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'An,' meaning safety, named Japan's kanji of the year for 2015 The kanji an, which denotes safety or peace, best symbolizes the national mood in 2015, a Kyoto-based kanji promotion organization said Tuesday. The character reflects the claims and counterclaims that rang out nationwide when the Abe administration steamrolled security bills through the Diet this summer. There were major protests over the legislation, which will fundamentally expand the range of missions the Self-Defense Forces can take part in overseas. The kanji could also be seen as having an international dimension, as terrorist attacks overseas stoked unease. It was selected based on votes cast by the general public. Of the 129,647 entries received this year, an ranked at the top with 5,632, according to the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation.

Gender in French: The Cheat Sheet - French learning article This article is written by one of the language teachers at italki Image by Caroline L-B I know many of you dread this subject: you either speak a language that doesn't have word genders and you think it's mad (hello, English, Japanese and Chinese speakers!) or you speak a language that has its own word genders which clash with the French ones (hello, Russians, German and Spanish speakers!). Everyone seems to have a good reason to dislike this part of the French grammar. In fact, I think I've never met a single student that said "What a fun concept, let's dwell on it!"

Free Technology for Teachers: Create a Lab / Room Scheduler in Google Sheets Lab Scheduler is a neat Google Sheets Add-on that enables you to easily create and maintain a lab or room reservation system for your school. It is designed for schools that use a labeled block schedule (for example, the high school in my district uses "period 1" through "period 8" even though there are only four periods in a given day). Once you have added Lab Scheduler to your Google Spreadsheet it will walk you through the process of creating blocks of time and lab/room space in your spreadsheet. You can set your Lab Scheduler to maintain a preview of as many dates as you like. Topic Modifiers: Object Markers を (‘direct object marker’) 「を」 is used with verbs that express action and indicates that N is the object of the action. Examples: 切手を3 枚買います。 きって を 3まい かいます。

4 ways to use YouTube in the language classroom UPDATE: I’m delighted to say that this post has been nominated for the British Council’s TeachingEnglish blog award for innovative teaching ideas. I’m really delighted to have been included in this month’s nominations, so… make me a super happy boy by clicking here and voting for me! When it comes their language learning I can safely say that my teenage students always enjoy the multimedia experience.Rather than studying grammar and vocabulary through boring old course books, they find it more exciting to watch action unfold via moving images on their laptop, tablet or smart phone. What’s great about this is that it’s not just a one-way deal: video clips offer us as teachers the basis for the development of many language skills. I’m an avid user of short clips in my classrooms.

Embodied Japanese Cognition: Thinking and Acting in Japanese “Learning a language means learning to think with it and to act with it in one and the same operation.” – M.A.K. Halliday, Language and Education (Collected Works, Volume 9) While reading an old essay written by renowned linguist M.A.K. Halliday, I stumbled across references to a scholar of language learning from the 19th century, named François Gouin. Gouin is somewhat obscure, but in some circles is known as inventor of the Series Method.

The 10 Most Confusing Words Of The French Language Part I - French learning article There are some words that every French learner seems to confuse all the time. They include verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. As they say, "If only I had a penny every time someone confused one of these words!" Here are the words in question, paired because of similar meaning or sound. connaître & savoirattendre, entendre & écouterdire & parlerregarder & voirpleurer & pleuvoiravant et devantbien & bonmeilleur & mieuxan & annéeneuf & nouveau

Summer Tech PD - Summer Tech Workshop for Teachers—Online Professional Development–is a three week, eighteen-hour interactive course on the most popular tech ed topics. These are the ones you’ve heard about, seen—want to use in your class if only you knew how to do that. 12 Activities (topics) 29 tech ed videos 16 tech ed Lesson plans 7 tech ed eBooks 41 Hall of Fame tech ed articles Unlimited questions/coaching during virtual face-to-face meetings and other per-arranged times. We stay until everyone leaves. Language What kind of language is Japanese? In this section you can take Japanese lessons and try speaking the language. You can also learn the characters used to write Japanese. Why not do the lessons with a friend and try speaking Japanese to each other? Learn basic phrases that people use everyday. You can practice them yourself after hearing how they're pronounced.

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