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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear News BlackListed News History Is A Weapon Bigorneau 2 Noah's Ark Discovered -- again Listen to this page in audio (MP3) by Dan Eden for viewzone Why is this not a BIG story? I'm often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. I won't hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been found. How it was discovered In 1959, Turkish army captain Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape while examining aerial photographs of his country. This mountainous land was originally part of the Kingdom of Armenia, a country that is thousands of years old and often considered the "first Christian nation", until the Turks took it over at the beginning of the 20th Century. Capt. Brandenburger was responsible for discovering the Cuban missile bases during the Kennedy era from reconnaissance photos, and after carefully studying the photo, he concluded: "I have no doubt at all, that this object is a ship. In 1960 the picture [above] was published in LIFE magazine under the heading of Noahs Ark? Most of the global media turned away from the find and it became a non-story.

Une toile pour vous Le cycliste de Tchernobyl: un roman à boycotter. Un roman d'usurpation de la mémoire d'un grand homme, Vassily Nesterenko... le livre de Javier Sebastian à boycotter. La fiction a ses limites que l'auteur en question a transgressées de manière particulièrement perverse. Voici un texte écrit à plusieurs mains à diffuser le plus possible. « Vous avez peut-être entendu parler du « roman » pseudo historique qui vient de sortir, "Le cycliste de Tchernobyl", qui est fort louangé par la critique du Monde (article de Chevillard dans Le Monde des livres du 13 sept, de Libération (le supplément Livres du jeudi 19 sept.) et l'objet d'un battage médiatique sur le net. Je tiens à vous mettre en garde : ce livre est une "oeuvre" de falsification. Vassili NESTERENKO, savant nucléaire soviétique, membre de l'académie des sciences, qui venait de mettre au point un réacteur nucléaire miniaturisé, s'est précipité à Tchernobyl le 26 Avril 1986. Marie-Elise Rencontrer Nesterenko

Philosophers Stone. Selected views from the boat. by Ninja Bambi I awoke this morning, pondering on the evidence I still witness and experience of the hooks, barbs and velcro that remain deep in our flesh, or which just snag at our clothing from time to time. I see these various forms of hooks as representing some aspect of the control system, the Matrix. When we decide to break free of this control system, we encounter massive problems, in the form of the myriad of hooks, comfort hooks, safety hooks, family hooks, emotional-reaction-dependance hooks, religious hooks, nationality hooks, etc. And one of the most insidious ways in which this matrix has us hooked, and what I wish to discuss in this essay, is its Calendar systems. In particular I refer to the standard western calendar, as it was within this where my indoctrination took place. Take a look at those calendar dates that come and go, and come back around again. How? Think of the many dates now that are ‘celebrated’. Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Truths -- Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! Teachings of Moses David Berg, the Children of God.