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Mixed media

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Use Your Coloured Pencils: Textured Paper. I may have gone overboard on the photos for this post, but this is one of my favourite art lessons so far. I was inspired by this photo from Pinterest (left). If this is your photo, please let me know because I can't find the original source for this image anywhere as it was never properly linked to on Pinterest! Anyhow, I gave students the challenge of transforming eight small pieces of smooth white paper so that each piece had a different texture.

After giving a few ideas about cutting, folding and scrunching and providing students with hole punches, fancy scissors and shredded paper pieces, I let these grade twos go about creating different textures. The kids turned out to be really inventive of course and I was so excited to see them exploring. Each one of their textured paper pieces was glued onto a larger sheet, displaying all their textures together. Using a pencil to make holes Using a hole punch to make holes Tearing, Twisting and Weaving Scrunching Cutting Folding Curling. Art & ideas that grow: Rhythmic Rings.

Recycled art by the third graders! We rolled, and rolled..and rolled paper and created a collaborative recycled paper installation outside the art room. Each student created their own panel to contribute to the installation. Beyond the use of paper, we used tons and tons of recycled caps from old markers, glue sticks and recycled items from the lunch room. Nice junk sculpture 3rd Grade! Digication e-Portfolio :: Betsy Morningstar :: 7th Grade Artwork. Pamela Holderman: going around in circles... Going around in circles can be quite fun... start in the center and... add your favorite colors... and work towards the outsideadding magazine and construction paper cut outs... and blobs of paint, and pen doodles, and stamps of more paint and then... cut your beloved painting into 1/4s... and pass one piece of yours to the person on the left and so on and so on until.... you have a gorgeous new piece of art with a touch of your creation and 3/4s of your friends. note: we then doodled with permanent marker on used laminate and attached brads to adhere this to the top of our art for a wonderful multi-layered look. then we moved on to the another piece... full of happy spring-time colors in the background... and construction paper flowers... jumping off the pages... ready to enjoy springtime (if it would ever arrive - first time ever we have not hit 60 degrees in April and tonight the low will be 34 - a new record, but who's counting?)

Not these guys...aren't they adorable? PO-Gallery. It's Art Day!: Kandinsky Trees. My first graders really need help with their fine motor skills this year. After completing a very successful Kandinsky Concentric Circle painting lesson noted below, I followed up this past week with a tree inspired lesson. Once again, I found my inspiration from My student's used Crayola Metallic crayons instead of the Crayola Construction paper crayons and we used juice lids for some bigger circles in the stamping part of the lesson. Day 1 On day two constructed the trees and circle leaves. I passed out a 12 x 4 inch piece of black paper and had two different sizes of square paper for the circles. Yes, this was a challenge since we did not use pencil, but we drew with our scissors. Day 2 I will definite repeat lesson for next year! Pinterest. Cardboard box art. Who says paintings need to be on canvas? Why not get creative and recycle things you already have on hand like cardboard cereal or food boxes.

Painting on boxes is actually a great way to make art on a budget, create something that is light weight and easy to display. 1. I started with a few food boxes in different sizes. 2. Next I primed them with house paint. 3. Once the white paint was dry I layered on some messy swipes of colorful paint. 4. I did the same thing on all three boxes! Pinterest. Colorful Mosaic Portraits Made From Old Junk Mail.

By using old paper waste like junk mail, old calendars, photos, postcards, etc, Sandhi Schimmel Gold is creating some amazing mosaic portraits. They have an up-to-date look with a nice splash of fresh colors. It almost looks like really expensive art that you want to buy for decorating your living room. As you can see the figures on the mosaics are mostly women that he has found from different advertising. He wanted to express how obsessed we are with beauty these days, but at the same time he wanted to give new life to old junk mail.

You can by the way recognize Twiggy and Elvis Presley among the mosaics. Schimmel says that every single of his mosaics is made by hand, he has not used anything complicated, only his own hands to cut, paint and put together. Pinterest. Erasing (!) Apr Erasing (!) Posted 30th April 2013 by Kate Eshelman Labels: Art I View comments Lessons from the K-12 Art Room Magazine Loading. Snapshots: The Collage Painting. Artwork worthy of magnet.: High School Art lesson: Mixed Media Painting [Art II class] Medium: Mixed Media Painting Grade: 9-12 Art II: Intermediate Art class Objective: Explore pattern, Value, Acrylic painting and composition {unity} Materials: Canvas Board, Newspaper, paper, acrylic paint, pencil, brushes This lesson introduces student to value and painting will acrylic while exploring the use of various mixed media. See STEPS below.Step 1: Prep Canvas using elmers glue, an old paint brush and newspaperStep2: Students select an object for their "grey scale still life" *I find it important for each student to complete a study of their painting using 5 pts of value{it helps them to get a feel for the medium while testing their drawing level at an intermediate level}Step 2 Continued: Student begin developing their silhouette/ pattern sketch, while experimenting with different color combinations* it is helpful to review color theory prior to this lesson* discuss balance and unity prior to transferring their finished designs to the newspaper prepped canvas.

Packing Tape Image Transfers | Lil Blue Boo. I love image transfers. It’s something I’m always using in my journals but there are so many other fun uses for them. All you need to make a transfer is a photocopy of an image or words and packing tape. You can also use printouts from a laser printer or magazine pages. Inkjets will not work because they are not heat based toner. First, take a strip of packing tape and place it over the images you want to transfer: Then use the back of your scissors or the side of your fingernail to make sure the tape is adhered firmly: Next, dip the tape and paper into a bowl of water to wet the back: Using your fingers, start to rub off the paper from the back of the tape: Like magic….your image is left behind on the tape! I like to use the transfers to wrap special letters before I mail them.

It’s like having custom tape: Another idea is to take a small canvas and use the images for artwork: I used a paint brush to add craft paint to bubble wrap to use it as a stamp: I just used my hand to press it down: Mrs. High - 8th Grade Art Projects. Ceramics: "Cultural Masks" This unit begins our study of clay and the clay construction techniques. Be prepared to get dirty! Step #1: Using provided resources, investigate different cultures from around the world. Look in to their values, beliefs, riturals, interests, and way of life. Step #2: Now, start planning your ideas for your specific culture's mask. Step #3: After being introduced to the clay processes, techniques and vocabulary, you may begin constructing your cultural mask. Step #4: Your clay mask needs to have your initials and class period carved somewhere on the back. Step #5: After your cultural mask has been bisque fired, it is ready to be painted.

Step #6: After painting, we will add all decorative pieces to the mask. ELEMENTS: TEXTURE, line, shape, color, form, space, value IB AOI: Environment, Health & Social Guiding Question: "How is art a reflection of cultural values, beliefs, interests and traditions? " Interdisciplinary: Social Studies. Art Museum :: Artwork by Katelyn1682. x103639.