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Reviewing the Kanji Tangorin Japanese Dictionary MY CUBΞ Family Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese JMdict-EDICT Dictionary Project - EDRDG Wiki The JMdict/EDICT project has as its goal the production of a comprehensive freely-available Japanese/English Dictionary database in machine-readable form which can be used by a variety of applications and servers. The project began in 1991 with the expansion of the EDICT simple Japanese-English dictionary file. (See below under History) At present the project has the following dictionary files available: the full Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary (JMdict) file which is distributed in XML format. The dictionary data is maintained in an online database under the oversight of an editorial board, and the JMdict and EDICT versions are generated and released daily. The dictionary files are copyright, and distributed in accordance with the Licence Statement, which can found at the WWW site of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group who are the owners of the copyright. The project's master database is continuously being updated and new versions of the files are generated daily. or

Yong Junna BEAST @Twitter BEAST are the BEST B2STera - Page 1 of 49 BEAST :: 비스트 • SBS Hope TV (희망 TV) > Airing on May 9 and 10; Respectively. (No information yet about the airing time of their appearance) YOON DUJUN :: 유두준 • KBS Happy Together (해피투게더) with skater Lee Sanghwa. > Recording on April 19 > Airing on April 24, 11:05PM KST LEE GI KWANG :: 이기광 • JTBC Witch Hunt (마녀사냥) R-19 show. > Recorded last April 14 > Airing on April 25, 10:55PM KST YOON DUJUN + LEE GI KWANG :: 유두준 + 이기광 • Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education (우리동네 예능과 체육의 능력자) Soccer Special > Recorded last April 9 > Airing at the End of April (Photo Credits; _byapril | TunaEun) (Note: Dates and Time may all subject into a change.