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Thursday, April 24, 2014 What’s the Future of Peruvian Style? A scene like this is very typical in most of the small villages I visited in Peru. What’s the future of traditional Peruvian style when the educated class of the youngest generations are dressed to attend an English boarding school? Apparently this uniform (only seems to vary in the color of the cardigan) was passed into law in 1968. Does a government have a responsibility to preserve some cultural identity or is it more important to prepare the children for globalization?

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Pantless Commuters from Around The Globe Flood Subways on No Pants Day 2014 Even the January cold couldn’t stop the madness of thousands of people ready to strip off their pants for an unforgettable subway ride. Thousands of commuters in 60 cities around the world were crazy enough to leave their pants behind for the 13th annual No Pants Subway Ride Day. They say this urban prank descended from an actual event. Career in fashion and clothing jobs description So you want to work in fashion and clothing? The fashion and clothing industry offers an exciting range of careers for young people at all levels and employs nearly half a million people. Even though the manufacture of clothes, shoes and textiles increasingly now takes place overseas, the UK still maintains a significant base, provided by numerous small companies often centred in specific geographical areas. Fashion is not all about being a designer.

Como cortar vidro I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. FINALLY! 10 Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It’s curious to wonder why some designer’s legacies are preserved and others fall to the wayside. Is it the lack of PR, no heir to the design house or were they just bad designers? While certain designers of the past are remembered today for their ingenuity or are attributed with the "invention" of a particular garment, such as Mary Quant and the miniskirt, scores of designers--like Redfern, Lucile or Mainbocher--who were widely influential in their time have seemingly been forgotten. The task of resurrecting these legacies thus falls upon the fashion historian, so sit back for a mini fashion history lesson of 10 fashion designers you've probably never heard of but should definitely know. For more fashion history by Part Nouveau, click here. John Redfern - The Tailor Designer

trickle Originally posted by store favourite Ghostpoet on his tumblr, A Yellow Man: 3000 miles of youth deserves to be listened to. If you come down to Highbridge today you’re in for a big surprise…Our shop window is looking a bit different for tonights launch, thanks to Courtney Mc by Sam Mc for doing this. Oh and we have a sale on in store and online, check it out here. Courtney Mc by Sam Mc launch is this Thursday, thats tomorrow in real money. Come on down from 6 to check out the new collection and have a beer on us. Body Painting Art from all across the world. White Kitty Cat Body Paint, self painted by the fantastic Natasha Kudashkina in Canada. Natasha usually released a new bodypaint /art video every monday so be sure to follow her YouTube channel for more of these visual sensations. Bio: ”Daniel Lasris first started professionally face painting in 2001 and moved into body painting in 2008. Katmandew Face & Body Art now resides in Bristol, VA where Daniel produces works for local companies and events. Striving to always improve his techniques and abilities, Daniel travels around the USA attending conventions that specialize in face/body painting.

Fashion and textile design This page has been designed to give a starting point for those looking into careers in fashion and textile design. What is Fashion and Textile Design? The fashion and textile industry has always recruited certain types of graduates – designers and production managers, but recruitment is broadening.

NICOLA CLAIRE Hey guys! Its been a little while since I've blogged my Black Milk Cathedral skirt but as soon as I picked up this Topman Denim jacket last week I knew they'd go perfectly. I love to pair dressier items with more casual ones, I like a good balance! Im still as in love with this skirt as the day I first got it, I was sold out for ages on the Black Milk website and I had loads of people offering to buy it from me but fortunately Black Milk now have it back in stock so hurry hurry if your dont want to miss out again!! Can Feminists Like Fashion? - Forbes Céline 2012 Runway Feminism and fashion have always had a rocky relationship, a point hammered home in an article in Ms. magazine’s January issue, “If The Clothes Fit: A Feminist Take On Fashion.” The piece explores the tumultuous role that fashion has historically played in gender politics—both serving as a medium for the advancement of women, and as a weapon of restraint.

Discount Mens Shoes 1-36 of 1555 results Sort by Display (Men's) $135.00$99.9526% off Free Shipping Both Ways! pettipond Update Log A fetching lass, enveloped in tulle, declaring, defining the beauty of man(kind) Slim of waist, contours of mystery. Dark tresses which defy description, a mantel of the soul. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog Do you have a passion for Fashion? Want to make that passion into your career? In this blog post our Senior Careers Consultant Gill Barber aims to help you achieve that ambition! The fashion and textile sector is a massive part of the UK and it accounts for over 79,000 firms.

Interior Design Ideas, Design Mobiliário moderno - Posted on October 07th, 2010 in Interior Design Ideas Designed by SOMA Architects’ Michel Abboud, a Lebanese-born architect who splits his time between New York and Beirut, also focused on the basics in the restaurant’s design. The industrial sleek simplicity stands strong as gorgeous Edison bulbs suspend off the antique tin ceiling. via The entire menu is chalk written on the wall above the concrete bar, which was poured on-site and provides a more casual upper level. The decor is a tactful blend of New York classics and European soul.

"I started The Sartorialist simply to share photos of people that I saw on the streets of New York that I thought looked great. When I worked in the fashion industry (15 years), I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life." (the sartorialist) by agnesdelmotte Mar 21

This will be kind of the "mother bubble" for all of the sites that I love about fashion. by shades1628 Jun 6

This by far the coolest and most inspirational fashion blog that I have seen EVER. Love it! by shades1628 Jun 5

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