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GCSE Bitesize - Design and Technology

GCSE Bitesize - Design and Technology

E-Learning Journeys Electronic educational project kits, accessories, tools and resources ICT Teaching and Learning Classroom 2.0 Adobe FrameMaker 9: Restart a Numbered List FrameMaker offers two ways to restart numbered lists in your documents: a manual technique and an automatic option. Restarting a List Manually Let's start by examining the manual option which is built into the Paragraph Catalog of all new FrameMaker documents. Numbered1 uses the <n=1> building block to reset the counter back to 1, and displays the results: When you are using these default formats, or others based on the same logic, you simply assign Numbered1 to the first list item, and Numbered to the rest of the list. Automatically Restarting a List The more advanced way to reset your lists back to 1 is to assign the job to a different paragraph format. Use only the <n+> building block to set up your lists.Place your cursor in a paragraph that always appears before each new list. Here's why it works: while How cool is that? If you are new to FrameMaker and want to get up to speed quickly, join IconLogic's instructor-led, online Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker class.

insideITGS Building a PLN How do educators keep current with the ever changing world of technology? How can Web 2.0 tools be used to communicate and collaborate with peers across the hall and around the world? This session will focus on some of the newest tools teachers are using to support their own professional learning goals. Find links to each of us in the sidebar to the left and look below for more suggested PLN resources and interesting links. We look forward to learning with you! If you want to think more deeply about learning networks and community, spend some time reading, listening and responding to the information at Bud Hunt's "Lie of Community" site. Appetizer Twitter and Plurk Connect with other learners in 140 chartacter bites of conversation. Starting Points Main Course Blogs Blogs are great tools to read, reflect and respond to the thoughts of fellow educators and technology thinkers. PBS Blog by Andy Carvin that examines current trends in learning with technology. Side Dish Starting Points Wikis and Nings

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