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Undergraduate Creative Writing Courses and Registration. The Program in Creative Writing believes that the best way to learn is through practice, and that learning to be a writer also means learning to see the world through the eyes of an editor—pursuing a literary vision, working to improve the writing of others, proofreading, copy-editing, reviewing and interviewing.

Undergraduate Creative Writing Courses and Registration

At both the graduate and undergraduate levels, our students not only learn about the present and future of American literature, but also help to shape it: Devil's Lake Devil’s Lake is an online literary journal founded in 2010 at the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its founding editors wanted to stimulate conversations around contemporary creative work and provide a hub for Madison's literary community. Johns Hopkins Magazine. JSTOR Daily. Loveliest. A Journal of Contemporary Arts & Letters. Grist Online Companion - Grist Online Companion. Online Literary Magazine for Mothers - Mothers Always Write. A literary journal of short prose and poetry. Clementine Poetry Journal. The Intentional. The Literary Magazine : Writer's Edit. Mud Season Review. Literary Magazines - Listings of Literary Magazines and Journals. Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine, El Portal, offers a venue for the work of writers, artists and photographers.

Literary Magazines - Listings of Literary Magazines and Journals

Painted Cave Website From the Editor Painted Cave is a literary journal established by the creative writing students at Santa Barbara City College. Our goal is to highlight contemporary and emerging writers enrolled in community colleges across the nation by presenting their work in an online biannual magazine ... We are the voice of Lilith, a site and magazine devoted to the best contemporary poetry, prose, short stories and articles. New Southerner is an online magazine promoting self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship and support for local economies. We believe these values are essential to the health The Rag is an electronic literary magazine that focuses on grittier forms of contemporary short fiction.

Great news! Bare Fiction was set up to promote new writing in all forms through performance, digital representation and publication. Stilts Journal. Ten Melbourne literary journals we loved in 2014. In 2014 we featured some terrific Melbourne-based literary journals on our event calendar.

Ten Melbourne literary journals we loved in 2014

Here are ten of our favourites. Alquimie, edited by Joshua Elias Distinguished by its content-rich approach and striking design, Alquimie is a new voice in the world of drinks. Forgoing trends and phases in lieu of deeper perspective, this publication presents a wide array of opinion and objectivity, and simplifies the complexities of beverage culture without pretension. Find their most recent issue here. Kill Your Darlings, edited by Brigid Mullane Proudly independent, Kill Your Darlings is Australia’s most lively and entertaining cultural publication.

Find their most recent issue here. The Australian journal of sexual diversity. Ten Hybrid, Experimental, Diverse and New Literary Magazines for 2015. In 2014, I started helping my MFA program pals with Atlas and Alice, a new literary magazine they started the previous year.

Ten Hybrid, Experimental, Diverse and New Literary Magazines for 2015

Since then, I have been gaining an understanding of the submission economy and how arduous it is to sort through stories and essays and poems from the receiving end. This is just one part of the intense effort it takes to keep a literary magazine — with its flow of submissions in and final products out — going on a regular basis. Almost always, literary magazines are run by their editors as a side hustle. Creating consistent content in a unique format is tremendously difficult, so it’s good literary citizenry to applaud boundary-pushing work.

In that vein, and to connect readers and submitters with outlets, here’s a short list of particularly funky literary magazines which are doing something unique and cool with their platform. Five Chapters This respected online magazine publishes a story in five parts, over the course of the week. Storychord Spartan Lit Duende. DecomP magazinE. Issue 34. BigTruths. Jellyfish eleven. Issues Archive - [PANK] Progressive culture since 1954. Verity La. Cardigan street. Melbourne Map of Firsts - City of Melbourne. M.issimomag. A Magazine for Creative Writers and Readers. Weather Stations — The Wheeler Centre. The Wheeler Centre is one of five partners in a new global project which places literature and storytelling at the heart of the conversations around climate change.

Weather Stations — The Wheeler Centre

Launched in 2014, the Weather Stations project harnesses the transformative power of words to imagine, in the context of a threatened environment, how we might live our lives differently. Each Weather Station has appointed a writer in residence, whose task is to produce a body of work that reflects how they view our relationship with the environment.

The Wheeler Centre’s writer in residence is Tony Birch. From Monday 21 April 2014, all five writers (Oisín McGann, Mirko Bonné, Xiaolu Guo, Jaś Kapela and Tony Birch) began blogging and undertaking a residency together in Australia. During this time, we hosted several events featuring these writers, and introduced them to scientists, natural landscapes and ideas from around Australia. Tony Birch continues to blog regularly at Explore Weather Stations.