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Meubles palettes

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Table en palettes de récup. DERNIERS ARTICLES :BIENVENUE sur Coeurd'artishow Le blog coloré de 2 copines enseignantes et "artistes" à leurs heures perdues: Virginie (alias Coeurdartishow) aime partager ses peintures, dessins ,carnets de voyage ePoules de Pâques en papier mâchéLes poulettes de 2015, par les moyens grands!

Table en palettes de récup

Toile Roussillon Nouveau blog : A Game of Style Bon voilà il fallait s'y attendre! Pallet Romantic Light. Long summer nights in the company of loved one and romantic light made out of recycled pallets.

Pallet Romantic Light

Tags: Light, Pallet Lounge. Garden 'Bollard' Driveway Light Made Out of Pallet Wood and a Glass Jar. My “how-to-make” a bollard or post style lamp for the garden using 4 recycled pallet planks and an old glass “mason” style jar.

Garden 'Bollard' Driveway Light Made Out of Pallet Wood and a Glass Jar

Lampe Colonne / Recycled Pallet Into Column Lamp. Homemade Lamps With Reclaimed Pallets. Two little bedroom lamps made from repurposed pallets.

Homemade Lamps With Reclaimed Pallets

The trick: a removable panel held by two latex ribbons to hide the nails! Deux petites lampes de chevet pour décorer une chambre. L’astuce: un panneau amovible maintenu par deux rubans de latex afin de cacher les clous utilisés ! Shoes Cabinet. Pallet Bed and Headboard. Laminated Pallet Stool. This stool is made using some old pallets.

Laminated Pallet Stool

After being broken up and de-nailed, the individual boards were glued and clamped together, cut into a round, lathed, planed and sanded. The legs were formed by splitting an ash branch to give a natural looking finish. These legs were then mortised into the top to give strength and rigidity. Tropical Pallet Paradise: A Renters’ Remodel Story. Yes we are RENTERS, and yes, we sneakily “REMODELED” a tropical island style retreat, with pallets!

Tropical Pallet Paradise: A Renters’ Remodel Story

You see, we do love where we rent, except for ……. the architectural style! So to have our dream style tropical outdoor room, it looks like we will have to wait till we buy a house, have the right budget, have enough time…. right?!? “NO, we are going to remodel it! “ Creatively, the Renter’s Way: Rule #1: No drilling into / attaching to existing wallsRule #2: No painting existing surfaces including floor, walls and ceilingRule #3: We want to prove that everyone can have a gorgeous space no matter what their budget is, so we are making this with pallets! Pallet Crafter Interview #1: Mark Valkenburg. We wanted to hand over to you, readers, so we start a new series of posts interviewing pallet crafters.

Pallet Crafter Interview #1: Mark Valkenburg

We start with one of our best contributor: Mark Valkenburg. If you think you deserve to be featured in the next interview, please, drop us an email. Tell us a little more about you? Who you are? Where are you from? My name is Mark Valkenburg and I’m 32 years old. Why do you craft? Pallet Coffee Table. Pallet Outdoor Sofa.

A palet book shelf Door ETB. Décoration intérieur. Comment fabriquer soi-même des meubles malins et récup (2) Je vous l'avais promis,et vous verrez qu'il y a gros dossier...alors que peut-on faire avec de simples palettes de bois?

Comment fabriquer soi-même des meubles malins et récup (2)

On commence par une utilisation simple mais efficace en tant que rangement pour chaussures (personnellement je le repeindrais) : En table basse, rien d'autre à faire que de la customiser en la repeignant: Wood Pallet Planter DIY. I picked up some mums recently and decided they needed a planter.

Wood Pallet Planter DIY

Using Ana White’s Cedar Planter For Less than $20 Free Plan, I made just a few adjustments and built this planter using pallet wood and 2×4 scraps I had on hand. I just grabbed the cut list from Ana’s plan and hit my scrap wood pile to see if I could make things work without having to buy any wood. I happened to have 5 1/2 inch pallet wood to use in place of the 5 1/2 inch cedar planks.

Perfect! To make the 2×2 posts for the four legs, I ripped 2×4 scrap wood into 2×2 pieces. The biggest change from Ana’s plan is that I cut the 2×2 legs to 23 inches instead of 23 3/3. As for the finish, I am just going to leave as is and seal with Polyurethane. What do you think? Make Wood Shims From Reclaimed Wood and Resurface a Coffee Table.

What is better than revamping a garage sale find?

Make Wood Shims From Reclaimed Wood and Resurface a Coffee Table

Revamping a $5 garage sale find that you got in 2006 a second time, that is what! Today I am sharing how I did just that to create this reclaimed wood resurfaced, chalk painted coffee table. I am super proud of this bad boy. With some old deck wood I inherited when my mom demolished her deck and my table saw, I created wood shims, attached them to the table top, framed them in with the same deck wood, and stained them with Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths. The result is exactly what I was going for, and I am loving it with the decor where it landed. Paint your table base as desired.