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1) Simple Tenses Simple Present - statements Simple Present (simple verbs) Simple Present (3rd person singular -s in sentences) Simple Present - negative sentences Simple Present (do not/does not - long forms) - Exercise 1 Simple Present (do not/does not - long forms) - Exercise 2 Simple Present (don't/doesn't - short forms) - Exercise 1 Simple Present (don't/doesn't - short forms) - Exercise 2 Simple Present - Phrases - Exercise 1 Simple Present (don't or doesn't) - Exercise 2 Simple Present - Sentences (verbs in bold) Simple Present - Sentences (verb phrases in bold) Simple Present - Sentences Simple Present - questions Questions in Simple Present - Exercise 1 Questions in Simple Present - Exercise 2 Simple Present - sentences, negations and questions Simple Present - Mixed Exercise 1 Simple Present - Mixed Exercise 2 Simple Past - statements Simple Past (regular verbs) Simple Past (all verbs) Simple Past - negative sentences Simple Past (verbs in bold) Simple Past (verbs in bold - irregular) Past Perfect

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Adamson Koolitus Koolituse „Kuidas panna keeleõpe tööle?“ idee on sündinud võõrkeeleõpetajatega suhtlemise tulemusena. Koolituse nimi on inspireeritud veebis avaldatud arvamusartikli pealkirjast – „Why language classes don’t work?“ Koolitajate arvamusel edastab see sõnastus väga täpselt õpetajaid kummitavat küsimust.

Grammar Speaks What's a Talking Head? The Talking Heads were developed to introduce grammar charts on the CD-ROMs that accompany Understanding and Using English Grammar (blue book) and Fundamentals of English Grammar (black book). I wanted to find a way to speak directly to students who were using a computer program. To do this, I came up with the solution of creating grammar characters, animated cartoon characters named for aspects of English grammar. I affectionately call them Talking Heads.

English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials 36 fun classroom activities for Present Simple and Continuous By: Alex Case |Audience: Teachers|Category: Teaching English I have recently published 56 communicative activities to teach Present Simple and 35 for practising Present Continuous, often combined with things like frequency expressions and pronunciation to make lessons on these rather basic tenses more useful. However, the most useful thing you can do with Present Simple and Present Continuous is teach and practise them together, contrasting their meanings and uses. I therefore recommend moving fairly quickly on from any lessons on those tenses on their own to combining them in the ways explained below.

Sentence Structure: Learn about the four types of sentences! Are You Ready To Learn About Sentence Structure? Thank goodness for sentences and sentence structure. Sentences are nice little packages of words that come together to express complete thoughts. English Sentence Structure: 4 Types of English Sentences Simple Sentence A simple sentence contains one independent clause. What’s an “independent clause”? Falling Clouds - Learn English Falling Clouds In this game you have to move words around to make a sentence. You can practice English grammar by rearranging words to make a complete sentence. SVOMPT - word order in English SVOMPT rule is one of the most important rules in English. If students learn to follow this rule, their English will improve dramatically, and they will be understood. Once a student knows some words and follows the SVOMPT rule, we can say that he/she can speak English. I love Darren Crown’s explanation of the origin of the SVOMPT word order. In his humorous book “Angličtina na rovinu” he writes that English was first used by a primitive tribe whose members did not want to use their brain too much and thus they created a word order which is always the same – Subject, Verb, Object, adverbs of Manner, adverbs of Place and adverbs of Time. So let´s stop looking for some complicated explanations and let´s think like the primitive barbarians and stick with the SVOMPT word order.

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