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Forms - Kern Kelley

Forms - Kern Kelley
Google Form Templates If you are logged into your Google Account, these form templates will automatically copy into your Google Docs Dashboard. Many of the forms are designed to work with an iPod Touch. For more information about educational uses of that device, go to Test and Quizzes Self Grading 10 Question Multiple Choice Quiz - Provide a link to this form or embed it into a website. Administrative Forms Professional Performance Evaluation - Teacher observation form that the administrators can use. Miscellaneous QR Code Generator - Creates QR Codes from URL's collected in a from.Science Fair Judging Form - This is the scoring form used in a middle school science fair.Story Board - Used by student groups to write and produce a video project.

How To Use Google Docs Offline Earlier this year Google enabled support for using Google Documents offline if you use Chrome and have the Google Drive Chrome app installed. When Google made that announcement I wrote some directions for enabling offline docs. Today, someone suggested sharing those directions again. To enable Google Docs for offline use, sign into your account and click the sprocket icon in the upper-right corner. Step 1: In your Google Drive account open the "more" menu. Step 2: Select "enable offline docs." A Note for Google Apps for Education Users If you are using Google Docs within a Google Apps for Education domain your domain administrator will have to enable the option for users to use Google Docs offline. | Gleanwhois - WhoIs Project: A Tool to Investigate Info... can be confused for these other domains Compare with other sites. Contains general information about your website (HTML content, DMOZ and Archive.Org records, etc.). Title : WhoIs Project: A Tool to Investigate Information Authority, Authenticity, Owners... Information Your website’s rank is 9650329. Provides general information about your website success. : 9650329 : None : 00:00:00 : 414 ms :0 :0 In this section you can find what people write to search engines and rate of each search to find your site. glean help Title should be maximum 70 characters. Title is longer than 70 characters. Description meta should be maximum 160 characters. Description has 100 characters and is suitable. Keywords meta should be maximum 260 characters. This website doesn't have a keywords meta tag. Please fill the form to comment.

Excellent Tutorials to Help You Create Presentations on Google Drive January 13, 2015 Here is a set of practical video tutorials on Google Slides (formerly Presentation) I have bookmarked over the last couple of months. The purpose behind this collection is to provide teachers, especially beginner users of Slides, with practical know-how to assist them in creating, editing and sharing Google Slides. Google Slides is one of the easiest and simplest presentation creation tool out there. 1- How to add slides to Google Slides by Vickie Henson 2- How to Animate presentations by Navitend 3- How to insert a background and video in your slides by Sethi 4- How to insert images and add new slides by Alaina Beaver 5- How to add sound to a Google Slide by Kit Hard 6- How to use Google Drive Presentation App by Dottotech 7- Google Presentation tutorial by Ian O’Byrne

How to Open and Edit Word Files in Google Drive This morning I received an email from a friend of mine who needed some help opening a Word (Docx) file in Google Drive. Google recently made a slight change to how this is done. And since it threw off my friend who is a fairly savvy Google Drive user I thought that there are probably others who have or will have the same question. To open a Word (Docx) file in Google Drive after it has been uploaded to your account click the check box next to the file name. Option 1: Option 2: If you don't want to go through the process outlined above for every Word file uploaded to your Google Drive account you can enable automatic conversion of documents. Enabling automatic conversion on upload:

10 Tips to Make Engaging Presentations in Google Drive August 26, 2015 Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you to create, edit and share presentations. There are a wide variety of interesting features provided by Slides which make it an ideal presentation tool to use in class with students. First is its integration with Google Drive allowing you to not only save your presentations to the cloud and access them across different devices but it also means that you can integrate content from other apps such as Sheets, Docs, and Drawings right into your slides. The collaborative features such as co-editing and synchronous collaboration are also great for students group work. Groups of students can work on the same presentation and be able to remotely edit each others’ slides and track revision history. Slides is also very easy to use and has a simple intuitive interface with no learning curve for students. 1- Import a theme Slides allows you to use external themes in your presentations. 2- Add transitions to your slides

Google Sites for Teachers 2012 Provide Tech Help Remotely Through Chrome Remote Desktop This week I'm taking a few days off to ski, play with my dogs, visit with friends and family, and generally recharge my batteries. If you're on vacation this week too, I hope that you're having a great vacation. While I'm away I'm rerunning the most popular posts of the year. Yesterday, I received an email with a question about how to remotely help students and teachers with the Chrome browser and with Chromebooks. If you want to share your desktop just click "share now" and Chrome Remote Desktop will generate an access code to give to the person who will access your computer. To access and control another person's computer you just need to enter the access code that they provide to you. Applications for Education The Chrome Remote Desktop app could be very helpful in aiding teachers and students when they get stuck trying to accomplish a task on their computers.

10 Ways to Integrate Google Drawings in Your Teaching December 29, 2014 Google Drawings is a tool that is often overlooked by teachers. Being part of Google Drive, Drawings has some powerful features hat make it an ideal platform for creating educational posters, visuals, mind maps an many more. I have been using it to create several of the posters I shared here in the past and I find it really handy. Here is a step by step visual guide to help you learn how to use Drawings to create posters. I am also sharing with you this excellent visual from Shake Up Learning featuring more ideas on what you can do with Google Drawings. To access Google Drawings: Head over to your Google Drive, click on "New" then on "More" and select " Google Drawings". 10 Important Google URLs That Every Google User Should Know Which websites and apps have background access to my Google account? What does Google know about me? Where can I see all the ads that I’ve clicked on Google search? What does Google know about the places I’ve visited recently? Here are some of the most important links that every Google user should know about. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bonus: For Google Apps Administrators This is important but undocumented URL for Google Apps users.

Create Videos Online With WeVideo for Google Drive This week I'm taking a few days off to ski, play with my dogs, visit with friends and family, and generally recharge my batteries. If you're on vacation this week too, I hope that you're having a great vacation. While I'm away I'm rerunning the most popular posts of the year. For the last six months I've been sharing WeVideo with anyone who has come to me searching for a good online video creation tool. A Good Google Drive Tool to Enhance Students' Reading and Writing Skills November 18, 2014Read & Write for Google is a powerful tool that integrates with both the web and Google Drive to offer reading and writing help. It is also a good extension to support students with learning difficulties and reading disabilities. Some of the features of Read & Write include: Read aloud words, passages or entire documents with easy to follow colour highlightingExplain new terms using both text and picturesTranslate text into other languagesProvides suggestions for the current or next word you typeHelps you highlight text in documents or the web and collect for use in other documentsYou can also use it to simplify and summarize text on web pages.Read & Write for Google work on different platforms and devices including: Mac, PCs, and Chromebooks. It also works with web pages and common file types in Google Drive, including:Google Docs, PDF, and ePub. Watch the video below to learn more about Read & Write

20 Google tools teachers should try (and how to use them in classrooms) There’s a reason teachers like Google tools. They’re free, easy to use, and you already have an account on basically all of them. Add in the fact that Google is making a huge push into the world of teacher tools and you quickly realize it’s a good time to be a teacher. There are a ton of Google tools that you should try out. But not all of them are relevant to your classroom. What’s a teacher to do? See Also: 6 little-known Google tools you should try today First, check out the graphic we worked hard on making for you. Google Tools Teachers Should Try (And How To Use Them In Classrooms) Scroll the whole way down this VERY long visual for links and more! Links And Other Information Privacy and Security Tools Ensure your students’ (and your!) Google Drive Take your classroom paperless, collaborate, and share easily with this one stop for all of your documents. Docs/Sheets/Slides Easy to use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools for classroom work and professional development. Forms