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Clarksons Box Creator Discovery Box : Editor Cartoon Character Maker - Now with EXPERIMENTAL dualstrusion! by sethmoser UPDATES!! Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the feedback - this new version has a variety of small bug fixes, some reordered parameters, and a few big enhancements: -Facial hair! Now you can choose from a full beard, chin strap, goatee, stache, chops, or a soul patch. -Eyebrows! First of all, this is a complex model and performance is an issue - please try to only make one change at a time, as Customizer gets a little confused if you change multiple things at a time. Please note that this thing is a work in progress - I've been working on it for a while, but if there's sufficient interest, I'll keep refining and would love some collaboration from the community! Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks to Tony Buser for his valuable advices.

Psykopaint - Create and paint amazing art Créer une webradio Créer une webradio est un vrai plaisir ... Muzeeli a créé sa première webradio en 2008 après avoir découvert Radionomy, un service de création de webradios dont je parlerai plus bas. D'un point de vue technique, créer une webradio est devenu un jeu d'enfant, mais on n'imagine pas à ce moment tout le travail que cela va générer si on veut réellement faire vivre cette radio ! Cet article balaye quelques moyens de se créer une radio ainsi que quelques actions à réaliser pour la faire vivre : créer un site Internet, référencer le site, apprivoiser les réseaux sociaux, créer un player pour son smartphone, créer des jingles, trouver des banques de sons, ... Nous évoquerons aussi les questions des droits d'auteurs, SACEM, la musique libre, ... Alors bienvenue dans le monde de la Webradio !!! Créer sa radio Etape numéro 1, la plus fun, celle qui va donner naissance à notre radio rien qu'à soi tout seul :-) Il existe de plus en plus de sociétés qui proposent des services de création de webradio.

Create paintings from photos Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. Create Your “Hokusai” Japanese Art Online « JAPAN Style Published Oct 8th, 2010 I want to introduce this interesting browser tool that you can make HokusaiW like Japanese wood prints! It is called Hokusai Manga Construction Kit. It is quite simple. You select some cut-out images and stamp on a blank page. To play with this tool, click “Hokusai Manga Construction Kit” (c) S-air Bjoern Karnebogen You will see this page. And, START. You can pick cut-out images from “Men/Women/Animal/Scenes/Objects.” ① Send to Friend ② Register the work on Gallery (I don’t recommend it because of error) ③ See Gallery (Nothing seem to be there) ④ Print ⑤ Delete You can change the color and size, flip it horizontal, and delete it. ② Register the work on Gallery (I don’t think it works though…) I have to admit, it gets bugged sometimes, but the tool is simple and pretty playable! It will be perfect to make greeting cards and letter sets. This is JAPAN Style!

MeshLab Animer une webradio en classe Une webradio est une radio conçue spécifiquement pour une diffusion par le web. Par rapport aux radios scolaires hertziennes (moins d’une vingtaine en France), ce mode de diffusion est aujourd’hui facilement intégrable à un projet scolaire. Il nécessite toutefois une organisation technique et pédagogique si l’on veut se rapprocher de réelles conditions d’une création médiatique «radiophonique ». En milieu scolaire, la radio devient un outil d’expression et d’information qui passe par une maîtrise de la langue, de la communication et donc de la citoyenneté. Créer un projet motivant et responsabilisant La radio est un outil pédagogique très motivant, qui, de plus, permet de mettre en valeur chaque élève, de part le rôle primordial de chacun. Faire progresser l’élève en difficulté, par le canal de l’oral Développer des compétences dans des champs divers Valider le socle commun de connaissances et de compétences Maîtrise des TICE • S’approprier un environnement informatique de travail Le matériel

Cinemagraph, Photoshop ile Nasıl Yapılır? + Konu Cevaplama Paneli Gösterilen Sonuçlar: 1 ile 6 ve 6 6Beğeni 3 Post By senininternetin 1 Post By Persona Grata 1 Post By sonmodel06 1 Post By sleeper Photoshop ve Grafik Tasarımı forumunda Cinemagraph, Photoshop ile Nasıl Yapılır? Cinemagraph nedir diye soruyorsanız cevabı çok basit belli bir videonun veya fotoğraflar dizisinin belli bir yerini oynatıp diyer heryerinin sabitlenmesidir.

Kraft Mac & Cheese | Dinner, Not Art | Digital Macaroni Art FaceBook Twitter YouTube <p id="noscript">Javascript is currently disabled. Recipes Products Studio Basic netfabb Basic is available to anybody, it is free just like in free beer, and runs on Windows, Linux or Mac. netfabb Basic is not just a viewer, it provides mesh edit, repair and analysis capabilities to everyone already being or aspiring to become part of this fantastic, growing, creative, high-tech industry called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing. netfabb Basic is available and is just one click away. Its compact size of only a few megabytes allows a quick download, an easy installation and the handling of STL and slice files within seconds. netfabb Basic features the same user interface as netfabb Professional and the *.fabbproject file standard of netfabb Studio is identical in both Basic and Professional. netfabb Professional is the ideal software for home and educational users interested in 3D Printing. For a comparison of the features of netfabb Basic and netfabb Professional please click here. Slice export Scale, mirror, translate, rotate Part analysis

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