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Joe Webb

Joe Webb

collage Gracias a Guillermo por cedernos su maravilloso local. Gracias a todos los que se apuntaron al taller por el buen ambiente, el entusiasmo, entrega y los fantásticos collages que hicieron. Y gracias a mis 3 compañeros de viaje, Elena, Elisa y García por la gran experiencia compartida. Ha sido todo un placer. Repetiremos. Arriba podéis ver el cartel del evento y aquí abajo unas cuantas fotos del gran ambiente que hubo y algunos collages que realizamos en el taller. ✂ ✂ ✂ ¡Aúpa los cortalibros!

Mike Ballard Zach Collins Zach Collins Recent Tweets @ Posts I Like Zach Collins, Collage | MCAD MFA → Collab w/Kacper H. Collab w/ Sam Lorang (started by ZC, finished by SL) 2014. Collab w/Image Butcher Collab w/ 康甯 (Connie Kang) (started by ZC,finished digitally by 康甯) 2014 Connie’s work here Collab w/Peggy Despres (started by ZC, finished digitally by PD) 2014 Peggy’s work here Collab w/Shannon McCarthy (started by ZC, finished digitally by SM) 2014 Collab w/ Melinda Tidwell 2014 Collab w/Rob Benders (started by ZC, finished by RB) 2014 Collab w/Graphicspunk (started by ZC, finished digitally by Graphicspunk) 2014 Collab w/Laura Collins (started by ZC, finished by LC) 2014 Collab w/Scott Neff (started by SN, finished by ZC) 2014 Collab w/Scott Neff (started by SN, finished by ZC 2014 Collab w/Bernd Schumann (started by ZC, finished digitally by BS) 2014 Bernd’s work here thetargetpracticeproject:

Charles Krafft | Villa Delirium Delft Works Miroslav Huptych - Eva Lake fake fine art Completed mixed media collaborations with starters by my buddy Mitch. Process shot on left, finished pieces on right. April 2014 After sending a single starter some time ago for a collaboration with fellow CA artist, Mitch Biscomb, i was surprised to find six individual starters from him in the return package. Shit got more interesting when the one-for-one trade script was flipped. I had catching up to do. Instead of working on these starters as single pieces, i arranged the set upside down and connected each of them with one collage mass—this is pictured on the left. And, of course, the end result made its own decisions with no regard for how the combined pieces appeared in my head.