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Related:  ApplicationsLanguagesRessources toutes languesed_apps&tools “4 Stars and Editors Choice.” MacUser Dec. 2013 "Awesome!... Project Unspell: Resources Unspell Wallet Card Everything you need to memorize in order to start reading unspelled text is contained on the two sides of this wallet-sized card. (Print version available here.) To quickly learn the sound of each Unspell symbol, click on each symbol below and listen to how it sounds. The 12 exercises, one for each of the 12 lessons in the Unspeller book, are now available as a free download. Your Surveydaddy Contents We are upgrading your Surveydaddy account to a Polldaddy account! We have decided to provide all of our services directly on so you will now get access to even more features. What does this mean for you? Your login details and account will remain the same, you will now login at Your surveys, dashboard, settings and reports will remain exactly the same.

5 Free Language Tests To Boost Your Learning Power - 90 Days to Language Learning Glory As you may know, LingQ recently launched a free proficiency test that you can use to evaluate your skills in your target language. I used the Spanish test numerous times while doing my 90-Day Challenge at LingQ, and although I didn’t always test well at first, I kept at it until I got a better score. That didn’t mean that I suddenly spoke Spanish at an intermediate level just because the test said I did, but it did boost my confidence as my score got better. I found several other proficiency language tests around the web, and decided to channel my inner polyglot by trying them out in different languages. Transparent Language Test

Free eye candy Vector and SVG graphics in HTML5 presentations or canvas Back in July we released our Vector Assets starting with our Vintage class of icons. What we’re really excited about is the release of a new Category of Icons that are so crisp and colorful that you won’t be able to resist using at least some of them on your next Presenter project. Every single asset has been hand crafted by professional designers and illustrators. They’re so tasty looking, you just wanna Lick’em! Hence we decided to name this new category of assets: Eye Candy.

Modern Languages Lab “Using ICTs for transnational, transcultural and transcontinental collaboration” INFLIT Conference 2014 Presentations: Thank you for attending the first annual INFLIT conference. Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto - Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online This morning I received an email from a reader who was looking for a video creation tool that offers project themes like those that you can find in iMovie. Here are three nice online video creation tools that I frequently recommend to teachers. All three of these tools have themes and or templates that you can apply to your videos.

Digital storytelling with StoryRobe StoryRobe is another way for kids to create digital stories using photos or digital copies of their own artwork. Once they've selected the images they want to use and put them in the right order, they can record the text to go with the images. They can talk for a total of up to 3 minutes, and synchronize the images with what they are saying by tapping the screen as they talk to advance to the next picture. Information for Osaka University students|タンデム学習プロジェクト(大阪大学文学部・文学研究科) Contents 1. What is Tandem Learning? HSTRY - Create Multimedia Timelines in an Online Classroom Last night I posted a chart comparing the features of five free multimedia timeline creation tools. Thanks to a comment by Robert McNulty on the FreeTech4Teachers Facebook page I learned about a fantastic new timeline creation tool. HSTRY is a multimedia timeline creation tool that will work on your laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or tablet. With a HSTRY account you can build timelines in a vertical scroll format similar to that of a Facebook feed. To start the process pick a topic and upload a cover photo. To add events to the timeline just click the "+" symbol and select the type of media that you want to add to your timeline.

ProjectWriter for Collaborative Classroom Assignments 11 Jan ProjectWriter is a new web tool that lets teachers design projects step-by-step. Users start off by naming their project and adding assignments for students to complete, such as answering a question by submitting a piece of writing.

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