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English Language Exercises & Tests

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Learn English online for free with hundreds of interactive English exercises on this site. Practise grammar, prepare for exams, learn English words and do listening practice. Find a lot of information about what words mean and how they are used in our English dictionary. Vocabulary Browse hundreds of vocabulary exercises to help you learn more English collocations, synonyms, idioms and phrasal verbs as well as other aspects of vocabulary. Intermediate grammar. Indexpunctuation. Grammar Exercises. Daily Writing Tips. - English Grammar and Vocabulary Tests, Worksheets, Free ESL Resources. Activities for Learners. Quizzes on the Language Portal of Canada – Resources of the Language Portal of Canada – Languages – Canadian identity and society – Culture, history and sport – Homepage quiz.

BBC Learning English - Course: Quizzes / Unit 1. Risorse. Online English Test. The Nature of Writing Website. Learning English - Quiznet. CLIL worksheets. New Inspiration Grammar Resources. Esl diane stonebrink. BBC World Service. English Language Test, Intermediate level. At you can not only test but also improve your English.

English Language Test, Intermediate level

At the same time you can meet new people, exchange experiences on how to learn languages and a whole lot more. You will find hundreds of interactive grammar and vocabulary tests as well as other useful resources such as short stories, articles and interviews with business people.In addition, you can subscribe to a free email ESL course that provides useful information about the English language in a lighthearted way. Maybe, you want to make new friends and practise your communications skills? UEfAP - Home. English Grammar. Grammar Guides, Quizzes. A new quiz (No. 78) is up.

Grammar Guides, Quizzes

The questions include a hodgepodge of usage issues, and I’ve experimented with question… Read more » I have a new Grammar Guide quiz (No. 77). This one is all about the tricky verbs lay and lie…. Finding Nouns, Verbs, and Subjects Quiz 1. <div class="banner-container -notice" data-banner="noscript" hidden><div class="banner-block"><h6 class="banner-title title"><i class="fa fa-info-circle"></i> Enable<br>JavaScript</h6><p class="banner-text text">Uh oh!

Finding Nouns, Verbs, and Subjects Quiz 1

It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. While most of our site should function with out, we recommend turning it back on for a better experience. </p><button class="banner-toggle button"><i class="fa fa-times-circle"></i><span class="_visuallyhidden">Hide Notice</span></button></div><! List of Exercises in The Internet Grammar of English. English Grammar Exercises - Online English Language Lessons for ESL students and young learners. English Grammar games, notes and photocopiable worksheets for teachers to use with their students. English Grammar Games - Juegos para aprender inglés gratis. English Grammar Rules - The Definitive Grammar Handbook.

Contents of The Internet Grammar of English. Business English Practice Exercises - Business English. Contents. A list of what is available on this blog. For songs and posts related to songs, see the Songs page For exercise generators etc., see the Teacher tools page For posts related -ize / -ise verbs, see the -ize / -ise page For explanations and exercises for learners, see next section.

For posts about usage, controversies, history, and language in general, see the General sections For students of English Common errors learners make. Grammar Gamble - the online English grammar test. OWL Exercises. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University.

OWL Exercises

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice. Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Language Learning Online Resources. English exercises - grammar exercises - learn English online. English Grammar Exercises - The English Classroom. Grammar. English grammar exercises, with answers. Grammar quizzes - index. Subject-Verb Agreement - Grammar. Key: subject = yellow, bold; verb = green, underline Subjects and verbs must agree in number.

Subject-Verb Agreement - Grammar

If the subject is singular, the verb must be singular too. Example: She writes every day. Grammar Exercises and Quizzes. Interactive Grammar Quizzes. Hundreds of multiple-choice quizzes in HTML, PDF, and interactive formats Interactive, downloadable, and reproducible Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, spelling, vocabulary, confusing words, synonyms and antonyms Scored instantly Explanations for EACH quiz question One subscription may be used by an entire class or office simultaneously Topics include grammar, punctuation, capitalization, writing numbers, spelling, vocabulary, confusing words, and synonyms and antonyms.

Interactive Grammar Quizzes

Perfect for teachers, students, homeschooling families, businesses, and trainers. Exercises. English Grammar Exercises and Quizzes. English-Arabic Translator. Cambridge English. English Grammar 101 - Online Grammar Lessons. Road to Grammar - Your Road to Better Grammar. All Grammar Topics. TEFL Resources, activities, lesson plans and ideas for the TEFL classroom. Grammar. IELTS Grammar Practice. All Grammar Topics. The Flatmates - Archive Quizzes. Grammar Quizzes - Academic English Cafe - Academic English Cafe. Online Tense Exercises - English Grammar. English Grammar Online Exercises and Downloadable Worksheets Tenses This section is all about English tenses.

Online Tense Exercises - English Grammar

It contains exercises on every tense - simple and progressive - as well as a section with mixed tense exercises. Levels of Difficulty : Elementary Intermediate Advanced. All Things Grammar - Home. Content Frame. CEFR Grammar levels. Free English Language Learning Resources. Grammar Quizzes. Learn English.

Grammar quiz. inurl:quiznet at DuckDuckGo. Self-Study English Grammar Quizzes (ESL, EFL) HTML-Only Quizzes Grammar | Places | Vocabulary | Idioms | Homonyms | Scrambled Words | Misc.

Self-Study English Grammar Quizzes (ESL, EFL)

Activities for ESL Students has over 1,000 activities to help you study English as a Second Language. This project of The Internet TESL Journal has contributions by many teachers. Page Contents Articles | Cloze | Conjunctions | Dialogs | Plurals | Prepositions | Pronouns | Sentence Structure | Tag Questions | Verbs | What's the Correct Sequence | Word Choice | Other Quizzes. Grammar Worksheets. Adjective Worksheets Adjectives are words that describe nouns and other adjectives.

Grammar Worksheets

Adverb Worksheets Adverbs are words that describe action verbs. Articles: A, An, The.

Quizlet English Sets

English Test - Index - English Test - Wall Street English Thailand. - Wall Street English Thailand. List of english exercises at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Search Teaching resources. List of Exercises in The Internet Grammar of English. The Norton FIELD GUIDE To WRITING. English language quizzes for ESL / EFL: quiz, word order, matching, gap-fill. ESL Quizzes, Grammar, Vocabulary Quizzes, Pre-Intermediate Quizzes. Learn English online: Exercises by level. Got it!

Exercises by level

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law English grammar test from - Upper Intermediate level A bad day. English File Student's Site. Project, Third Edition. Online Exercises. Affect vs. effect exercise Quiz-summary 0 of 10 questions completed. ELC Study Zone: Level 330 Grammar Topics. Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables. Grammar-Quizzes › More › Writing Aids › Spelling Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables Summary of Lessons Keys to Spelling: Sounds and Syllables (for beginners) Workbook for native and non-native speakers. (PDF format workbook licensed by this author for use under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International) Grammar Diagnostics. Pop-Question Acrchive. Practice on Points of English Grammar (ESL/ELL) English Grammar Exercises. English Grammar. Exam English - Free Practice for IELTS,the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests and the Cambridge English exams.

English Practice – Learn and Practice English Online. Exercises. Grammar Self-Test. English Grammar Exercises. Here you will find simple and easy English grammar exercises for even the hardest subjects! Step by step, you can improve your grammar! Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses. LearnEnglish Teens - British Council. Top English Quizzes, Trivia, Questions & Answers - ProProfs Quizzes. EWJ Interactive Exercises. +40 000 Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. List of Interactive Quizzes. Grammar Quizzes. Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study)

Online quizzes for learning English. Communicative Activities : Grammar and Beyond.