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Flow of Ideas Occupy Wall Street TheSleuthJournal - Real News Without Synthetics Clean Your System and Free Disk Space | BleachBit The Student School I WENT TO CHRISTIANIA Christiania is Copenhagen’s infamous, self-governed squat community. It was described to me as a magical town where cannabis is sold freely in the streets and hot, girly-looking boys frolic about giving people blowbacks. So when I was in Denmark I obvs HAD to go. Also, being a squatter myself, I feel a strange affinity with other squatters the world over. Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed independent state of about 850 people, spanning 85 acres. The main cannabis trade in Christiania takes place on the centrally located Pusher Street (yes, really). Though there’s a lot of pot, in 1979 the town administrated a "no hard drugs" policy which remains in effect today. Many of the houses in Christiania were built by the inhabitants themselves. I couldn’t help but think this weird spaceship house was an idea someone had when they were way too stoned, and yet which they somehow managed to follow though. I’d like to live here. Later that evening we went to a place called Spunk Bar.

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