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Top 10 3D Model Databases: Best Places to Download 3D Models If you intend to 3D print a model, that doesn’t mean you always have to start designing from scratch. There are tons of website out there that offer (both free and premium) 3D models to download. We took a look at 10 of the best and most popular 3D model databases and compared them for price, quality, selection, and printability. 1. Cults 3D

Blog Each year brings with it new challenges for web designers and 2014 is no different. In order to meet the diverse challenges that are thrown at you, your fundamentals need to be clear, but that’s not all. You need to be able to predict and identify these challenges and make sure you’ve a solution in place for them. Web design is a domain that was always competitive, but it’s becoming more so over the years. As a designer, your talent will be judged on the basis of whether you were able to face down a designing challenge and come up trumps. This will help you differentiate your services from that of your competitors.

Pin-up Art from The Pin-up Files [Marcus Gray Image Gallery] : A Marcus Gray (b.1971) "I want to express the experience of what it is for a woman to wear latex, feel aroused, feel sensual, dangerous and beautiful ... these women know the power of their sexuality and the profound effect it has over men." Born in 1971 in Glasgow, Scotland, Marcus Gray was brought up on a rich diet of Sci-fi TV, films and comics.

HowToMakeAlmostAnything2010-Hiro Tanaka 2-1: my former (past) works While my final project is for making "Natural" Plants move and walk, I am also interested in "Artificial" Plants-like Object. (I don't know why but in general Architects are interested in plants. In my opinion, there are some commonalities between architecture(buildings) and plants...) MIT Researchers: make big things out of small, interlocking 3D printed composite components For the most part the size of an object that’s 3D printed can’t be larger than the build volume of the printer; the only exceptions are printers that can print onto existing objects, so a printed object could be repositioned in a way that allows the printer to continue printing onto it. For this reason, size constraints are a limiting factor with the entire industry of 3D printing. The common sense solution for bigger parts is to build bigger printers, and some have gone that route, but common sense will take us only so far. When Neil Gershenfeld, director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, addresses the problem of going bigger, his wisdom says go small.

The Jacky Winter Group represents Aaron Horkey Aaron Horkey was birthed and reared in Windom, Minnesota, in the heart of the Rural Midwest. Key personality traits include debilitating social ineptitude and a perverse attention to detail. Enjoys desolation, megafauna and transplanting sumacs. Currently ensconced in a bucolic whistlestop just west of the Mississippi, he whiles away the hours staring at his chore list and cultivating ulcers. He is the sole survivor of the Black Osprey Dead Arts Society and founding member of the Cottonwood County Druids Skateboard Gang. Previous clients include INIT Records, Flip Skateboards, Playge, ISIS, Converge, Neurosis, Boris, Andrew Bird, Grails, Genghis Tron, Spitfire Wheels, Fat Possum Records, Deathwish INC, Hydra Head Records, Bruce Horkey’s Wood and Parts, Big Brain Comics, Flight of the Conchords, Mogwai, Ride Snowboards, Magic Bullet Records, Khanate and 420X10 Records.

Absolutely stunning cocoon lamp created with multi-material 3D printer Jan.23, 2012 This stunning Cocoon Lamp is inspired by Neri Oxman's "the beast", cocoon is also from the nature - a cocoon is a shell which protects the insect for their metamorphosis. It is created by Patric Günther at the Voxel Studio and 3d printed by Objet Technologies. With the polyjet technologies from Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer, it is possible to print the Cocoon Lamp with more than just one material. The Cocoon Lamp consists of 3 materials: 1.

blog: Archive romwe update allright, a quick update on the Romwe art theft! let me start by saying that the artwork is of disney characters, and i cannot ask any kind of financial compensation for the sweater sales. if i did, i would essentially be making money off of disney’s characters, which is illegal. Romwe contacted me this morning (not as a reply to my initial e-mail to them, but in response to the social media attention). after explaining that they removed the item from their store, they state the following: “We know your art from deviantart, from which we could not find any proper contact information (we only got this address from one customer who knew you just now.). So we only leave a note there for you. Unfortunately, it seems you haven’t noticed it.

Hive 1000; Architecture & The City Habitat Manhattan/ A Housing for 1000 artists Delancey St., Lower Manhattan, NY A live-work environment for 1000 artists that explores a particular strain of visionary (And now sometimes realized) urbanism, involving spherical geometries; this project contributes to a wider understanding of the sphere as geometry. ​ Pointed to one extreme where subdivisions and surfaces are coincident. The other extreme pointed to subdivisions privileging the structure qualities of minimal surface geometry. My Interest falls in between these two spectrums. ​ Digital Craft and Architectural Geometry: The BAC Summer 2012 » G1: Plane/Sphere Hybrid G-C Narrative: Particulars- The G-C models were a study of plane manipulating the sphere. The act of slicing the sphere leaves sphere in pieces. The manipulation of pieces was the exploration.

Twisted Shell X=2*cos(u)*sin(v*2)*2 Y=2*sin(v*2)*sin(u)*2 Z=(cos(v*2.5)+cos(v)*3)+u U=2.5 V=-pi,+pi’ One method to deal with intersecting mesh. Removing faces to create a finger lock; Thickness and then Subdivision. Like this: Like Loading... Whittling All the pieces on this page are each whittled from one piece of wood using only a selection of knives and scalpels. Here we have nine balls in seperate cages on the top and the same on the bottom, with three revolving cages inside each other, with a ball in the centre, for the middle pillar. It stands 5.5 inches high and is 2.5 inches square, carved in lime. The fan is a real challenge for any whittler. Carved from one piece and then split into 32 blades 1mm thick when wet.Just make sure that the timber has a strong grain to assist splitting after carving. This fan is 8.5 inches across the diameter.

artist prints – Gifpop! Custom Gif Cards for Everyone. These artists are all exploring animated gifs in beautiful, funny, and mindblowing ways. And as designers ourselves, we understand the constant struggle between creating work that you are passionate about and paying the bills. So we want to celebrate and support this emerging medium by offering prints of this amazing work and send the profits to the artists. Artists on Gifpop receive 80% of the profits we make on every art print sold. This is an unheard-of arrangement for most art sales, but we think it's only fair.