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HOBBIES (Like/Love/Hate)

HOBBIES (Like/Love/Hate)

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IBYC 6e Get ready... Tim: So who’s your favourite family member? Millie: I can’t choose. Our family is really unique. Sophia: Oh really?! Have they got powers just like you? Hobbies/ Things Kids Do After School Hi! I'm Roberto. I'm eleven years old. I come from Brazil. I don't like sport very much, and I'm not very good at it. I like music. 1- Mémoriser le nom des fruits 2- Se présenter Une petite modification avec les formules Good morning , afternoon …. et quelques images pour bien les mémoriser I can do it! 1. Choose the correct word 2. When we talk about things that we do every day, we use the simple present tense. I get up.I take a shower.I get dressed.I have breakfast.I go to work.I start work at 9 am.I have lunch.I finish work.I arrive home.I have dinner.I watch TV.I go to bed. What things do you ro every day? If you have any questions or doubts, please ask in the comments or send me a private message. Follow me on Instagram: @englishyourwaybr or look for the hashtag #LearnEnglishWithCarlo Permanent link to this article:

SPORTS 1. We need eleven players to practise this sport. volleyball football Classroom Materials We are pleased to share these free materials to download and use in your classroom, including worksheets contributed by fellow teachers and the full text of Fun with Grammar by Suzanne Woodward. Why I am not a fan of the Communicative Approach: Commenting on David Barker's Teacher Talk post, The Shapal Method, a reader asks David Barker why he is not a fan of the Communicative Approach. We love David's response. Video Lessons: Mr Bean (present continuous, rooms, big small, body) - English ESL video lesson 1) What is the weather like? it is snowing it is raining it is sunny it is windy 2) Mr Bean is

10 Minute ESL Games for Kid's Classrooms Learning English as a second language can be difficult and frustrating for children already accustomed to using another language. ESL teachers can use short games that will make learning less stressful while reinforcing vocabulary and comprehension skills. Simple 10-minute games will give students a break from traditional learning and opportunities to use their English language skills. Drawing Vocabulary Game