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Discover — Art & Design Inspiration at

Discover — Art & Design Inspiration at

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Vectors® Vector Icon - People Mix Silhouettes 2 Image ID: 301924635. Free Download from,,, Photos&Vectors,,,, Vector Icon – People Mix Silhouettes 2 .EPS Vector STOCK IMAGE ® Vector Icon – People Mix Silhouettes 2 Think Words: 7 Free Editable Butcher Meat Cut Chart Illustrations The latest set of freebies I’ve been working on is a little unusual, but hopefully it will be the perfect resource for designers working on vintage style artwork based on the theme of BBQs, butchery, culinery or maybe even hunting. Download this free set of editable vector animal illustrations with hand lettering style text, similar to the traditional meat cut charts used by butchers. This free set of vector illustrations contains 7 animal meat cut diagrams based on classic vintage style butchery charts. Each one has been designed with editable text than can be customised to suit your own designs, which provides loads of options for how these resources can be used in real world projects. By default each illustration contains the names of the various meat cuts manipulated to fit within the relevant area of the animal.

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #90 Subscribe D-Lists Design + Developer Resource Facebook Fan Page CategoriesArchives Weekly Web Design Inspiration #90 The Color Strata – Color Names, Common And Less So, Compared I’m an incorrigible data hound. So, once the tempting aroma of XKCD’s color name survey results tickled my nose, I had no choice – but to run to the dining room, stand up on my hind legs, and yank that statistical top sirloin off the table. Om nom nom yum yum yum! Infographic of the Day: What Colors Mean Across 10 Cultures Colors are probably the most obvious way that design varies across cultures (a theme that came up in our interview with Frog Design about designing for China). But the funny thing is that for most designers and companies, those color sensibilities often don't rise past "Red is lucky in China; blue is soothing in the West." That's naive, as this superb infographic by David McCandless and Always With Honor shows. The chart encompasses 10 different cultures, and 62 emotions (!!!).

How to Make a Map in Illustrator Every time I start thinking of a tutorial to write, I try to show techniques that I use in my job as a designer. For example, today I will be showing you how to make a nice little map. I was called to make a map for the university which was tedious but still fun. WiziApp - Adaptive Mobile Themes, Android & iPhone Apps (WooCommerce & BuddyPress compatible Customize your mobile App and make it your own Viewing, Reading and Sharing Your Posts on the mobile App using native controllers Browsing, Viewing and Sharing Your Images on the mobile App using native viewer Browsing, Watching, and Sharing Your Video and Audio files on the mobile App using native players Notify your readers about new content on the native mobile App via Apple push notification service Post categories and Tags navigation on the mobile App Set your mobile App Name Generate or upload your own designed Splash screen to your mobile App Build your mobile App Tab Bar Menu Select Sharing Options for your mobile App

Live Model Books Pose Tool A Pose is usually a collection of photos of a model in one position. For example, a nude model standing in the contrapposto position or the T-pose will be photographed from 24 different angles (once every 15-degrees as the model is rotated). Those 24 art reference photos are collected into one "Pose."

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