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MY CUBΞ Family Yong Junna BEAST @Twitter BEAST are the BEST B2STera - Page 1 of 49 BEAST :: 비스트 • SBS Hope TV (희망 TV) > Airing on May 9 and 10; Respectively. (No information yet about the airing time of their appearance) YOON DUJUN :: 유두준 • KBS Happy Together (해피투게더) with skater Lee Sanghwa. > Recording on April 19 > Airing on April 24, 11:05PM KST LEE GI KWANG :: 이기광 • JTBC Witch Hunt (마녀사냥) R-19 show. > Recorded last April 14 > Airing on April 25, 10:55PM KST YOON DUJUN + LEE GI KWANG :: 유두준 + 이기광 • Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education (우리동네 예능과 체육의 능력자) Soccer Special > Recorded last April 9 > Airing at the End of April (Photo Credits; _byapril | TunaEun) (Note: Dates and Time may all subject into a change.