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ProVari Variable Voltage Ecig: Best Variable Voltage E Cig Available! With its built-in display, you can also adjust your voltage and access additional functions in seconds. The ProVari is designed to be very simple and easy to use! To adjust the voltage on the ProVari, simply press the button 5 times in a row. The digital display will turn on and you can flip through the voltage settings by pressing the button. Once you are done making changes, the ProVari will automatically save your settings and the display will turn off. Lighted Pushbutton The ProVari variable voltage ecig has a translucent lighted pushbutton that alerts you when the battery is low by slowly flashing a red light*. The lighted pushbutton can also light up every time you press the button while using. * Note: The low battery indicator will not activate if you have the lighted pushbutton function off. ProVari with AccuSet™ technology - Our built-in dynamic self-calibration algorithm keeps the output voltage accurate to 1% or better over the life of the product. One Battery Makes it Better

What’s New at Blog.SpoonGraphics? I've been busy working on a revamp behind the scenes of Blog.SpoonGraphics recently with aims to push the site forward and make use of the new features of WordPress 2.7 as well as CSS3 styling rules that are gaining wider support with the near release of Firefox 3.1. Here's my little roundup of what's new! The large illustrated header, colour scheme and general style of the site have become largely recognisable and still gain good responses from new visitors, therefore this main styling was something I wanted to keep intact with the newer design. One main change visually is the larger content area allowing for the wider, two column sidebar. The restyled page elements also add a bit more visual interest to the site, whereas before they a little plain, they now tie in to the overall design much better. On the post pages, the social bookmarking icons have been swapped out with the Doodle Blogger Icons recently released!

Pesto, Italian Sauces, Anitpasti &amp; Italian Recipes - Sacla UK Create a Realistic Hover Effect With jQuery « Blog and Web Design Portfolio of Adrian Pelletier For one of the projects I’m currently working on with Rareview, we wanted to add a rising hover effect to a set of icon links. Using jQuery’s animate effect, I experimented with icons that have reflections and others with shadows. Here is a demo with two examples: The HTML and CSS are both straightforward and have a structure and style common to many web navigations and menus (for the sake of post length, I’m not including HTML/CSS code examples here but you are free to snoop around in the demo or view the files in the download below). In a nutshell, the JS appends the reflection/shadow to each <li>, then animates the position and opacity of these elements and the icon links on hover. I’ve added .stop() to eliminate any queue buildup from quickly mousing back and forth over the navigation. Please note, for the purposes of this quick demo, I did not bother including support for IE6. View Demo or Download Update 06/01/2009: I updated the shadow example so that it has more of a bounce to it.

Sculpture and Memorials - Entry - eMelbourne - The Encyclopedia of Melbourne Online Melbourne's earliest outdoor artworks served both decorative and utilitarian functions. Ornamental drinking fountains were positioned on street corners, and reproduction classical busts were placed along the pathways of Melbourne's substantial parks and gardens. Once the initial rush to the goldfields had subsided and the 'frontier town' designation had been cast off, ornamentation of the city was a response to Melbourne's growing sense of maturity and its resultant prosperity. The city's first piece of outdoor artwork, the two-tiered Victoria Fountain, was erected in 1859 at the intersection of Collins and Swanston streets, but it was removed shortly after because of an increase in street traffic. Charles Summers was an early contributor to Melbourne's outdoor art. After returning from Victoria's goldfields, he gained a commission to design relief panels for Parliament House. Noted philanthropists Lady Janet and Sir William Clarke both had monuments raised in their memory. Amanda Bacon

pizdetz The word "pizdetz" (пиздец) is attributed to "Russian mat", a sort of Russian slang which is based on sexual content an is commonly banned from official use as well as considered inappropriate for use in conversation by general rules of conduct. The Administrative Code of Russian Federation even sets a fine for public use of „mat”, though this sanction is purely formal and its use is seldom. „Pizdetz” is originally derived from the word „pizda”, which is a „mat” term for vagina. „Pizdetz” may carry different meanings. Here are the most widespread: 1) Short description of a situation, usually negative. Most commonly used phrases with „pizdetz”: 1) „Pizdetz prishol” - „Pizdetz came to us”. If Russian is not your native language, here are some basic rules for using „pizdetz”: 1) Use it only when you are sure that you know how to use it correctly. Replacement Note that this article covers the main usages for „pizdetz”, but not all of them.

