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The Pop-Up City

The Pop-Up City
Urbanism has changed tremendously over the past years. Governments are taking a step back from traditional urban planning, and individuals and companies are taking city-making into their own hands. Together with The Hague architecture institute Stroom we’re organizing the Stadsklas (City Class), a spring school that teaches innovative and curious individuals interested in city planning, architecture, and design to deal with this new urban reality.

KNOW-HUB KNOW-HUB bridges the gap of shortage of knowledge, skills and experience of European regions in designing and implementing smart and effective strategies for innovation. The practitioners from 10 EU regions will collaborate in reviewing their policies and practices to identify issues for improvement and good practices to share with others. They will learn together how to apply the knowledge and experience identified in the peer review process, and sharing this knowledge with the aid of modern knowledge management tools. Now, more than ever before, Europe needs to remove the obstacles to the knowledge based economy in Europe, such as little demand for innovation, poor social capital, red tape, institutional barriers, shortage of skills and competencies of human capital or poor connectivity between innovation actors. European regions have a crucial role in helping their economies to develop and gain durable competitive advantages.

Mobile Universität und BMW Guggenheim Lab Hallo Genova, ich antworte dir jetzt ganz persönlich (und nicht im Namen von Urbanophil, denn ich kann nicht für alle sprechen, da jeder seinen eigenen Blick auf das Lab hat). Ich finde es äußerst schade, wenn Kritik in der Form geäußert wird, wie du sie vornimmst. Denn was du schreibst, ist für mich Meckern, aber weit entfernt von konstruktiver Kritik und weiterführender Analyse. Ich habe nichts dagegen und befürworte es sogar, wenn wir kritische Kommentare erhalten, die unser Tun und unsere Beiträge hinterfragen; die uns sagen was falsch gelaufen ist, besser gemacht werden könnte, oder welche Aspekte wir unzureichend beleuchtet haben. Streetsblog Los Angeles Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art Universes in Universe is online since Febr. 1997.>> Concept, publishers - Calendar of Biennials, continuously updated - Index of Artists in UiU and Nafas - Curators - alphabetically & by focus of projects

BRE Group: About the BRE Watford Innovation Park BRE Innovation Park Watford is home to some of the world’s most sustainable buildings, landscape designs and hundreds of innovative low carbon materials and technologies. Since opening in 2005, BRE Innovation Park Watford has continued to attract thousands of visitors – 60,000 at the last count – including royalty, prime ministers and TV crews. “The Innovation Park is much more than a collection of clever and sustainable buildings. It is a showcase of our evolving approach to integrated design which includes the use of passive technology and ecosystem services.” URBANOPHIL Grüne Stadt → Seit dem 20. Januar 2014 tourt das längste Filmfestival Deutschlands wieder durch Brandenburg.

LADOT Bike Blog 100 Urban Trends - BMW Guggenheim Lab Over the past two years, the BMW Guggenheim Lab, a mobile urban laboratory centered around the topic of life in cities today, has offered free programs and workshops and implemented urban projects in New York City (August 3–October 16, 2011), Berlin (June 15–July 29, 2012), and Mumbai (December 9–January 20, 2013). Created as a resource, 100 Urban Trends aims to identify the most talked-about trends in urban thinking, as they were discussed in these three venues. Each individual glossary offers 100 contextualized definitions that apply to the way we understand, design, and live in cities. Integral to 100 Urban Trends is the concept of cities as “idea makers.” In cities, people come together, share their thoughts and common interests, and generate the ideas that shape our world. Dense, growing cities have been and continue to be the catalyst for human progress, powered by daily proximity among their citizens as much as anything else.

Ten minutes with ... Ayesha Mustafa, founder of Fashion ComPassion Tell us about your business I started Fashion ComPassion in 2011 as a sustainable online fashion retailer. We provide a platform for socially responsible brands empowering women artisans from war-torn and developing countries. We currently work with 15 brands, from 20+ women co-operatives in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We help them with such things as design guidance, product diversification and expansion into new markets.

Urban Blogger Competition: Win 200 Euros and Our Book! DEADLINE MAY 15TH Calling all urban bloggers! Join the global discussion – let’s break down boundaries of conventional urban development practices and push for inclusive people-driven progress! We want more voices on the theme of We Own The City. The winner will receive 200 Euros, a fresh copy of our new book, and a spotlight mention at our book launch, May 27th in Amsterdam. It’s time the discourse of We Own The City spreads throughout cities worldwide to stir up urban development practices into a more inclusive mixture.

Luminous Power-Harnessing Tiles - The Sustainable Dance Floor Feeds Off of Kinetic Energy to Glow The Sustainable Dance Floor harnesses wasted energy in such places as dance halls and clubs. It is a modular dance floor system that channels the kinetic energy of dancers to create a luminous floor that will electrify the night even more. In a way, the Sustainable Dance Floor will create a cycle of dance and light that adds to the overall atmosphere of such establishments. Museum Design Gets Interactive » Design Bureau Inside Gallery One, Cleveland Museum of Art. “With a professional, creative staff of project managers, estimators, researchers, graphic technicians, builders, artisans, and installers, we are dedicated to producing state-of-the-art museum exhibit experiences,” says 1220 Exhibits senior vice president Craig Dunn. The Nashville-based fabricator has worked with Gallagher & Associates on numerous design-build projects. Images Courtesy of Local Projects (above and two below)

Winners of the 2014 Canadian National Urban Design Awards Stellar sustainable design around the world always deserves recognition. The 2014 Canadian National Urban Design Awards program — hosted by RAIC | Architecture Canada, Canadian Institute of Planners, and Canadian Society of Landscape Architects — recently announced this year's winners in acknowledgment of their contributions to the quality of life and sustainability in Canada's cities through architecture and urban design. Eight winning awards were given in the following categories: Civic Design Projects, Community Initiatives, Student Projects, Urban Architecture, Urban Design Plans, Urban Fragments, and Special Jury Awards in Sustainable Development and Small/Medium Community Urban Design. Have a look at them right below.

Branding Design for ‘sTREEt Campaign’ - Logo Designer Due to commercialisation and public negligence, the trees in Gangnam city (South Korea) are struggling to survive and are slowly disappearing. The brand “sTREEt” was created to draw attention to the disappearance of the trees in the streets. The rectangular shaped logo was designed with a frame in mind, inducing the audience to actually look at the street trees. Posters were placed at the entrance of a shopping street to get people’s attention. The interactive brochure and the window canvas were placed along the shopping street, both with rectangular holes that act as viewfinders.