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Related:  Mixed Boing Boing Breaking News, Current Events, Latest News and World Events at Prison This Foot-Long Box Is the Most Advanced Particle Collider in the World The CERN particle collider is 17 miles long. China just announced a supercollider that is supposed to be roughly 49 miles long. The United States' new particle collider is just under 12 inches long. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in having a bunch of plasma inside of it, allowing researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, Calif., to accelerate particles more than 500 times faster than traditional methods. "If you want to build a next generation high energy physics particle collider, there are two ways of thinking," Litos told me. First, he said, you could build them even bigger than the Large Hadron Collider or the proposed followup, Compact Linear Collider, which is supposed to be 31 miles long. To be clear, the foot-long collider in Menlo Park isn't looking for the Higgs Boson or performing any of the important work that CERN has been doing. "We send them in right after another. Researchers line up the lasers that will help operate the accelerator.

Independent Media Center | ((( i ))) Recent UFO Sightings by time reported Welcome to the most comprehensive list of UFO reports online. Try our UFO search tool to zero in on what you are looking for. How about browsing by location, including country and state or province ? If you are looking for something that happened on a specific date, try our date range search . The latest UFO reports are listed here, sorted by the time the report was submitted. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time and is used because it is the standard time common to every place in the world. BlackListed News Toby Morris - Contributor Toby Morris is an Auckland based illustrator and comic artist. He is the creator of the Pencilsword and also half of the Toby and Toby duo behind the series 'That is the question' at Content by Toby The Pencilsword: Twelve Days A summer love story. The Pencilsword: Can people change their minds? Are people set in stone? The Pencilsword: Drowning on land Anxiety is fast becoming one one of the most common illnesses in New Zealand. The Pencilsword: We're number one! We might be number one, but this is something we shouldn't be proud of. The Pencilsword - Player One: Continue? Toby Morris shares five lessons he's learned from being average at video games. The Pencilsword: Goodbye Old Zealand Toby Morris takes down the myth of what it means to be a "real New Zealander". The flagged flags Toby Morris raises a glass to 10 great flags that didn’t make it, and says goodbye to what could have been. The Pencilsword: The Garfield principle Success doesn’t always equal quality, says Toby Morris.

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