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French Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation with MP3s and Exercises

French Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation with MP3s and Exercises
Useful information Recordings of mp3s were done by a native speaker of French from Haute-Savoie. Feel free to download them for your own personal use or in other non-commercial educational settings. I encourage French teachers to use them in classes too! If you use Mozilla Firefox, I highly recommend the DownThemAll add-on to make downloading much faster and easier. For the vocabulary lists, I am making audio flashcards [French to English and English to French] with a flash mp3 player in each "card" so you can listen to the pronunciation of the words as you study. The exercises can be matching, multiple choice or fill in the blank and they will also open in a new window. After certain sections, the Real French icon will direct you to accompanying audio files to help you improve your comprehension of spoken French with the French Listening Resources mp3s and exercises. Rocket French Translations Related:  Languages

Languages - French - Ma France Learning French online (Free online French courses) Learn french free Learn to Speak french online Aqui aprenda Francés en español: Click on the blue bar 8.NUMBERS more than 20 11.BODY / Health / Illness 19.Leisure/ SPort/ Movie/ Music 20.TOWN / Hotel / Plane / train / bus Bank Vocabulary 27.GCSE French French lessons 1-Greetings 2-Alphabet / Name 3-Family 4-Numbers 1-20 5-Nationality 6-Home 7-Restaurant 8-Numbers 100 9-Time 10-Colors 11-Body / Illness 12-Clothes 13- On, Under 14-Holiday 15-Work 16-Date 17-School 18-Weather 19-Sport / Music... 20-Town 21-Animal 22-Computer 23-Revision 24- Bank 25-Useful Expressions E-Mail French and Spanish for free - Privacy Spanish Lessons London - French Lessons London Dictionary: Write a word to translate here: hello © Hear what you type in French: Voice French Grammar: Videos NEW: Many Free Lessons! Pascal d'Hervé

Français interactif Top 49 Learn French Sites « Learn French Fast Blog The internet is a amazing tool for learning French. But with so many sites to sift through, it can be tough to find the best learn French sites. That’s why I created the Top French Site Award to honour the cream of the crop on the internet. Did I miss a worthy site? Educational Resources The quality of free learn French material online is astounding. BBC French – The mother of all learn French websites. French – Comprehensive resource for learning French. Carnegie Mellon Free French – The prestigious university’s French courses aren’t easy, as they feature natural French speakers – but they are high quality and free! French Assistant – Free French language lessons, with over 150000 French words and phrases. Learn French Video – Scores of lessons and tutorials on phrasese, grammar, verbs, and more. French Revision – Interactive French lessons for the younger crowd (11-18). Anne Fox Learning French – A collection of educational tools to help your French. Blogs French Culture and Life Fun

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Learn French Free | I Want to Learn French at Learn French with free online lessons French I Tutorial: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar • Learn French Online • Free French Lessons • Free French Tutorials If you'd like to download the mp3s, use the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox to download all the mp3s at once instead of right-clicking on each link. Visit the French mp3s page for the list of all mp3s that accompany the French tutorials. All flashcards and exercises will open in a new window. French Language Tutorial 2nd edition is now available! 1. NEW! Notice that French has informal and formal ways of saying things. Don't forget to check out my video series on informal French expressions and slang vocabulary at the Informal French tutorial 2. For a more in-depth look at French pronunciation, try to the French Phonetics tutorial. [ɑ] is disappearing in modern French, being replaced by [a]. [œ̃] is being replaced with [ɛ̃] in modern French In words beginning with in-, a nasal is only used if the next letter is a consonant. It is optional after pas, trop fort, and the forms of être, but it is never made after et. 3. 4. All nouns in French have a gender, either masculine or feminine. 5. 6.

French Language Learn Kanji Using Radicals | KANJIDAMAGE French Games - Play with your French Word games to help you practice your beginning French vocabulary, including crossword puzzles, Concentration, and Word Seek, plus online games in French. French Classroom GamesLearning French doesn't have to be work, work, work! Take a look at this selection of French games for the classroom. Articles ConcentrationPractice your understanding of French articles with a game of Concentration. Basic French Word SeekFind basic French vocabulary in this Java puzzle! Bastille Day Word SeekSeek out French terms related to Bastille Day. Body Word SeekDo you know French vocabulary related to parts of the body? Calendar ConcentrationPractice your understanding of French calendar vocabulary with a game of Concentration. Calendar HangmanGuess and spell French calendar words. Calendar Word SeekFind French calendar words in this word seek puzzle. Christmas HangmanSee if you can spell out some Christmas cheer! Christmas Word SeekPractice your Christmas vocabulary with this word seek.