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Mugeda - Cloud Based HTML5 Animation Platform

Mugeda - Cloud Based HTML5 Animation Platform

HTeuMeuLeu : HTML5, CSS3, et le quotidien du web pour un intégrateur ! WordPress | China 简体中文 Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery « Neutron Creations We recently built an HTML5 audio player for Tim Van Damme's The Box, a new podcast where he interviews people who make cool stuff. Tim wanted an HTML5 audio player on the site, and we put together some jQuery to hook up the player interface he designed. In this article we'll run through the code to explain how it works, covering a few caveats along the way. Here's the player interface, and the markup for it. As you can see, we have a few span elements for each component of the interface: playtoggle is the play/pause toggle button. gutter is the timeline track loading is the bar indicating the loading or buffering progress handle is the circular element that serves as the playhead, indicating current position in the audio file, and also acting as a drag handle to move to a different point of the audio timeleft is the play time remaining, in minutes and seconds We won't cover the CSS for the player here, but if you want to see how it's styled you can inspect the styles on the live site. if(!!

不会编程该怎么成立初创公司呢? - 观点 有个不成文的规则:要成立一家初创公司,你需要构建一个产品,而开发产品必须要一些会编程的人。 这可能意味着初创公司要去努力寻找一个技术联合创始人,学习如何编程,或者甚至要去构建一个“精益最简化可实行产品”。在传统观念里,如果你没有技术实力,那么你就和一个使用PPT的小年轻差不多。 不过,有许多初创公司用自己的方式,低调地反驳了这种传统观念。 他们的技术实力不强,甚至根本不会编程,但还是拥有了自己的首批客户。这些公司一开始并没有选择那些天花乱坠的技术,他们选择了成本较低的在线工具,比如在线表格,拖拉式网站开发工具,WordPress高级插件,以及一些电子商务服务提供商。 他们选择的方法,是全方位的服务客户,特别是他们的首批付费客户。 最重要的,和他们绝大多数同行不同,这些弱技术初创公司把他人花在开发产品上的时间,用在了经营业务上。 他们是怎么做的呢? 专注在服务客户,而不是构建产品 成功的企业创始人都知道一件事:服务好一个客户比开发一个产品重要的多。 当你决定创业时,这个概念必须要深入到你的思维之中。 笔者在此引用Ben Yoskovitz的一句话来说明这一点, “客户根本不在乎你是如何搞定问题的,客户只希望你所做的,可以解决他们问题。” 用人代替技术 想想你创业时那些最困难的事情,这些困难的事情都绪要最复杂的开发,也要你去做一些没有人尝试过的创新。 有人能手工去执行这些工作吗? 对许多初创公司来说,下面才是获得巨大成功的秘密: David Quail是一个非常聪明的软件工程师,他希望可以解决一个终极问题:用邮件安排会议。 起初,David的想法是构建一个人工智能工具,这个工具可以阅读电子邮件链接,并自动安排每一件事。 那么,如果要尽快推出业务,他的捷径是什么呢? 过了一段时间以后,David实现了许多功能服务自动化,但是在做这一切之前,他已经知道自己推出的服务有清晰的需求,当然他现在也开始获得收入了。 另一个例子-----交易平台: Tastemaker是一个联系室内设计师和房主的服务平台,设计师可以在这个平台上挣一些外快。 之后他们通过自己的人脉网络,找到了需要室内设计帮助的用户,Tastemaker提供牵线搭桥的服务,并收取一定的手续费。 Tastemaker公司创始人使用笔和纸来解决他们客户的需要,与此同时,他们构建了自己的在线平台。 这些公司在起步之初有什么共同点吗? 使用这些已有的解决方案 回归客户需求

TurboManage 和Photoshop一起玩:看看未来可视化软件是什么样子 - 观点 云计算公司Mainframe2对未来充满了展望,他们希望用户可以在网页浏览器上运行自己所需的应用程序。 这个未来可能就在不远处,事实上,它马上就要实现了。 Mainframe2貌似是一家十分低调的公司,上个月才从隐藏模式中浮出水面。笔者之前报道过这家云计算初创公司将会支持亚马逊的AWS,并且会进一步扩展其数据中心。 在这个Demo里,用户可以把自己的文件嵌入进去,根据该公司首席执行官NikolaBozinovic表示,很快Mainframe2将会整合支持Dropbox、Box、以及其他主要的云存储服务。 事实上,Mainframe2是在远程数据中心运行这些应用的,然后他们会把每个框转化成为H.264视频,发送到用户与互联网连接的设备上。 那么,这个demo给您留下了什么印象呢? (via VB 译/快鲤鱼) 关于快鲤鱼 快鲤鱼,一网打尽互联网新创公司! 这是一个专注挖掘、报道TMT领域创新性公司的科技博客,它的作者们遍布 太平洋两岸,以钓者的姿态,为读者快速地寻觅下一条大鱼。 Dart : Structured web programming Handlebars – SproutCore The following post refers to SproutCore 2.0, which has split off as a separate project. However, the information within this post is entirely applicable with respect to using SC.TemplateView and Handlebars in SproutCore 1.8. If you wish to use SC.TemplateView in SproutCore, you only need be aware that the many views and controls in the Desktop framework may contain templates, but should not themselves be contained within templates. When people check out SproutCore 2.0 for the first time, one question that they frequently ask is: Do I have to use Handlebars? Handlebars, if you’re not familiar with it, is a semantic templating language written entirely in JavaScript. It’s an expressive language with a tag syntax reminiscent of HTML, except expressions (oftentimes referred to as “mustaches”) are wrapped in double-curly braces. Handlebars, unlike other templating solutions like Eco, doesn’t tempt you to embed domain logic in your HTML.

Best Practices for a Faster Web App with HTML5 While good, this article only tells part of the performance story. View for the whole picture of performance improvements. Introduction Much of HTML5 aims to deliver native browser support for components and techniques that we have achieved through JavaScript libraries thus far. Using these features, when present, can end up delivering a much faster experience for your users. In this tutorial, I won't recap the excellent performance research that you've seen at Yahoo's Exceptional Performance site or Google's Page Speed docs and Let's make the web faster site. Tip 1: Use web storage in place of cookies While cookies have been used to track unique user data for years, they have serious disadvantages. These two web storage objects can be used to persist user data on the clientside for the length of the session or indefinitely. Tip 2: Use CSS Transitions instead of JavaScript animation Tip 3: Use client-side databases instead of server roundtrips

Build HTML5 and Flash Charts & Graphs for Web Applications Build interactive HTML5 charts using our JavaScript charting library and feature-rich API set. Render them in any browser and on any device. Export them quickly and easily. Conquer your data visualization challenges. ZingChart offers the flexibility and resources to create stunning visualizations. View the Chart Gallery Want fast web charts? Want to do dataviz like the big boys? We needed a charting solution that is fast, scalable, and looks good. We now provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated financial charts in the industry and ZingChart helped us achieve that goal.Richard Radnay / CTO/CIOXTF, Inc. Download a Free Trial See Our Pricing

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