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Fitness and Exercise Videos. Nap. Best Workout Videos of 2014. Free Fitness Apps From Your Favorite Sneaker Brands. You've probably noticed that we're pretty big fans of free fitness: from scouring the web for neighborhood events to trying in-store classes and even using the web for free yoga at home.

Free Fitness Apps From Your Favorite Sneaker Brands

Another one of our favorite fitness freebies? Apps. Whether you're a brand loyalist or just looking to build strength on a budget, these digital treasures will make you fall a little more in love with the brands that created your favorite sneakers. The Brand: Nike The App: N+TCWhat It Does: Have you ever caught yourself fantasizing about what it would be like to have Ellie Goulding as your personal trainer? The Brand: Under Armour The App: RecordWhat It Does: The "world's first 24/7 connected health and fitness system" is a comprehensive tracker, encompassing nutrition, activity (steps), fitness, and sleep — it even lets you rank "how you feel" from one to 10.

The Brand: Adidas The App: miCoach Multi-SportWhat It Does: Is your typical excuse for not working out, "I don't have time? " The Brand: New Balance.


Relax and Yoga. Movie Memes About Fitness. Post Workout Instagram Quotes. Golum. Workout Generator. What is your current fitness level?

Workout Generator

Beginner workouts, beginner, beginner workout, intermediate workout, intermediate workouts, intermediate advanced workouts, advanced workouts, What type of workout are you looking for? Cardio workout, cardio workouts, dance workouts, elliptical workouts, cardio strength workout, cardio strength workouts,indoor cycling workouts strength training workouts, cardio strength workout, cardio strength workouts yoga sequences, stretching routines, What equipment are you working with? Strength training, dumbbell workouts If you are strength training, what do you want to work? Arm workouts, chest workouts leg workouts, butt workouts ab workouts, core workouts How much time do you have? 5-minute workout, 5-minute workouts, 10-minute workout, 10-minute workouts, 15-minute workout, 15-minute workouts, 20-minute workout, 20-minute workouts. Workouts by Virginie MICHEL on Prezi.

FitnessBlender. 30 Day Fitness Challenges - Free Fitness Workouts & Routines.


Legs & Thighs. Arms. Abdos. Total body. Fat Burning. How Your Body Knows When To Burn Fat. Whenever my nose drags me into a bakery, I could really do with an IV drip of this leptin stuff. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain you’re full, thus helping to regulate how much you eat. Though I’m not sure any amount would be enough to prize my fingers off a cupcake… Leptin is also important because it triggers, via the brain, the breakdown of fat when we need an energy boost, but mechanisms behind this important signaling pathway had been hazy. Now scientists think they’ve figured it out, visualizing for the first time the nerve cells that wrap themselves around fat cells in rodents. And when these neurons get excited, via leptin, fat cells get depleted. First discovered some 20 years ago, leptin is produced by fat cells, or adipocytes, in levels proportional to a person’s body fat mass.

But there is a missing link in this story: what happens in the middle? Why Do My Muscles Ache The Day After Exercise? It’s normal to experience muscle pain after exercising if it’s been a while since you were active or performed a certain movement.

Why Do My Muscles Ache The Day After Exercise?

This type of pain – called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS – generally develops several hours later and exacerbates over the next few days. The exercise that induces DOMS consists of eccentric (lengthening) muscle contractions in which contracting muscles are lengthened. Walking down a set of stairs or slope, where front thigh muscles are lengthened when supporting the body weight, is one example of eccentric exercise. Another is using weights, such as a dumbbells. When lowering a heavy object slowly from an elbow flexed to an extended position, the muscles to flex the elbow joint perform eccentric exercise, since the external load (dumbbell) is greater than the force generated by the muscle. Structure of skeletal muscle. We still don’t know how eccentric contractions affect connective tissue surrounding muscle fibres.