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Grabador de Pantalla Gratis – Capture la Pantalla de Su PC Gratis. Movavi Screen Capture para Mac. Aquí encontrará la lista completa de los formatos compatibles de Movavi Screen Capture Studio para Mac.

Movavi Screen Capture para Mac

Haga clic en el nombre del fabricante para abrir/cerrar la lista completa de dispositivos comparibles de esa compañía. Amazon Amazon Kindle Fire Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Apple iPad (1–4), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini con pantalla Retina iPhone (1–3GS, 4–4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus) iPod Classic, iPod Nano (5G, 7G), iPod Touch (1–3G, 4G, 5G) Apple TV Archos Archos 7 Archos AV500/700 Archos 605/705/Archos TV+ Archos 504/604 Archos 404/405 Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Barnes & Noble Nook Color BlackBerry BlackBerry PlayBook BlackBerry Torch BlackBerry Bold 9000, 9700 BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9780 BlackBerry Storm BlackBerry Curve 8900 BlackBerry Flip 8220/8230 BlackBerry 8800 Series Cowon Cowon D2/D2+ Cowon O2/S9 Cowon A3 Cowon Q5/N3/P5 Cowon iAudio X5 Explay Google iriver Microsoft Zune Zune HD Xbox 360 Motorola Nokia Palm Samsung Sony.

How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert. Einstein once said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert

The same could be said of intelligence. What they don’t tell you is that the “smart” people of the world are, in most cases, just better at researching and learning things than everyone else. But researching is a learned skill, not something you’re born with. And while some people might be predisposed to learn things more easily than others, it’s generally not enough to make a measurable difference. By learning how to research, you can quickly and fairly easily become knowledgeable about just about anything. It’s all there, online, for free. Start with Wikipedia Whenever you try to learn something new on the Internet, start with Wikipedia. The main reason to start with Wikipedia is that it gives a good overview of most topics. Sure, any given page is bound to have some inaccuracies (as is the case on most user-generated websites), but most of the content is generally reliable. Move on to Google Go Multimedia.

9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out. Chances are your presentations are designed to generate leads, produce sales, convey ideas, educate people, or get them to make a decision.

9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out

But whatever your goal is, you’ll never succeed at reaching it if you can’t create effective presentations that have clear objectives and create value for your audience. To show you how you can create great PowerPoint presentations, this infographic by PPTPOP breaks down all the steps you need to follow. [Click here for full size version] Coolhunting. No quieren que sepas esto ¿quieres dinero rapido? ¿quieres que tus sueños se hagan realidad? 12 Websites That Will Make You Smarter. We all know that the internet is full of ways to waste time.

12 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

From adorable animal pictures, to silly gifs and yet another scroll through social media, our online lives can sometimes feel like one useless (if stress relieving) time suck. But there's no need to spend the majority of your time on the internet numbing your brain rather than feeding it. If you'd like to learn basically anything, there's a website that can help you do it simply -- and probably for free. Not sure where to get started? Kristyna Zapletalova, founder and CEO of startup Maqtoob, can help. Dash--Learn to make awesome websites.DataQuest--Learn data science in your browser.Lingvist--Learn a language in 200 hours. Still haven't found anything that strikes your fancy? But be warned, once you've seen this list, you have absolutely no excuse for an online diet consisting entirely of cute kittens and entertaining YouTube videos.

What skill are you most interested in learning about online? The 100 Most Useful Websites On The Internet. Back in September 2014, it was estimated that there are now over one billion websites on the internet, with that number increasing every second.

The 100 Most Useful Websites On The Internet

With so many sites out there, it can be extremely difficult to locate a resource that will actually fulfil your needs and help you with your projects or inquires. Fortunately, the list below features over 100 websites you can use for almost any creative project, intellectual research or simply for fun! TallTweets lets you write tweets longer than 140 characters, and allows you to upload video to multiple sites at once, including Youtube. helps to summarise large pieces of text by creating a word cloud of the most common words, and Wolframalpha will answer almost anything immediately so you don’t have to rummage through Google. Check out the list below and let us know about any great resource websites that you use. Featured photo credit: Wireframing and Designing Website Layout via Presentaciones / Ponente / Orador / Maestro.