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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

designer and illustrator Attempting to live more of the ‘slow life’ can actually be a bit of a balancing act, that requires regular questioning of why you do things, and if you are really slowing down, or simply giving yourself a bigger to-do list. The idea of the ‘slow life’ is to get closer to the old way of living, before all the technology, pressure, convenience and mass production. It’s about slowing down, and taking in the moment, enjoying the process, finding pleasure in simple things, creating joy in your everyday routine, being present in the moment, rather than rushing around trying to achieve as much as physically possible in as little time as possible, and losing the joy of it all. It’s a rejection of the modern way of life, the fast paced rat race, of convenience, and technologies that disconnect us. read more

Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art Universes in Universe is online since Febr. 1997.>> Concept, publishers - Calendar of Biennials, continuously updated - Index of Artists in UiU and Nafas - Curators - alphabetically & by focus of projects Garlic-Rubbed Toast with Mashed Avocado and Salsa Verde This is what I made for breakfast. Oh my goodness, it was so tasty I might be making it for lunch too. 2 slices of bread, toasted 1 clove garlic, smash down with knife and remove skin 1 large ripe avocado, mashed with olive oil and salt salsa verde (I used President’s Choice Salsa Verde or you can make it yourself )

Kenza Zouiten Anonymous said: kenza smokes right? Hi I follow kenza's blog since recently and i don't really understand what happened with her dad because she said that his sleeping on the coach sometimes but she was recently pissed at him and say she can't trust him anymore. What the deal? Her dad was and don’t know if he still is a alcoholic.

Tried and True Recipe: Skinny Poolside Dip (View my original DesignLifeandStyle post as well as other healthy recipes and much more, here!) I think Pinterest is an amazing place to find recipes and ideas. However, I have had quite a few unsuccesful attempts at making a Pinterest recipe. I prefer to use recipes that get good reviews on websites or that have already been tried out by my friends or family.

Riddles & Jokes: Collected Riddles - A collection of short riddles, for use in dungeons, traps, quests, etc. submitted by: Arjan Wardekker Riddle: I am the first you ever saw, what greets you every morning and what goes out in the end.

3 Beginner SEO Tips for Fashion Bloggers When you take a look at your analytics, where is most of your traffic coming from? For many blogs, as much as 50% of traffic can come from search engines. With IFB, 44% of our traffic comes from Google organic search, and 4% comes from Twitter. A majority of fashion bloggers (myself included) tend to focus on social media to build traffic. Social media is wonderful but it’s time consuming, needy, and when compared to SEO, the return on investment is quite dismal. 100 Urban Trends - BMW Guggenheim Lab Over the past two years, the BMW Guggenheim Lab, a mobile urban laboratory centered around the topic of life in cities today, has offered free programs and workshops and implemented urban projects in New York City (August 3–October 16, 2011), Berlin (June 15–July 29, 2012), and Mumbai (December 9–January 20, 2013). Created as a resource, 100 Urban Trends aims to identify the most talked-about trends in urban thinking, as they were discussed in these three venues. Each individual glossary offers 100 contextualized definitions that apply to the way we understand, design, and live in cities. Integral to 100 Urban Trends is the concept of cities as “idea makers.” In cities, people come together, share their thoughts and common interests, and generate the ideas that shape our world. Dense, growing cities have been and continue to be the catalyst for human progress, powered by daily proximity among their citizens as much as anything else.

Lauren Conrad's site was a site I looked at and instantly wish I owned. This in a way helped me develop my idea, which showed my pictures and what I do. This is just like the "visit the gallery" section on her site. I also really was inspired by her format and structure of the blog. I loved how everything was so pretty and very easy to explore. It is a very welcoming and lovely site that helped guide me in my thinking of my own blog. by heidijmcgilvray Apr 10