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Become a Better Blogger with Power Words. Jon Morrow knows about blogging and writing, and he wants to make you and your students the best you can be.

Become a Better Blogger with Power Words

How? By using Power Words. Here’s what he says in his article 317 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer about making writing impactful in our everyday mediums, and why it’s important: “Sure, taking the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride is essential in novels and short stories, but what about emails, resumes, blog posts, proposals? They’re all designed to influence the reader in some way. Maybe you want to impress them, get them excited, make them cautious, get them angry, encourage them to keep going, or any number of emotions. Jon says that in order to “take up residence in the mind of the reader,” power words are an essential tool for impactful and memorable writing. “We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. The Power Words Lists: A Brief Overview More Power Words for Writing Projects Additional Reading Like what you see?

Related. How to embed Remind 101 messages into Blogger a... How to be a Happy Blogger. Next month The Rich Life celebrates four years.

How to be a Happy Blogger

FOUR! That must be like 80 in blog years. So many blogs come and go and I can understand why. There were plenty of days over the last 47 months when I thought about shuttering The Rich Life. I have had the “why am I doing this” conversation with myself more times than I care to admit, I have had my feelings hurt by total strangers and I have gone through spells of zero inspiration. Thankfully the low points are few and far between and at this stage, mostly behind me.

What I didn’t realize when I began blogging in 2010 is that in order to be a happy blogger, I would have to manage some of the negative experiences and feelings that come with blogging, mostly self-imposed. As a seasoned blogger who has experienced the highs and lows of writing a blog, I’d love to share several tips with you about how to be a happy blogger. 1 ) Blog for YOU: Stop trying to guess what your readers want you to write about. 2) It’s Okay to Say No: Ya puedes incluir un formulario de contacto en tu blog de Blogger. Obtener el feedback de nuestros visitantes y ofrecerles un medio por el que puedan hacernos llegar cualquier duda, consulta o sugerencia es algo imprescindible en la web actual.

Ya puedes incluir un formulario de contacto en tu blog de Blogger

BLOGGER.COM TOOLBOX: 30+ Templates & Tools for Blogger. While Blogger may not be the most advanced blogging platform out there, it sure has plenty going for it.

BLOGGER.COM TOOLBOX: 30+ Templates & Tools for Blogger

Its intuitive interface simplicity, and ease-of-use continually appeal to new bloggers, and even more experienced ones, who can't seem to leave the platform. We've compiled over 30 Blogger templates, tools, and resources. See also: Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers Templates Blogger Templates- A top-notch collection of Blogger themes and tutorials.

Blogger Templates- A collection of beautiful Blogger templates, many of which ported over from Wordpress. 70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates. You can never have a too wide choice of templates for your blog, especially if you're the experimenting type.

70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates

Therefore, we started another round up of Blogger themes, this time focusing on fresh and modern designs, and came up with about 70 of them. Please note that many of the template authors' sites are not in English and you might want to run a Google Translate on them. Some of them might also require a free registration to download the templates. Don't forget our originals, 50 More Beautiful Blogger Templates and BLOGGER.COM TOOLBOX: 30+ Templates & Tools for Blogger. Advanced Tech - A nice blogger template with header tabs, orange color post headers, and post calendar icons. Altruism - A clean minimalistic template with a white background and bright green sidebar. Aspire - A rustic look and calendar in the sidebar make this blog template perfect for history bloggers and traditional food bloggers.