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The LUCKY CAT Garage. Essais et dossiers - Moto Journal. French Rooster Garage. Cyril Huze Post – Custom Motorcycle News. Triumph Daytona Super 3 Cafe Racer - Grease n G... HELL ON WHEELS: Yamaha XV/TR1 1986. Grease n Gasoline: Victory Motorcycles. Plan B Motorcycles. NEL BOX CON GAMBERETTO E FELIPETO. Racing Helmets Garage. Cafè Racer Concepts - Segoni Special - Kawasaki 900 Classic Endurance Machine by Oberdan Bezzi. Japan Rider Forums. CHAZSTER. Here Are Five Essential Mobile Apps for Motorcyclists. Will Bridgestone Continue as Tire Supplier for MotoGP?

Here Are Five Essential Mobile Apps for Motorcyclists

Big changes look to be coming to MotoGP’s spec-tire system. Now in the sixth season of having a single official supplier, MotoGP is moving closer to seeing the number and variety of tires drastically expanded. With the contract with Bridgestone due to expire at the end of 2014, there is even a serious chance that a new manufacturer could take over from the Japanese tire firm. A report in the latest issue of the Spanish magazine Motociclismo, the magazine is reporting that Dorna is looking to change the way that the single tire supply works. Dorna representative Javier Alonso told Motociclismo that negotiations had been opened with several suppliers, including Michelin, Pirelli and Dunlop, as well as current supplier Bridgestone.

Photos from 250+ Feet up COTA’s Petrolsaurus Rex MV Agusta F3 800 Ago Now Officially Debuts We already announced the bike last November, and brought you a bevy of hi-res images of the special edition machine. Moto Journal. Sommaire du numéro 3975 du magazine Moto Revue. Radical Authentique Différent RAD Motorcycles Magazine. › Classic-Custom Cafe Racers, Bobber & Chopper Motorcycles Gallery.

Wheels & Waves - Wheels and Waves. Custom Motorcycles, Cafe Racers and British Classics - Moto Rivista. Calamine les cyclos d'antan. Café Racer. Todd Blubaugh's Blog. The Big Apple November 25th, 2013 Sometime back in September Ethan and I rode to New York City. The goal was to see the Atlantic Ocean. I’m glad I took all these photos because I hardly remember the event. Motos d'époque et d'exception, magasin unique en France situé dans le quartier Royal de Lille…

DIMITRI COSTE. Yamaha XJR 1300 by Heat Magic. Huckberry. Greasy Kulture - Greasy Kulture Magazine. THIS BLOG IS NOW AT. El Corra Motors. CaraibiRockers. Brit Iron Rebels Worldwide. The Twenty-one has always been both loved and hated, I love the big ass it has, but just as many people hate it.

Brit Iron Rebels Worldwide

It has a 350cc (or 21ci) engine and was called the “Twenty-one” to commerate the 21 year Triumph Engineering Company anniversary. Triumph produced these from 1957 – 1966, though the latter years saw it without the bathtub and a 500cc version was also introduced in 1959. As I understand it the bathtub was intended to be weather protection for the bike. It never went over well in the US and most of the rear fenders were discarded over the years. So finding an intact Twenty-one is a rare thing these days. This one came from the Los Angeles area, I picked it up from a guy that bought it new.

It purs down the road nicely with enough power to keep you from thinking about getting on the freeway. I didn’t have to do much to this one, pulled a dent in the ass end, the typical carb job and clean the grease out of the brakes so it stopped instead of speeding up when you pull in the lever. Blood Falcons. It roCkS Bikes. Le blog. Début de saison mouvementée au Bol d’Or, Kawasaki SRC en tête mais en difficulté La Kawasaki SRC a pris la tête des essais libres du Bol d’Or, première confrontation chronométrée la saison, devant le Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, la Honda Racing et la Yamaha Racing GMT 94 Michelin.

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Pourtant l’équipe officielle Kawasaki, vainqueur des deux dernières éditions du Bol d’Or, est en difficulté. Déjà handicapé par le forfait de dernière minute de Fabien Forêt, retenu par son team en Championnat du Monde FIM de Superbike, le Team Kawasaki SRC vient de connaître un nouveau coup dur avec la chute de Matthieu Lagrive en essais libres. Yamaha XJR 1300 by Heat Magic. ENTER. Site design by Kardesign.


Yamaha. Forumoverzicht. Silodrome - Gasoline Culture. Custom Motorcycles, Cafe Racers and British Classics - Moto Rivista. Xjr cafe racer. Vu sur bon je pense que cette machine n'est pas finie , le look est pas mal mais il y a du boulot de finition a faire , et puis sur la video ,on entend bien que le moteur est mal reglé !!!

xjr cafe racer

Baloo. DIRTY BOOTS. Radical Authentique Différent RAD Motorcycles Magazine. Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Trackers, custom and classic motorcycle parts. Moto Verso - Beautiful Cars. Voir le sujet - Amortisseurs Shock Factory, vos réglages et vos retours. Pour le montage : Exactement comme l'origine, réglage en bas.

