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See also our other tools at Médialab Tools! And a huge thanks to these inspiring works: Chroma.js I massively use this excellent js library to convert colors. If you have not done it yet, look at this post. You'll understand much useful things about color in dataviz. ColorBrewer Very famous tool, that showed the way few years ago.

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The yarrr package (0.0.8) is (finally!) on CRAN Great news R pirates! The yarrr package, which contains the pirateplot, has now been updated to version 0.0.8 and is up on CRAN (after hiding in plain sight on GitHub). Let’s install the latest version (0.0.8) and go over some of the updates: The most important function in the yarrr package is pirateplot(). What the heck is a pirateplot? Clarity or Aesthetics? Part 3 – Tips for Achieving Both Previous Post (Part 2 of 3): A Tale of Four Quadrants We started this series by introducing the notion of a two dimensional plane on which to assess all data graphics, and then followed it up with an example of visualizations in four different quadrants on the plane to illustrate the differences between the two axes, clarity and aesthetics, that define the plane. Now, let’s review some of the basic principles & tips that you will find in the data visualization resources out there. All I have done here is I have applied these well-known best practices to the four quadrant system. Those of my readers who are familiar with the field of data visualization will recognize these tips – they are not new.

jQuery Dropdown Table Filter Want interactive table filtering without requiring ajax page reloads? I needed this last week and couldn't find a simple, easy to use jQuery table filter that would give me select boxes in the table header. This seems like a no-brainer, and I'm sure a similar plugin exists somewhere in the jQuery universe, but I couldn't find it, so I wrote one. This is especially sweet for Drupal, since it (at least in theory) allows us to serve a single cached version of the page, and allow users to manipulate it without the extra load of server side filtering. I wrote this plugin with simplicity, flexibility, and performance in mind. Hit GitHub for the full code and instructions.

CSV Fingerprints CSV is a simple and common format for tabular data that uses commas to separate rows and columns. Nearly every spreadsheet and database program lets users import from and export to CSV. But until recently, these programs varied in how they treated special cases, like when the data itself has a comma in it. It's easy to make a mistake when you try to make a CSV file fit a particular format. To make it easier to spot mistakes, I've made a "CSV Fingerprint" viewer (named after the "Fashion Fingerprints" from The New York Times's "Front Row to Fashion Week" interactive ). The idea is to provide a birdseye view of the file without too much distracting detail.

The Pirate Plot (2.0) – The RDI plotting choice of R pirates Package update! Yesterday I updated the yarrr package and pirateplot() function with additional functionality. To see the updates, check out my latest post here Now on to the original post… Plain vanilla barplots are as uninformative (and ugly) as they are popular. 30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization There have never been more technologies available to collect, examine, and render data. Here are 30 different notable pieces of data visualization software good for any designer's repertoire. They're not just powerful; they're easy to use.

Livecodelab Welcome. Livecodelab is a special secret place where you can make fancy "on-the-fly" 3d visuals and play awesomely offbeat (literally) sounds. "On-the-fly" meaning: as you type. Type just three letters: "box", and boom! Just Delete Me Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy No Info Available Introduction to ggthemes library("ggplot2") library("ggthemes") p <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(x = wt, y = mpg)) + geom_point() + ggtitle("Cars") p2 <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(x = wt, y = mpg, colour = factor(gear))) + geom_point() + ggtitle("Cars") p3 <- p2 + facet_wrap(~ am) Tufte theme and geoms Minimal theme and geoms based on plots in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. p + geom_rangeframe() + theme_tufte() + scale_x_continuous(breaks = extended_range_breaks()(mtcars$wt)) + scale_y_continuous(breaks = extended_range_breaks()(mtcars$mpg)) The function geom_tufteboxplot creates several variants of Tufte’s minimal-ink boxplots. For a boxplot with a point indicating the median, a gap indicating the interquartile range, and lines for whiskers:

Chartkick Simplify your admin dashboard - create new charts in seconds! Works with Rails, Sinatra and most browsers (including IE 6) A perfect companion to groupdate, hightop, and active_median Get handcrafted updates for new features Usage Twitter API 1.1 JavaScript only solution Why does this exist? Recently I was quite frustrated to find out that the old API on Twitter was depreciated and the overhead in setting up a system to perform OAUTH just to get my already publicly available tweets was too damn high (see Even worse I couldn't find any simple solutions for JavaScript. All code examples were server side. So after much thinking I invented the following solution.

TellMyCity The mapping module allows me to have at any time a comprehensive view of applications on my city and to measure changesMayor, City of 72000 citizens Maps All requests automatically feed our mapping and statistical analysis tools. Tabula Upload a PDF, get back tabular CSV data. Poof! As many developers and data reporters know, dealing with data tables in Adobe Acrobat PDF files is a pain in the rear (to put it lightly). The ggthemr package – Theme and colour your ggplot figures Theming ggplot figure output The default colour themes in ggplot2 are beautiful. Your figures look great, the colours match, and you have the characteristic “R” look and feel. The author of ggplot2, Hadley Wickham, has done a fantastic job. For the tinkerers, there’s methods to change every part of the look and feel of your figures.

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