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Internet Tip - Royalty Free Music at No Charge

Internet Tip - Royalty Free Music at No Charge
Where can you find royalty free music at no charge? Many sites on the web offer royalty free music with a price tag. But here I have compiled a list of sites with royalty free music that is actually free. There are actually quite a few artists that offer their music under the Creative Commons License, it is sometimes just hard to find them through all the sites that ask a lot of money to use one song. Recommendations Some artists allow you to use their music in commercial productions whereas others only allow you to use their music in personal productions. My recommendation is that whether you use an artist's song in a non-commercial way (for a personal web page, a personal slideshow, etc) or in a commercial way (for a TV commercial, film festival, movie, etc.) that you contact the artist and let them know how you are using their music. Royalty Free Music Links Musopen is an online music library of copyright free (public domain) music.

Marking/Creators You have chosen a CC license for your work. Now how do you go about letting the world know? Here are some examples of how to mark your work with the CC license. Note: If you want to know how to attribute other creators' CC licensed materials, go here. How to use the CC License Chooser You can easily add a CC license notice to your website by visiting the CC license chooser. At this point, all you have to do is: 1. The specifics of inserting the code depend on how you edit your website. If all of the resources you are publishing on a single website are licensed under the same CC license, it makes sense to paste the HTML code into your website’s template (e.g., in a footer or sidebar area). 2. For example, if you select CC BY in the chooser, the default text you receive in the second line of html code is: The bolded text is descriptive, and you can edit it without affecting the code. Example: Website This is the CC license notice at the bottom of this website. Author? License? Example: Blog

Download Ten Secs of Every Hit Song of the '60s Here we are, reading the first sentence of the second installment of a column where I'll give you a chartsweep of every hit song from 1956 to 1997. If you're wondering where this all comes from, I applied a shell script I wrote (that finds the maximum amplitude of an mp3 and cuts 10 seconds from that point) to one of the great treasures of WFMU's music library - that magical folder of mp3s called "Top 100 By Year". For this week, I will not wax philosophical on why I find these cutups so beautiful...they speak for themselves! Also, check out these related bits of compilation/traversal art! Listener Fred sent me a video of Noe Soulier perform several dance pieces - among them are every ballet step in alphabetical order and (!!!) If you like all this nonsense, please support my radio show. Find the complete tracklist of these songs below the fold! keep in mind that my patch occassionally messes up, so some of the tracks listed may be missing from the cutups...

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