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Funology.Com : Welcome!

Funology.Com : Welcome!

Welcome to Whyville! Dear Parent, Whyville is a safe, friendly, and FREE learning site for your child. Founded in 1999 (15 years!), Whyville has won many awards from educational and parenting organizations. Whyville is also one of the most innovative learning sites for kids, with games and activities covering many subjects, from art to marine biology, from civics to programming. Breathing Earth Social Studies for Kids Engineering a Bridge This lesson will involve your students in geometry and measurement as they work as civil engineers to design and build their own bridge. OBJECTIVE Students will be able to: Identify how geometry affects bridge design and function and apply that knowledge to the design and construction of a bridge. MATERIALS Elmer's Foam board, Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, bendable rods, Elmer's Glue All, paper, pushpins, weightsEngineering a Bridge PDF SET UP AND PREPAREContent Introduction When engineers design a bridge, they must consider how the bridge will be used, how long and wide it should be, and how much weight it has to hold. Beam bridges are made of horizontal beams supported by piers at each end.Truss bridges are a combination of triangles made of steel. Essential Questions Use these essential questions to help guide students' thinking: How does geometry help engineers build bridges? Craft Component: Bridge Engineering (20 minutes) Whiteboard Component Activities

Come Together Kids Sky ©2017 Google - Terms of Use Image Credit: DSS Consortium, SDSS, NASA/ESA Teachers | Grown Ups | Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception Nature . Animal Fun Get access to content from your local PBS station.Get sneak previews from some of your favorite shows including Masterpiece, Nova, etc.See what's on tonight at your local PBS station.

Arcademics Arcademic Skill Builders are online educational video games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. Our philosophy is inspired by the intense engagement arcade and video games foster between the player and the game. The Arcademic goal is to make aspects of classroom instruction as effective in creating persistence and involvement as observed in video game players. Our games are a result of blending video game features into instructional research in order to achieve a high rate of student learning through increased time-on-task and engagement. Students must employ strategy under exciting circumstances to make rapid responses while being given immediate feedback on their decisions. These educational games provide fun and focused repetition practice that enables automaticity and fluency to be achieved more quickly. Student Safety Your students are completely safe while playing the games. Proceeds to Boys & Girls Clubs of America