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DIY palettes MEUBLES

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How To Build a Media Center Out of Pallets. Salvaged barnwood headboard. Lately we’ve been getting more requests for furniture DIY projects.

salvaged barnwood headboard

Luckily this awesome tutorial from Sarah Torrence of 508 Restoration & Design for a salvaged barnwood headboard landed in my inbox, and was just too pretty to pass up. Due to their size and the amount of use they receive, headboards can be intimidating, even if the form is fairly straightforward. Sarah had demystified the process and given us a great starter project for anyone looking to give their bedroom a bit of that rustic, organic feel a perfect quick and easy refresh for fall.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah! —Kate Read the full how-to after the jump! This project was born because we needed a headboard, we already had some fantastic oak barn wood and we were ready to build something that was meaningful to us. Materials Tools. Créations et meubles en bois de palettes recyclées.

High Capacity Wine Rack. Rénovation de notre maison à Toulouse: Bibliothèque en planche de palette. Comme beaucoup d'entre vous le savent, j'aime bien me faire chier à faire des trucs compliqués, mais sympas, plutôt que de choisir la facilité...

Rénovation de notre maison à Toulouse: Bibliothèque en planche de palette

Or donc j'ai entrepris de réaliser une bibliothèque en placo + planchettes issues de palettes, voici les étapes et le résultat final. Pour la réalisation de la bibliothèque, j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir récupérer des palettes en hêtre en super état. les planches ont été séparées, rabotées sur deux faces, biseautées à 45° puis percées grâce à un gabarit de perçage. La structure de la bibliothèque a été réalisée en placo + montants métalliques, les montants ont été doublés afin de pouvoir ensuite venir visser les planches dessus et assurer une bonne tenue de l'ensemble. la structure a été peinte en noir satinée. les planches sont ensuite visées sur la structure à travers le placo, pour l'espacement j'ai utilisé des blocs de LEGO, puis des cordes et un niveau laser pour les aligner.

Le haut de la bibliothèque dissimule l'écran du vidéo-projecteur. Build A Rustic Coffee Table. 1001pallets. Rustic Wine rack out of pallets for 16 bottles. DIY Pallet Wooden Steel Side Table. We have gone purely with home dumped scrap and old and rustic wood to make this electrifying model of steel and wood mixed together in shape DIY wooden pallet side table.

DIY Pallet Wooden Steel Side Table

The idea is in terms of recycling ideas to offer everyone an affordable budget plan to have these enjoyable lovely furniture delights. We have also manufactured some storage need by using old metal drawer which we had thrown to be rot on a rubbish pile. The steel frame from an old metal table is filled with well sanded and shined pallet planks to provide us a pleasure of this multiple use table. This would definitely work ideally as a potting table and end table. The whole skeleton of DIY pallet steel side table is constructed in dimensions 14” inches in width and 20” inches in length, and about 34” inches in tallness. Submitted By: tim sway. Dumped & Found: Vintage Industrial Tray Table. What happens when you take someone like me to drop off a sofa at the dump?

Dumped & Found: Vintage Industrial Tray Table

How to Make a Pallet Headboard. It only took about 5 hours of actual work, and 10 hours of stealth hunting, but it’s done. You might be thinking deer hunt, but I’m actually referring to Whitney’s master bedroom headboard pallet project. We’ve seen inspiration for pallet projects everywhere, like PB&J Stories, WebEcoist, and Ana White, and love the rustic worn look. Whitney originally put this idea into our mood board for the master bedroom, so I knew the plan was in the works, I just wasn’t prepared with the process of actually getting pallets. Tabouret en bois. Un tabouret de bois massif, à décliner dans toutes les tailles, selon les destinations qu’on lui réserve : sellettes, supports pour plantes, petit bout de canapé, tabouret pour enfant.

