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The Epic Room Makeover Nightstands and Lamps and How To Make A Space YOURS!

The Epic Room Makeover Nightstands and Lamps and How To Make A Space YOURS!

Common Items as Unusual Bedside Tables Previous image Next image If you're short on space, cash, or move a lot, try swapping traditional nightstands with something else from your home. • Extra storage or seating. • Get crafty and DIY small space solutions. • No matter how weird, you can make it work. Have you used non-traditional items as bedside tables? MORE QUIRKY BEDSIDE TABLES ON APARTMENT THERAPY:• 10 Bedside Tables That Aren't: Repurposed Bedside Storage• 5 Small Nightstands for Under $5• Green Style: Chairs as Nightstands and Bedside Tables (Images: 1. The Folding Chair Ok, this is really not an ice cream. I am not an ice cream lover. I mean of course I like it but 9 out of 10 times I eat less than half when I get an ice cream. So, I really like making this little dessert. It's sweet enough to ease your cravings and it's very healthy (not so healthy to eat it everyday but it's definitely better than ice cream). The first time I made this I was amazed by the fact that you only need frozen bananas to get the ice cream consistency. How to do it: Cut the bananas in slices about 1/2 inch thick and put them in the freezer until their really really frozen.

Vintage Revivals: Before And Afters Here is a compilation of the Best Before and After Room Makeovers that Vintage Revivals has to offer! You should know that 99% of the elements in the room are Diy. there are COMPLETE tutorials for everything! Click the image to go to a menu of all of the tutorials for that specific room! The most NASTY pictures comes from the MLS listing from our house, please don’t think that we used to live like this! hahaha $150 Budget Guest Bedroom Makeover Ivie’s Bedroom Re-Redo (Currently Under Construction) Dylan’s Bedroom Master Bedroom Entryway Hailee’s Living Room Epic Room Makeover Giveaway Ivie’s Room (Makeover #1) Living Room (Makeover # 1) And Many Many More To Come! Make sure you visit the Project Graveyard for complete tutorials on everything shown above!

diy rope bowls so it's been a while since i've posted anything remotely crafty lately...i suppose i must be getting lazy (technically lazy-er). anyway, i saw this cute bowl on craftgawker over the weekend so i decided to make my own-with my own tutorial 'cause i need the practice anyway right? anyway, it's a pretty simple process, it's actually really similar to my recycle magazine bowl but with rope instead. basically just glue, wrap, glue, wrap, etc, etc. all you need is a hot glue gun and rope. i got my rope for $2-it's 50 ft, 1/4 inch, manila rope (i almost went with the sisal but i liked the color of the manila more). start wrapping in a circular motion to form the base. if you plan on making several i might consider making all the bases first just to make sure they're the same size. when i made my second i tried to make it the same size...which of course, it isn't. but that could just be the fact that i can almost never make the same thing twice... making one bowl took me about an hour...ish?

Buckets of Burlap Owner Building a Home: The Momplex | Getting on the Grid Boy oh boy did you ever make my day!!!! Thank you so much for all the support and lovely comments on my book! I so hope you love it as much as I do! I know you will! A special thanks to those of you who have preordered. Not only do you get a great discounted price, but the more preorders we get, the lower the preorder price is for everyone! Back home in Alaska, we've been getting our hands dirty at the Momplex. TRUE STORY - My mom has lived 30 years without electricity! And although we have much to do inside the Momplex to get Mom moved in, we've got a very short MUST DO list for the Momplex before snow falls on the exterior. - Garage doors installed (on order already!) Now this is a list I love looking at! But with the weather still nice, we want to put the utilities in. Up here in Alaska, we don't have city sewer or water. We've decided to bury as much as possible. For my family, it's like a giant sandbox. Right next to the well. Then it's run over to the well.

Turning a Postcard Book into Wall Art Desire to Inspire Occasionally, I will be fawning over galleries of photos of an entire home and fixate on one small detail. This very thing happened to me while looking at a tour of Nusara's home. The entire house is done beautifully, but I really honed in on this vignette in her living room. In what is by no means a difficult or entirely out-of-the-box DIY, Nusara has taken each of the postcards in the book and hung them with a tiny clothespin from a string. It's funny: I have this exact book of postcards. I even have a string with clothespins up in my studio, where I pin up inspiring imagery and paper ephemera all of the time. It's a simple idea, I know, but my eye kept going back to it while I was browsing through her beautiful home. See more on Desire to Inspire. (Images: from Nusara, via Desire to Inspire)

A Beautiful Mess: DIY PROJECTS We've been making some major progress these past few weeks at our studio house. This past week we've been ripping through dining room and kitchen projects, and we're planning to share our first room tours with you very soon. When we were brainstorming ideas for a dining room table we knew it could be a lot of fun to work with copper pipes for the legs. We wanted something industrial, but still pretty. We're so incredibly happy with the finished table! We recently shared a staff update with you, and one of the new faces you'll be seeing around here more often is Joshua Rhodes. So, without further ado—here is Josh's table tutorial! Supplies:-2" x 6" x 8' (4)-1" x 11" x 8' (4)-3/8" dowel rod (1)-1" copper pipe, 10ft -1" copper pipe, 5ft (3)-1" copper slip caps (10)-1" copper split ring hangers (20)-3" screws-#12 1.5" wood screws-2.5" kreg screws-stain-Polyurethane This table is relatively easy to build. Step One: Cut the table top pieces. Step Three: Make a drastic life change.

HOUSE*TWEAKING Fabulous Pieced Map Art Tutorial Fabulous Pieced Map Art Tutorial By Creative Juices Decor What fun to be able to do a guest post on Cassity’s blog! My name is Selina and I come to you from Creative Juices Décor. What you will find on my blog is lots of inspiration for all your Creative Juices! I am an interior designer by degree and LOVE home design/decorating, thrift store shopping, healthy recipes and crafting. Today I am going to show you how I turned a $2.00 thrift store map into a large piece of art! This project was inspired by wanting a large piece of art (on the cheap!) Next I spray painted the edges with a left over blue from a previous project. Once dry, I brushed on some Mod Podge and attached my cut out map pieces. Once that dried (I turned them over to add some weight to the drying process) I wanted to age the edges just a little more so I took out my inking pad, or chalk pad, and “aged” the edges. VOILA!!! Please stop by and I hope to continue to inspire all your Creative Juices!!!