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Meet Ragù Napoletano, Neapolitan-Style Italian Meat Sauce With Pork, Beef, an... A rich tomato- and meat-based pasta sauce from Southern Italy. [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] More Pasta Essential techniques, recipes, and more! A couple of weeks back I spent a good deal of time developing a recipe for Lasagna Napoletana, a lasagna stuffed with smoked cheese, sausage, meatballs, and a rich, meaty tomato sauce.

That meat-packed tomato sauce is known as ragù Napoletano. As I said in that post, the undisputed king of ragùs is ragù Bolognese, and we've got a killer slow-cooked recipe for you. While the recipe I developed for that particular dish was based 100% on pork (as is traditional for the lasagna), I figured it'd be a short hop, skip and a jump to adapting the same technique to work with a combination of pork, beef, and sausage, to deliver a true ragù suitable for your Sunday table. After you've put in the time, some really good olive oil, salt, and pepper are the only other things that this sauce needs to achieve pure and simple nirvana.

Food - Recipes : Tortelli(less) di zucca. Polenta! Herring Linguine | Pasta Recipes. Calories Calories are just a unit of energy. If you eat more than you use you can gain weight, or lose it if you don't eat enough. How much you need depends on your weight, gender and how active you are, but it's around 2,000 a day. Carbs Carbs are a great source of energy and, excluding foods such as potatoes, are made from grains - like bread, pasta and cereal. Sugar We all deserve a treat sometimes, but try to limit your sugar intake. Fat We all need to eat a small amount of fat because it protects our organs and helps us grow. Saturates Saturated or "bad fats" are in beef, pork, chicken skin, butter, cream and cheese. Protein Protein helps our muscles to grow and repair, as well as providing you with essential amino acids. Calories Calories are just a unit of energy. Carbs Carbs are a great source of energy and, excluding foods such as potatoes, are made from grains - like bread, pasta and cereal.

Sugar We all deserve a treat sometimes, but try to limit your sugar intake. Fat Saturates Protein. Food - Recipes : Wild boar liquorice. 1017304-cacio-e-pepe?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT. Food - Recipes : Cavatelli with broccoli and colatura (anchovy sauce) Pugliese lamb stew via Rick Stein. - VANIGLIA - storie di cucina: linguine al pesto di mandorle e broccoletti con cozze, pepe e pecorino. Nello scorso "week end lungo" avevo un miliardo di cose da fare. Sono indietro di mail importanti (di amici, conoscenti, lettori) a cui rispondere, di cose da organizzare e da cucinare (con chef, ristorante ospite, amiche che aiutano nell'organizzazione), di pacco di mandorle da Noto da tracciare e di pacco di forse ulteriori libri da Milano da far arrivare.

Sono indietro di inviti, di preparativi, e di vacanze (sì, vacanze :)) da organizzare. Sono indietro su un paio di menù da elaborare, di spesa da portare avanti, di preparazioni da pianificare per un servizio foto da fare appena torno dalle vacanze di cui sopra e ancora nemmeno del tutto uscita dalle feste natalizie. Sono indietro di concentrazione, sono indietro rispetto a me. . , prossimo lunedì 15 dicembre ore 18,30 a La Veranda, Roma, condividendo insieme una specie di "menù per festeggiare le mandorle". Mi ha aiutata in qualche modo a sconfiggere: la paura di impiattare (e fotografare!)

Ecco dunque a voi la prima ricetta. Food - Recipes : Silk handkerchief pasta with pesto. Fresh Chickpea Pappardelle with Buttered Chanterelles, Thyme, and Wine {Glute... Fresh pasta made from chickpea flour plays well with buttery wild mushrooms infused with thyme, white wine, gruyère and Parmesan. A gluten-free, vegetarian recipe collaboration. Culinary insanity often ensues when you get more than one food blogger in a kitchen at once, especially when they are Sarah and Phi. These wildly talented ladies met at a picnic and made a date to take advantage of Sarah's flour mill. They kindly invited me along, and when the topic of conversation turned to dinner, we decided to try our hands at gluten-free chickpea flour ravioli filled with herbs and mushrooms.

We gave the grain mill a workout that day, throwing in everything we could dream up: yellow split peas, pumpkin seeds, wild rice, chickpeas, and grains of sweet brown rice. We mixed the chickpea flour with eggs and a touch of sweet rice and tapioca flours, which we sent through Sarah's pasta roller until it formed wide sheets. Pappardelle are wide, flat noodles similar to fettuccine, only fatter. Risotto prawns. LENTILS BRAISED IN RED WINE. Pizza with Homemade Mascarpone & Speck | Emiko Davies. Pizza with Homemade Mascarpone & Speck Posted by Emiko on Monday, March 3, 2014 · 11 Comments This is a recipe that combines three favourite things.

Pizza. Speck (or prosciutto if you can’t find it). Although often thought of as a sort of soft cream cheese, mascarpone is technically not a cheese at all but a dairy product made from cream coagulated with acetic or citric acid (or, for the home cook, lemon juice). A centuries old tradition from Lombardy in Italy’s north, mascarpone was once just a seasonal product, appearing only during the natural refrigeration provided by winter.

Here, use it in place of cheese on a pizza, together with it’s perfect partner in crime, speck. Pizza Mascarpone e Speck For the pizza dough: 500 gr “00” flour (or baker’s flour)250 ml lukewarm water7 gr of active dry yeast or 23 gr of fresh yeast15 gr of salt1 tablespoon olive oilsemolina flour for dusting For the pizza sauce: To assemble the pizza: In the meantime, make the tomato sauce for the topping. Food - Recipes : Green pasta ravioli with burrata mozzarella.