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Color IQ Test

Color IQ Test

Fingernails 949 440 137 723 555 848 1103 1539 955 147 320 171 790 587 852 825 798 421 1009 233 207 642 411 663 404 433 407 1497 280 354 319 894 129 119 728 166 157 463 63 582 286 462 349 139 2078 1629 banksy versus bristol museum a few years ago i attended an uh-mazing banksy exhibition in downtown los angeles and have been eagerly awaiting the elusive graffiti artist's return. alas, mr. bansky choose instead to set up his latest wares in new york and bristol. on june 13th, banksy's largest exhibition entitled "banksy versus bristol museum" was unveiled at the bristol city museum. it features more than 100 of banksy's works mixed amongst the museum's permanent collection (including a mouse with a backpack tucked inside of a natural history case. someone, please send me a picture! check out the mouse here. thanks, matt, more the picture!). on opening day, a line of eager fans snaked around the corner, waiting more than an hour for admission. and finally, a picasso banksy WHORANGE philosophy... {images via art of the state, nikolaasB, and the guardian uk.} UPDATE!

Infographic of the Day: How Color Affects Purchases | Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork 120 Crayons For the last 100 years or so kids have been exploring and creating worlds of color with Crayons. For a lot of us, our life long love affairs with color began with these wax sticks and a blank sheet of paper. According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults. Photo by Sir Fish Crayola crayons currently come in 120 colors including 23 reds, 20 greens, 19 blues, 16 purples, 14 oranges, 11 browns, 8 yellows, 2 grays, 2 coppers, 2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold and 1 silver. 120 Crayon Names and Color Codes Aaron at created a fun list of all 120 Crayon Colors with their hex codes and RGB values. Sort by: Crayon Color Fun Facts & Photo Inspiration Photo by bookgrl The first box of Crayola crayons was sold in 1903 for a nickel and included the same colors available in the eight-count box today: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown. Photo by scottwills Photo by Robem Photo by EJP Photo Photo by laffy4k

“Colour-In” Dress Fifty “Colour-In” dresses have been made in four different sizes, and each is sold for 250 Euros. Concept and fashion design were done by Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman. Link via Ecoterre Mark Khaisman: Brown Tape Art Who says ya can’t make something cool with translucent brown tape. Mixed media artist Mark Khaisman layers several pieces of tape on Plexiglas panels to create these mesmerizing rustic illuminations with textures much like a knife painting with broad wide strokes. Very cool, time lapse like retro, and mysterious… I’ll have to make some myself. I’ll post a bunch of his pieces after the jump.Mark Khaisman webpagevia spluch This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 9:38 am and is filed under art, fun, ideas, inspiration, materials, style.

True Colors, Branded Colors Branding is important. It is the factor that allows your company to stand out, gives your company a voice, and gives you leverage over other similar companies. Having a strong brand is similar translates to having a strong presence in your industry and being a company that others turn to. Color is best used when integrated throughout the company, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products, and more to ensure maximum continuity. Share This Infographic Get Free Infographics Delivered to your Inbox Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos | Download the infographic as a PDF Embed this image on your site: Shop by Color Wes Lang Artist Wes Lang lives and works from Brooklyn, New York; a short distance from where he was born and raised in New Jersey. His controversial artworks consist of collage, illustration and painting, which meticulously depict Native Americans, birds, buffalos and skulls along side glued clippings from porn magazines and newspapers. He describes the origin of his detailed style to have been heavily influenced by his employment with a tattoo shop directly after his high school education. Shortly after this, Wes landed a job with the Guggenheim Museum where he helped install exhibitions. He credits this employment as being the place that he "figured out how all the bullshit works" and begun creating his artwork.

Six Websites to Get the Perfect Color Palette Lets face it. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what colors you want to use for your latest web design project. Many do not realize there are places out there to help you along with this process. I have gone ahead and compiled a short list of, what i find to be, the six best places to find a great palette. ColourLovers Adobe Kuler ColorSchemer Color Combos ColorSuckr Color Scheme Designer While this is not a website, I find this iPhone app particularly useful when it comes to creating a palette on the go. iPhone Application – CliqCliq Using stock images and photos can help add to your color palette by designing your site around the colors in a photo. Want to learn how to create web images? Related Articles

Psychology of Color [Infographic] | WebpageFX Blog Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color. Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. While color can be appealing to us visually, a lot more is going on behind the scenes than just an aesthetic. Embed This Graphic On Your Site <img src=” alt=”Psychology of Color Infographic” />Infographic by <a title=”WebpageFX” href=” Embed the Psychology of Color Infographic The psychology of color directly plays into consumer behavior. When you are looking at the best visual choice for your next project, this color infographic should be a handy guide. Marketing with Color Psychology

Juan Francisco Casas e Ballpoint Artworks - Design Atento Juan Francisco Casas é um artista espanhol de 33 anos que consegue a proeza de fazer impressionantes desenhos realísticos usando apenas a boa e velha caneta Bic azul. O processo é assim: de uma foto digital, Juan amplia a imagem obtida e a transforma em enormes painéis desenhados a mão. E não tem nada de Photoshop. O trabalho desse artista é bem conhecido na Europa e leva o nome de Ballpoint Artworks. Saiba mais no site do designer | Busque também no Google