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Disaster Diorami] All your favorite disasters.... now in smaller paper form! Welcome to Disaster Dioramas (brought to you by Office Warrior - the first in your cubicle fun needs). Spitefuls is proud to soon present the first of hopefully many dioramas to spiffy up your cubicle and help alleviate work boredom through a fun activity using common office supplies! Mouseguard Guardmouse Papercraft KitA 3-Dimensional paper figure for assembly, display, & play.Lieam: PDF DownloadKenzie: PDF DownloadSadie: PDF DownloadSaxon: PDF DownloadCelanawe: PDF Download Finger Puppet Kit paper craft finger puppets to print and assemble by Katie CookPDF Download

How To Do Blanket Stitch How To Do Blanket Stitch We Will Show You: How To Do Blanket Stitch for... 1). Sewing Along Edge: One Layer 2). hometalk This month's #createandsharechallenge was all about using a GraphicStock image to make unique home decor items. I fell in love with a Moroccan inspired image that I just had to make dessert plates to highlight all the bold colors. I love incorporating globally inspired decor into my home. A very easy way to accomplish a global home is to use interchangeable accents like tableware. Not everyone can purchase a slew of plates to coordinate with each tablescape, so why not make your own.

Motor Sports World: Racing - Spettacolo The underlying ideal for Yamaha Motor's motorcycle development is achieving rider-machine unity in which the machine responds just the way the rider expects it to. Is it possible to recreate in papercraft the world of racing in its entirety instead of just a machine, where the ultimate unity between the rider and the machine is achieved? We offer you a model kit that embodies the idea of Mr. Mukouyama, a papercraft designer who has been in charge of producing papercraft models offered at the Yamaha Motor website. The general world of racing is created in papercraft on an unprecedented scale as our own "Motorsports World," with the YZR-M1 (2013 model) at the center, representing the powerful excitement of racing and the ambience of a racing circuit as its stage. The motif used is a top MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi's legendary run at Laguna Seca in 2008.

The Toy Shop – 20 Marvelous Mechanical Models that Really Work! The Toy Shop was a wonderful computer program from the ’80s which allowed you to decorate and print twenty different paper models which actually move! It included all the dowels, wires, balloons, and so on which were required to create the models. I’ve enjoyed using this program on my Commodore 64 for many years, and now I am able to share these models with the paper modeling community so you can download and build your very own Toy Shop creations with any PC or Mac! For more paper modeling with computers of yore, see my Paper Models – The Christmas Kit page! (Skip the chatter!

My Blog Days: [網路]25個優質免費圖庫網站 在現在這什麼都漲價的年代,其實還是有便宜甚至免費的資源(resource)可以找。如果有人是從事美術設計或是網頁設計工作的朋友應該會有圖庫的需求,而坊間一張授權圖庫的光碟定價也不便宜,如果不是用公司資源購買採用的話還真不是一筆小數目,這裡收集了網路上25個優質免費圖庫網站(Free Stock Image Resource Sites),大部分的照片(Photograph)或圖庫(Textures)都是免費的,有興趣的人可以上去看看。 01. 02. 03. 04. stock.xchng - 免費圖庫網站的領導品牌網站。 05. 06. 07. 08. Ocean rubbish turned into marine animals Everyday I go to my local beach and while I'm there I pick up bottle lids, bits of rope, rubber thongs and a variety of different plastics. Most of the time all this rubbish I’m collecting would ultimately end up in landfill. What I’m trying to do is reduce landfill plus create awareness about all this rubbish that’s ending up in our oceans because it’s effecting our marine creatures that live there. The rubbish I mainly find is bottle lids, cigarette lighters, toothbrushes and lots of plastic.

13 Plastic Bottle Reuses (+ how NOT to reuse them) DIY Crafts Published on August 13th, 2015 | by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg The best way to reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfills is to avoid buying them in the first place. Reuse is second best, but when you can’t avoid them, try one of these clever plastic bottle reuses to give them a new life! Pretty much any time we’ve pulled together a collection of reuse and upcycling projects, at least one involves plastic bottles. Not only are these items versatile, but they’re also readily available. UFO - SHADO Skydiver gratuita di modello di carta - Papermodels If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. Click here to edit contents of this page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.

lv426 LV 426 is a planet (known as Acheron) where colonists have their facility.Hadley´s Hope colony,which has it´s own Atmosphere Processor. I have not seen it before in the movie. Something similar was in the Toltal Recall,but Aliens was first.... There are many things to build. Moduls, Comunication tower, landing grip, atmosphere processor, powerloaders and other vehicles...even a Jorden Tractor. So .I´ve decided to split this project into two groups.

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