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Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread

Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread
Kids can be frustratingly picky eaters. They can also have highly entertaining quirks. My niece used to ask for pepperoni pizza and then proceed to discard all of the pepperoni. But don’t you dare suggest that she order plain cheese pizza! Un-Pepperoni Pizza. But when you wrap pepperoni pizza into a fun, savory, pull-apart style bread, it’s no longer “icky” pepperoni pizza. I’ve had these Pizza Bites bookmarked for ages, so when I finally found an excuse to make them, I wanted to take it in a slightly different direction: a savory monkey bread. A very light coating of garlicky butter-covered pepperoni pizza bites, piled into a bundt cake pan, makes for a very fun Pepperoni Pizza. Or Pepperoni Un-Pizza. You can take the long route and make your favorite pizza dough and marinara sauce, or the short route and pick up your favorite pizza dough and red sauce from the store. Ingredients Instructions Heat garlic and butter over medium heat just until the garlic begins to brown. Notes Related:  comidaItalian Recipes

Pierogi Recipe October 2, 2010 My mom is obsessed with keeping a stocked freezer, but I guess I don’t really take after her, because my freezer tends to be relatively empty, aside from random containers of stock/ramen broth, frozen dumplings and pierogi. I admit, I store buy frozen chinese dumplings and pierogi for those times that I just don’t feel like cooking. I tell myself it’s because of ease and convenience, but really, I just love the taste of frozen pockets filled with deliciousness. Pierogi are fast, tasty, and ideal for when I let myself get too hungry and become a crazy unthinking monster. It’s Oktoberfest right now and that means two things: beer and sausages. I found an old Gourmet magazine pierogi recipe on and for my first pierogi making experience, it was great. I couldn’t resist putting my own twist on the pierogi though: instead of filling all the pierogi with a potato cheddar cheese filling, I mixed up potatoes with green onion oil.

The Pastry Affair - Home - Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart&Bread I once made the driest pancake in the world. I can see you sitting at home, staring at your computer screen, and scoffing at my bold statement. Driest pancake in the world? Yeah, right. How would you even know? But this is the truth, my friends. Let me share my story with you. A few years back, I made chocolate chip pancakes. Quickly flash to the next morning. Still cold. Confusion. Was the microwave broken? I got angry, as one will when they want food and want it now. When I took it out, the pancake was slightly less cool. It took me a few hours to realize what had happened. It only stands to reason that my pancake was so utterly dry that there wasn't enough water in it to be absorbed by the microwaves. Thus, the world's driest pancake was born. And to think I took a bite... Luckily, this Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread is definitely not dry. One Year Ago: Chocolate Orange Miniature Cakes Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread Yields 1 loaf Punch down the dough.

8 PIECES OF SUSHI ART Some people say that food is like art. These people probably went to the sushi bar a lot, because Japanese know what to do with their food. And we don't mean eating it! Mustard-Herb Panko Crusted Chicken Breasts Mustard-Herb Panko Crusted Chicken Breasts I remembered loving a Mustard-Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin I made awhile ago so I decided to adapt it a bit to work with chicken breasts that I had in the refrigerator. It was messy but simple to prepare and the house smelled really fantastic while it cooked. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Pour the panko crumbs, parsley, cheese, and thyme onto a plate, mix until well combined. Place into the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 170 degrees. PrintSave Mustard-Herb Panko Crusted Chicken Breasts Yield: 3-4Prep Time: 5 min.Cook Time: 20-25 min.Total Time: 30 min.

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3 Ways to Make Your Own All-Natural Soda There are so many unusually flavored sodas and soda syrups out there lately that we decided to try our hand at making a few flavors. It’s surprisingly easy to make—you need is flavored simple syrup and seltzer water or club soda. We made three flavors: basic ginger soda, lemon rosemary soda, and spiced chai soda. Plus, you don’t even need to use the stove for these recipes. You can make the simple syrup in the microwave—it’s a great kitchen hack! Check out the flavors below, and then tell us what flavor you’d make in the comments! We love the way the steeping sodas look. All it takes is a few tablespoons of the syrup, then top off your glass with some ice and seltzer! Ingredients: - 1 cup water - 1 cup sugar Instructions: 1. If you make multiple soda syrups, you can set up a DIY soda bar for your next dinner party and let guests choose their flavors. Ingredients: - 1 batch microwave simple syrup - juice of two lemons - 3 sprigs of rosemary, washed Instructions: 1. Instructions: 1. Cheers!

recipe: buffalo chicken ring I love all things made with Frank’s Red Hot (or any hot sauce, really. But especially Frank’s Red Hot) I also love cheese. And crescent rolls. So this recipe? First, you make a funky circle-type thing with the crescent rolls. Then chop some celery. Then mix some cream cheese with half a packet of ranch dressing mix (more if you’d like, but half is probably plenty) Next is the chicken. And then: HOT SAUCE. Mix it all together: the cream cheese mixture, the chicken, the celery, and the hot sauce. Now comes the art portion of our project. Then slowly go around the circle, wrapping the chicken mixture in the dough. (It doesn’t have to look this pretty. Bake it for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees or until the crescent rolls are starting to brown. Now here is where I caution you: LET IT SIT FOR A LITTLE WHILE AND COOL BEFORE MOVING IT. Serve the chicken ring with ranch and hot sauce for dipping.

not martha - experiments in Rainbow Cakes This past St. Patrick’s Day I made a Leprechaun Trap Cake, shown above, which revealed a nice rainbow shape inside each slice. I created the rainbow by pouring colored cake batter into an angel food cake pan one color on top of the other and it came out surprisingly well. (More details on the amounts of colored batter I used are in the original post.) At the time I wondered if doubling the recipe or using different cake pans would result in the same effect and I’ve made a half dozen cakes over the past month to find out. For each of the following cakes I used the same boxed white cake mix, the same gel food colorings and the same technique to layer the batter. Two boxes of cake mix in an angel food cake pan. Half a box of cake mix in a 6 inch round cake pan. One box of cake mix in a 6 inch round cake pan. Half a box of cake mix in a 4.5 x 8.5 inch loaf pan. One box of cake mix in a 4.5 x 8.5 inch loaf pan. Two boxes of cake mix in a round mixing bowl.