Free Website Backgrounds To download any of these free background images for web sites, press the right mouse button on the desired background and save it to disk. To use this as a background in Dreamweaver, click on Modify>Page Properties from the main menu. The Page Properties window will be displayed, go to Background Image and select the background image which you had saved. Next Page >> Please Like, Tweet, Share or Comment on this page if you found this tutorial/resource useful! No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos. Europe Holiday Destinations | Europe Weekend Breaks Elegant ScrollPanes with jQuery and CSS3 Some day ago I twittered a link about TweetTab a nice on-line service (similar to Monitter) to monitor in real time Twitter trends and custom searches. I like the design of TweetTab, clean and simple and I like in particular scrollpane used in each search tab. Take a look at this screenshot of TweetTab for a preview of the scrollpane used: Some readers of woork asked to me how to implement that kind of scrollpane in their web projects. Step 1. <p> ... <p> elements are contained into the div with id="section-scroll". .scroll-pane { width: 400px;height: 250px;overflow:auto; It's important set a fixed height and the property overflow to "auto". Now add this JavaScript code below the inclusion of jScrollPane (in the <head> tag) to initialize the script for the layer with ID="section-scroll": $(function(){ $('#section-scroll').jScrollPane(); You can also use this script with multiple elements in the same page. <div id="section-scroll-1" class="scroll-pane"> ... Step 2. } .jScrollPaneTrack{

Politics of Burma Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a unitary presidential constitutional republic under its 2008 constitution. Political conditions[edit] Historically, Burma was a monarchy ruled by various dynasties prior to the 19th century. Burma was ruled as a British colony from 1885 until 1948. Meanwhile, many other ethnic groups supported the Allied forces in combating the Japanese and Burman forces. From the time of the signing of the Burmese Constitution in 1948, ethnic minorities have been denied Constitutional rights, access to lands that were traditionally controlled by their peoples and participation in the government. The SPDC had been responsible for the displacement of several hundred thousand citizens, both inside and outside of Burma. History[edit] Independence era[edit] On 4 January 1948, Burma achieved independence from Britain, and became a democracy based on the parliamentary system. AFPFL/Union Government[edit] Military socialist era[edit] SPDC era[edit] New constitution[edit]

Tutti film anno per anno Tutti i film usciti nelle sale cinematografiche nel 2011. le schede dei film del 2011 con dettagli sul cast, trama, recensioni, approfondimenti e trailer. Benvenuto a bordo Francia, 2011 di Eric Lavaine con Valerie Lemercier , Gerard Darmon , Luisa Ranieri Isabelle, dirigente di una grande compagnia marittima, ha commesso l'errore di scegliere per amante il suo titolare. Prima di imbarcarsi nella crociera inaugurale della flotta, la donna decide di cambiare radicalmente la sua vita e mette gli occhi su Rémy, animatore appena assunto,... Tutti i nostri desideri Francia, 2011 di Philippe Lioret con Marie Gillain , Vincent Lindon Claire, un giovane magistrato presso il tribunale di Lione, incontra Stéphane, anche lui magistrato ma esperto e disilluso, coinvolgendolo in un caso di una donna indebitata con un istituto di credito.

50 Fresh Useful Icon Sets For Your Next Design - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Beautiful and free icon sets always come in handy. Used properly and moderately, icons can be helpful to provide users with memorable metaphors and illustrations that would provide a visual support for otherwise unspectacular text blocks. For instance, in web-applications memorable icons can be very helpful as they can make it easier for users to memorize how to perform some specific task or where to find some specific functions. This large collection of recently released icon sets is supposed to help designers improve their designs on their web-sites and in web-applications. Web Application Icon Sets Chalkwork HTML Royalty-free Icons1 Chalkwork HTML is a free set of HTML-themed icons, designed to perfectly complement all other sets in the Chalkwork Family. Hand Pointer Icons Free icon set that includes 36 hand pointer icons of 6 diferent types with 6 color variants. MinIcons2 Basic Set4 42 high quality icons in 64×64, 32×32 and 16×16 sizes. Sketchy icons11 Absque13 Mod54

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