Voir le sujet - Amortisseurs Shock Factory, vos réglages et vos retours

C'est mieux d’être deux, car il faut soulever le cul de la moto pour l'enlever facilement, mais ça se fait tout seul. Ou en suspendant la moto à des poutres. Il faut les changer un par un c'est plus facile. Si vous avez les longs, faites vous aider, car tout seul c'est beaucoup plus compliqué Il y a deux réglages possibles sur ces amortisseurs : - La précontrainte - la détente/compression Ne pas les toucher avant d'avoir fais un essai routier. Serrer, c'est tourner dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre. Un peu de théorie : -La précontrainte C'est uniquement la précontrainte qui joue sur la course de l'amorto . Plus tu visses, plus le ressort est comprimé (il se tasse sur lui même), plus la course (la distance que va faire la tige de l'amortisseur dans la partie centrale avec l"huile) est réduite.

-Quelques liens utiles pour la compréhension de l’amortissement et assiette. Ducati Sport Classic by French customizer FCR - Moto Rivista. . CAFE RACER. Ils ont travaillé à partir d’une BMW R100 RT pour un client anglais.


Il souhaitait une machine unique et quelque peu ‘discrète’. Garage Project Motorcycles. Radical Authentique Différent RAD Motorcycles Magazine. The Kneeslider — Motorcycle News for Positive People. La bécane à l'ancienne, piégeuse, bruyante et caractérielle… Bubble visor. Cognito Moto - Custom Cafe Racers and Parts. GSXR Converversion hubs. DIRTY BOOTS. Yamaha XJR 1300 by Shabon Dama. Kevin Carmichael: Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Rider. Duel R1200GS vs V-Strom 1000 : Suzuki se démarque (Essai BMW R1200gs / SUZUKI v-strom 1000. - NO FUTURE TOKYO - LE CONTAINER. CustomZone - The custom side. Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Trackers, custom motorcycle parts and builders.

Bubble visor. Cafe Beemers. Grease n Gasoline. Le forum des Monster 1200, Diavel 1200, Panigale 1199, Streetfighter 848 1098... mais aussi des Ducat Monster, Mostro, SBK, Multistrada, Hypermotard, Hyperstrada... Ducati Sport Classic by French customizer FCR - Moto Rivista. Cafe racers, custom motorcycles and bobbers. Sportster vu par Atari-San. [bikes] Les Plus beaux café racer et choppers et fighters - Page 13. Journal — Iron & Air Magazine.

I think we all take ourselves a little too serious sometimes.

Journal — Iron & Air Magazine

I mean, we play with toys for a living! Granted, not all toys are alike. Take this one in particular. She's the ugly duckling you can't stop looking at. The fat chick that got skinny. A friend of mine bought this 1999 water-cooled KTM Duke 640, a bike by all standards that is a design travesty. So next time you step out to take a ride on your freshly powder-coated and streamlined CB750 accented by your Belstaff jacket and Biltwell helmet, remember to not take yourself too seriously. Hugs and kisses, Tim Harney'Motorcycle Dumb Dumb Head' About Tim HarneyTim is a glorified Lego builder and fabricator of all things shiny.

Moto-Mucci. Grease n Gasoline. Moto Journal. Moto Revue, actualité et essais moto. Site officiel de kult of kustom. Cafe racers, custom motorcycles and bobbers. CustomZone - The custom side. DIGITAL MILK. DIRTY BOOTS. Southsiders. Le Dépassionné. Tc. Bubble visor. Cafe Beemers. LE CONTAINER. Motorcycledeluxe. Videos — Stories of Bike. RideApart. El Corra Motors. BMW R100RS Custom By C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles Spain - Moto Rivista. The GranDream, which as its name suggests is its owner’s dream come true, is a classic-style Cafe Racer for everyday use.

BMW R100RS Custom By C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles Spain - Moto Rivista

As with all C59R projects, the first thing that grabs your attention about this BMW R100RS custom Cafe Racer is its impeccable finish. The top quality chrome, flawless burnished aluminum, stainless steel bolts & fasteners and detailed workmanship on each and every one of its parts is what distinguish this bike. The front-end of this BMW R100RS custom features an adapted R90S fairing, whilst keeping the original throttle controls, clutch & lights, and the handlebars have been lengthened by 5cm on each side to improve handling. The star feature of the dash is an Acewell Series 4 gauge that links two worlds: analogue for the rev counter and digital for the speedo, odometer, temperature gauge, etc. The ignition key has been mounted next to the Acewell gauge for easy handling.

Motographite. Motorcycledeluxe. Southsiders. RideApart. Stories of Bike. Classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers. Most Recent Posts.

Classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers