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Emmet Documentation Emmet is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow: “Expand Abbreviation” (Tab key)“Next Edit Point” (Ctrl+Alt+→) “Previous Edit Point” (Ctrl+Alt+←)“Balance” (Ctrl+D)“Select Next Item” (Shift+Ctrl+.) “Select Previous Item” (Shift+Ctrl+,)“Toggle Comment” (Ctrl+/) Basically, most text editors out there allow you to store and re-use commonly used code chunks, called “snippets”. The death of stock photos A woman being accosted by floating hamburgers, a man with an eyepatch holding an abacus, and an astronaut feeding a horse in a harem costume may seem like scenes out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, but they are not. They are examples of the bizarre world of stock photos, where images are as ridiculous as they are useless. While these may be extreme examples, the fact remains that stock photos do not depict reality. They show a world of homogeneous families, smiling employees in offices, and couples frolicking on beaches at sunset. Consumers do not connect with these generic, out-of-touch images, and brands that use them risk coming off as generic and out-of-touch as well.

Top 5 solid-state drives: It's upgrade time - CNET CNET editor Dong Ngo picks the best solid-state drives (SSDs) currently on the market. Officially, solid-state drives (SSDs) are no longer too expensive. They are not quite "affordable" yet, but with the top 1TB capacity going for somewhere between $350 and $450, they are much more accessible and totally worth the investment. This is especially true if you still use a regular hard drive inside your computer.

How I Grew My Facebook Traffic by 200% in 60 Days Andrianes Pinantoan heads growth marketing at Canva, an online design tool that helps you and your team create stunning visual marketing assets faster and easier than ever. Have you noticed it? Recently, more and more companies have started complaining about the declining amount of traffic Facebook drives to their website. Some have gone so far as to delete their page altogether, declaring that Facebook is dead as a free customer acquisition channel.

Ad tech is killing the online experience There’s something so wonderfully easy about reading this column in a physical newspaper. You turned the page, and here it is, with few annoyances or distractions, in an ultra-high-definition typeface which was custom-designed with pleasurable reading in mind. Or – wait – are you reading this on a phone? » Install the Apple ProRES codec without Final Cut or ProApps Thanks to the very old forum discussion over at Creative Cow. I was able to install the Apple ProRES codec for quicktime without installing Final Cut X or Final Cut Studio. I’m sorry apple, but I abandoned Final Cut years ago.

Enable “Save As” in OS X Mountain Lion & OS X Mavericks Mac users with OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, and Mountain Lion finally have the option to bring back the much-loved “Save As” feature that was removed from Lion. It’s slightly hidden though, and there’s a few quirks with it, but we’ll show you how to access “Save As” and even better, how to have it always be visible by enabling a reasonable keyboard shortcut to use the feature again with a simple keystroke. This will work on all Macs with OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, and OS X Mountain Lion, leaving Lion to be the odd version out, as versions of Mac OS X prior to that retained Save As from the earliest days of the Mac operating system. The ultimate guide to doing anything in Slack Slack, the team messaging app that’s the hot thing of the moment among startups, has seen explosive growth in the last year with over one million people now using the service every day. What is Slack? It’s chat room for your whole company. If you’ve heard of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) before, it’s fairly similar in function.

OS X 10.9.5 Gatekeeper Codesign issues Gatekeeper 10.9.5 being a tight-arse? Yep… This issue won’t affect most people, but it has affected some. If you have applications you run that are codesigned (code signed) on a computer running a version of OS X earlier than 10.9.x you may find they no longer open. Tackling a newly installed application not opening in OS X When applications are opened in OS X, the system will check for the presence of a quarantine flag on the application file to determine whether the program has been downloaded from the Internet, so it can issue a warning and require confirmation before the program is executed. This flag will prevent the system's launch services from opening the file until it is removed or the system is otherwise set to allow the program to execute. This is usually done by clicking Open within the warning dialog that appears when you first open the program. But in some instances the system may not show this dialog and programs may hang or quit at launch and never open. Apple discussion poster "mrm312" writes: Starting yesterday I notice that any new apps I try and install aren't launching.

10 Must-Have Mac OS X Apps Apple may have some work to do to restore its reputation for software, but third-party developers have got the company's back. 1 of 11 Apple's software hasn't been as good as it should be lately. Is WordPress Premium Worth It? 6 Important Things To Know Are you wondering is WordPress premium worth it? Should you actually pay $99 a year? I will help you with making the right decision. If the question is should you go premium with WordPress or continue with the free account, then the answer is obvious. Choose Premium because the completely free WordPress is terrible. You have to have an ugly domain, annoying ads, you will have terrible storage space, etc.