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Elixir also ships with an Interactive Shell, called IEx, which provides a great set of helpers for writing code, like easy access to documentation (shown above), code reloading and so on. It is also a great companion for production, as it allows for example connecting to remote nodes. Here is a quick example you can try locally. In one terminal, do: $ iex --name hello iex(hello@machine)1> defmodule Hello do ...(hello@machine)1> def world, do: IO.puts "Distributed hello world" ...

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Cobra (programming language) Cobra is an open-source project; it was released under the MIT License on February 29, 2008.[7][8] Updates are posted to the Cobra news forum with progress on features, fixes, documentation and related projects since the last update.[9] Object-oriented Quality control Expressiveness General productivity Music visualization Screenshot of preset included in MilkDrop, a PC based music visualization software (version 1.04d, 2001) Visualization techniques range from simple ones (e.g., a simulation of an oscilloscope display) to elaborate ones, which often include a plurality of composited effects. The changes in the music's loudness and frequency spectrum are among the properties used as input to the visualization. Definition[edit] History[edit] The Atari Video Music, available in 1976.

PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language index The TIOBE Index is a lagging indicator. It counts the number of web pages with the language name. has over 20 million pages on the web, [s] while has only 11 million. [s] This explains why Objective-C has a high TIOBE ranking. But who is reading those Objective-C web pages ? Hardly anyone, according to Google Trends data. is searched 30 times less than . [s] In fact, the use of by the TIOBE index is misleading (see next question).

Hacking Thought Blog: My Opinionated Guide To Go (golang) tl;dr: The modern software environment with internal and external services has become a distributed system that is constantly changing (continuous deployment). A simpler language based on the unix philosophy(ies) that supports concurrency, expects errors, leverages the internet and ships with great tools is a wonderful thing! Unleash the Unix! Anonymous P2P Interest in anonymous P2P systems has increased in recent years for many reasons, ranging from the desire to share files without revealing one's network identity and risking litigation[1] to distrust in governments, concerns over mass surveillance and data retention, and lawsuits against bloggers.[2] Motivation for anonymity[edit] There are many reasons to use anonymous P2P technology; most of them are generic to all forms of online anonymity. P2P users who desire anonymity usually do so as they do not wish to be identified as a publisher (sender), or reader (receiver), of information. Common reasons include:

TIOBE - The Software Quality Company TIOBE Index for February 2017 February Headline: Educational language Scratch enters TIOBE index top 20 The Scratch programming language from MIT Media Lab has entered the TIOBE index top 20. Scratch is a language to learn programming. It is especially used at schools and is now getting really popular. Vector, the Journal of the British APL Association Preamble This document was created for a conference of 22 June 2006, organized by AFAPL, Association Francophone pour la promotion du langage APL: a special conference dedicated to our friend Henri Sinturel, now no longer with us. This conference was not designed for those proficient in the language: their needs have been met for many years and I have nothing to teach them. I am only attempting to demonstrate this attractive intellectual tool to those who do not know it, in the hope of making one or two converts willing to promote it.

Diceware Passphrase Home This page offers a better way to create a strong, yet easy to remember passphrase for use with encryption and security programs. Weak passwords and passphrases are one of the most common flaws in computer security. Take a few minutes and learn how to do it right. The information presented here can be used by anyone. dynasm - DynASM with Lua mode source | demo local dynasm = require'dynasm' This is a modified version of DynASM that allows generating, compiling, and running x86 and x86-64 assembly code directly from Lua.

Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy LAST MONTH, I met Edward Snowden in a hotel in central Moscow, just blocks away from Red Square. It was the first time we’d met in person; he first emailed me nearly two years earlier, and we eventually created an encrypted channel to journalists Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, to whom Snowden would disclose overreaching mass surveillance by the National Security Agency and its British equivalent, GCHQ. This time around, Snowden’s anonymity was gone; the world knew who he was, much of what he’d leaked, and that he’d been living in exile in Moscow, where he’s been stranded ever since the State Department canceled his passport while he was en route to Latin America.

More Interpreted Languages: Perl, Tcl, Lua, Groovy - Hyperpolyglot a side-by-side reference sheet grammar and invocation | variables and expressions | arithmetic and logic | strings | regexes | dates and time | arrays | dictionaries | functions | execution control | exceptions | file handles | files | file formats | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | unit tests | debugging and profiling | java interop version used The version used for verifying the examples in this cheat sheet. show version How to get the version.

About Us What is the Xen Project? The Xen Project is the home for several virtualization related open source projects, and Xen Project is the new name for the Xen open source community. The Xen Project develops virtualization technologies powering the world's largest clouds in production and is the foundation of many commercial products. Technology developed by the Xen Project powers public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Public Cloud, and many others. Examples of Xen based server products include Huawei UVP, Oracle VM and Citrix XenServer. Examples of client products and appliances include QubesOS, Citrix XenClient and Netscaler.