Tabouret en bois

Avec des planches de chantier récupérées, on peut fabriquer ces petits tabourets robustes et polyvalents. Plan-tete-de-lit.jpg 567 × 794 pixels. Diy pallet coffe table with white wash paint instructions. Hey y’all!

diy pallet coffe table with white wash paint instructions

I know I usually do sewing tutorials but I am so in love with this project I just had to share it here with my Love Stitched readers! I promise I’ll be back with a sewing tutorial next time, but until then feel free to check out my tutorials page at Alida Makes, I have plenty there! So…over the holidays Mr. Versatile Sofa With Storage Is Made From Recycled Wooden Pallets. Aparte/via Reused wooden pallets are popping up in designs everywhere nowadays, but there's debate as to whether they're "palletable" or not.

Versatile Sofa With Storage Is Made From Recycled Wooden Pallets

It's a tricky subject, but with this clean-looking two-seater, French firm Aparte has a simple solution: paint it black and voilà, recycled chic. Aparte /via Nicknamed "Woodstock," this canapé is intended to be something that could be produced for the larger market: Woodstock is a sofa, born of participation in the project of Villa Waste in Nantes, whose manufacture requires only recycled materials and offers the possibility of a product reproducible in series. Aparte/via It's definitely an appreciated departure from the rougher designs we've seen executed in the recycled pallet arena, and with the sofa's modern lines, coupled with the neat idea of tucking away extra seating / footrests, plus storage, it makes this piece a versatile and smart response to the millions of pallets out there waiting to be recycled into something more stylish.

Pallet Bench Tutorial. I finally remembered to take some pictures in process so thought I'd share a pallet bench/ coffee table tutorial with you.

Pallet Bench Tutorial

You can use this same tutorial to make a pallet sofa table or step stool. Here is the pallet I started with: Using a jigsaw I cut off this piece to use for my bench/coffee table. Oops, one side, what was the middle piece, is in rough shape. Oh well, it is pallet wood, not going for perfection here so I glued and screwed it. I then added end pieces for looks, but also to make the piece more sturdy. Next come legs--as you can see these are cut from pallets as well, see all those nails? Put the legs in place. DIY Restoration Hardware Nightstand. Créer un bureau avec des palettes de manutention sur Deco. Industrial Pallet Art: Rocker Coffee Table. Pallets are becoming more and more interesting as I get to see so many things which can be made out of the just the slats of pallets.

Industrial Pallet Art: Rocker Coffee Table

Table basse palette - newmotherearth-peinture. Mardi 9 août 2005 2 09 /08 /Août /2005 00:00 J'aime le travail du bois.

table basse palette - newmotherearth-peinture

Pallet Cabinet Take 2. Remember the pallet cabinet my hubby built me back in October?!? Guess what? He made me another one to go in between our fridge and stove! Here's what the space looked like before. This time, he built me one with drawers! Here's his process. Bopalett - Banquette Billie. Inspire Me Heather: my pallet coffee tables. Hello! My name is Heather and I write a DIY blog called Inspire Me Heather. Lately I've been busy with my own projects and making coffee tables out of pallet wood. I was inspired by this one, from the cover of Western Living magazine, it's free out here on the West Coast of Canada. See it there? DIY Palette Headboard - I’m finally posting about that awesome DIY palette headboard that my husband built us for our master bedroom {which you can see the entire roomHERE} He built this headboard all by himself while I was out of state visiting a friend.

I literally can take no credit for it, except for the staining of it. Of course since I wasn’t there the only photos he took were on his cell phone of the process of building the headboard, but the photos were lost after his cell phone crashed. Nested Cube Butcher Block Tables. I made these dancing* nested cube tables mostly to practice MIG welding and powder coating. The larger table measures about 22" x 22" x 22".

Continue on to see how they were made. Next step - screenshots of my design. * Thanks to SelkeyMoonbeam for the helpful instructable on embedding images in the text of an Instructable. Trying and failing to get this GIF to fit nicely with the still photos above was really grinding my gears. Pallet Wood TV Console Table. Pallet Nightstand.