yet. BEACH WRAP FAQ and a Giveaway! *PLEASE do not post the patterns/ info graphics to Pinterest :)* This post is so long overdue. Over the last year, I've received *hundreds* of emails asking questions about how to make the beach wrap. And comments. Oh, the comments. I figured it would be easiest to make an FAQ post with an info graphic and then decided to giveaway a beach wrap I made that is too small for me (it was for someone else).

50 Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for the Kitchen – Page 2 – List Inspired 6 Pam Kitty Tea Cosy 6. Pam Kitty Tea Cosy (via Lily’s Quilts) 7 Linen Napkins 7. Wrap up in Style with this DIY Wool Blanket Coat You can make this super easy blanket coat with a blanket and a belt you might already have around the house. Fold the blanket in half so the short ends are together. Measure and mark the center of the blanket. Place a plate at the top center of the fold so half of it is on the blanket and half is off. Cut the top piece up the center until you reach the bottom of the plate. Then cut around the plate to create a half circle.