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Pocket rocket - Les outils de l'autonomie

Pocket rocket - Les outils de l'autonomie

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8 Completely Awesome DIY Home Energy Projects Small-scale renewable energy is a must for a sustainable home – but converting your home to clean energy options can carry a huge initial price tag. We’ve scoured the web for some of the most innovative examples of homemade energy solutions to compile a collective list of DIY projects to make your home greener and more energy efficient without costing you a fortune. From solar water heaters and gadget chargers to homemade super-efficient refrigerators, you’ll find links (with instructions) to some of the best projects you can make at home… Homemade Energy-Save Fridge

Tim and Hannah's Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin House Tour Name: Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller Location: Tahoe, California Size: 196 square feet Years lived in: 1.5 years; Owned Hannah grew up in a home her parents built (her father is a boat builder), so it was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps. Tim, on the other hand, has never built anything but fires. With that in mind, Tim and Hannah started out with 20 acres of land and no blueprints, and built one of the most impressive houses I've ever seen in my life — not to mention it's fully off-the-grid. Tucked away amidst a dense forest and surrounded by wildlife, Tim and Hannah's tiny cabin boasts a storybook view of treetops and purple-bluish mountains. You'd never guess it's only 15 minutes to town.

KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generator KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze's generatorby Jean-Louis Naudincreated on may 28, 2010 - JLN Labs - Last update July 5, 2010Toutes les informations et schémas sont publiés gratuitement ( freeware ) et sont destinés à un usage personnel et non commercialAll informations and diagrams are published freely (freeware) and are intended for a private use and a non commercial use. The purpose of these series of experiments is to try to understand the working principle of the Tariel Kapanadze generator presented in his demo video and also to share in realtime the results of my findings through this web page. My current Kapanadze generator v3.2 is only an attempt of replication of the Tariel's original device based on the Nikola Tesla fuelless generator.

itHouse – off-grid prefab with style and substance The sexy itHouse is a design system created by L.A. based, Taalman Koch Architecture. The eco-friendly home is comprised of a series components manufactured off-site. The home, which is designed to be flat packed and easily shipped, is prefabricated to better control the construction waste, labor, and quality of the finished product. Beautiful Hobbit Garden Sheds If you are looking for a home with energy-efficient features that will provide a comfortable, tranquil, weather-resistant dwelling, an earth-sheltered house could be right for you. There are two basic types of earth-sheltered house designs—underground and bermed. Underground Earth-Sheltered Homes

Reed Bed System & Composting Toilets One of the characteristics that separates 21st century homo sapiens from the other species with which we share the planet is that we relentlessly take from the natural world but seldom give back. The flawed economic system by which we imagine we sustain our lives places a commercial value on the planet’s resources but not an ecological one. It is almost a cliché now to say that when we throw our waste away, there actually is no away but only someone else’s door step or some other life form’s habitat. D.I.Y. Eco House For the next while, I will devote one day of the week to sharing some of the inspiring links I have come across online. These ideas are easy, empowering and hopefully will inspire you to do it yourself, and do things with sustainability in mind. From moss carpets to making cheap biodegradable cleaning products, this week's focus is on... Living greener.... ECO HOUSE

These two young artists quit their jobs to build this glass house for $500 Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz. Click here or on a photo to go to a slideshow: Building the home was “scary and hard,” Horwitz said. “Looking at it now, it’s just totally insane. It’s huge.