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World Internet Users Statistics Usage and World Population Stats

World Internet Users Statistics Usage and World Population Stats
NOTES: (1) Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are preliminary for Dec 31, 2014. (2) CLICK on each world region name for detailed regional usage information. (3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau and local census agencies. (4) Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen Online, by the International Telecommunications Union, by GfK, local ICT Regulators and other reliable sources. (5) For definitions, disclaimers, navigation help and methodology, please refer to the Site Surfing Guide. (6) Information in this site may be cited, giving the due credit to Copyright © 2001 - 2015, Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Data Mine Rechercher Data Gemfév. 28, 2012 | Share Smartphones Surpass Feature Phones to Gain Traction Among ‘Early Majority’ 2011 saw smartphones surpass feature phones to account for majority of new device purchases across several markets in 2011. Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. all saw smartphones achieving this milestone, joining the UK and Spain which passed this threshold in 2010.

Pinterest Business Accounts: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started Pinterest has given businesses the ability to create business-specific accounts. Now is the time to stop thinking about Pinterest as a personal playground for cooks and fashion lovers. Pinterest should be an important part of your B2B or B2C social media marketing strategy. This article will show you what you need to know to set up a Pinterest Business account.

If I Launched a Startup Here’s what I’d do in the beginning: Incorporation (1) Entity Choice: Corporation or Corporation (2) State of Incorporation: Delaware (3) Authorized Shares in Charter: 10,000,000 Shares (4) Type of Shares: Common Stock (5) Par Value of Common: $0.0001 (6) Initial Founders Issuance: 8,000,000 Shares (7) Founders Equity Split: Depends on the Team, But Quickly and After the Awkward & Difficult Conversations (8) Vest Founders Shares? Integrated Learnings: Shared Learning: Preparing for Virtual Training By Danielle Slatinsky Cindy Huggett, author and online trainer, delivered a webinar titled “Virtual Training Implementations: Preparing for Success” on April 19, 2012. She mainly discussed ways to successfully utilize online training for corporate learning. A challenge you may face in the workplace is how to switch to virtual classroom technology from traditional, in-person methods of training.

The Future of Education in Your Hands Ericsson has just released a great new video entitled The Future of Learning as part of their Networked Societies series. The importance of this documentary stems from the fact that it emphasizes the use of technology as a way of promoting students learning and making their learning experience more engaged and streamlined. What a happy accident.Today I delivered a presentation on the 21st century literacy in the Mount Saint University in Halifax but when I got home and checked my feeds I found this video which, more or less , summarizes all my presentation. I felt sorry for had I learned about it yesterday I could have used it in my presentation , but it is ok I am sharing it with even a bigger audience and from every part of the world, You. Let me just take you back into the history of our educational system so that we can be in a better position to understand its present situation.

The sad truth about today's Internet population Posted in Tech blog on September 18th, 2009 by Pingdom The world isn’t a fair place, and yet another way this is laid bare is the huge differences shown in Internet penetration among the population of the various world regions. We thought it would be interesting to see what kind of an effect this is having on the world Internet population of today. First some quick observations before we head on to more charts, just to give you an idea of how level the playing field is NOT:

Develop a Trend-Proof Style Secrets of Timeless Style Trend-proof your wardrobe and develop a lasting, timeless style with essential pieces that will keep you looking fabulous. Designer and fashion expert Gayla Bentley has helped thousands of women find a modern way to look great; now she'll share those secrets with you. 10 Fall Classics You Need to Own Build Complete Financial Statements for Your Startup Create complete financial projections. Detailed and powerful way to create financial projections for your startup. Estimate every cost, detail every revenue, and outline your business with this startup financial model template. The Complete Model is a fully-functioning financial model for Excel, Google Docs, and any spreadsheet program to:

Before You Begin: What to Know about mLearning by Anita Rosen “Your choice is to create mobile apps or to create Web apps. There is a strong, fundamental, difference between these approaches.” As consumers acquire more and more mobile technology, they are pushing organizations (especially their employers) to deliver information and services via that technology. Unfortunately, not all information and services are appropriate for a small, mobile, format. Online training and support is often a case in point. At the same time, training organizations are under pressure to support learners at the time and place of need, using the devices that the learners are using.

Sweden’s Newest School System Has No Classrooms There’s a whole new classroom model and it’s a sight to behold. The newest school system in Sweden look more like the hallways of Google or Pixar and less like a brick-and-mortar school you’d typically see. There are collaboration zones, houses-within-houses, and a slew of other features that are designed to foster “curiosity and creativity.”

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