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Gnip Provides Social Media Data for the Enterprise

Gnip Provides Social Media Data for the Enterprise
Gnip offers complete access to realtime streams of public data from the top social networks. We get every public activity from social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, and Wordpress, add in our own enrichments and then pass the data on to you, all in the blink of an eye. More about Firehose. PowerTrack is Gnip's enterprise-grade filtering language that gives you the ability to get complete coverage of the data you need. Filter on geo-boundaries, keyword and phrase matches, the presence of links or images, the language of an activity and much more. More about PowerTrack.

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How 'Do Not Track' is poised to kill online growth Editors' note: This is a guest column. See Eric Wheeler's bio below. Let's start with the good news: Congress won't pass any laws this year to halt the collection of anonymous online user data for ad targeting purposes. But as a consensus on "Do Not Track" continues to elude industry leaders and consumer groups -- to date, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has yet to settle on a definition of what "Do Not Track" even means -- the current DNT chaos suggests that the specter of political action looms ever larger. That should strike fear into the hearts of every company that does business online -- particularly startups, but also the Googles and Facebooks of the world. Most painful, consumers themselves would end up suffering, gaining "privacy" (whatever that means in the context of anonymous data collection) at the cost of online subscription fees, less interesting and innovative online experiences, and less relevant advertising.

Eric Marcoullier In March 2008 Eric Marcoullier founded Gnip. Prior to Gnip, Eric Marcoullier founded MyBlogLog with Todd Sampson in January of 2005. The service went live in March 2005 and was acquired by Yahoo for an estimated $10 million in January 2007. He left Yahoo in July 2007. Eric previously co-founded games and entertainment content portal IGN, where he also served as the Product Guy through its pre-IPO spinoff in 1999.

Twitter Data Conundrum: Sentiment Analysis Part 3 It probably goes without saying that complete and accurate data make for better analysis. While good data is relatively easy for a brand to obtain from its owned media, assuring the integrity of data from earned, yet-to-be-earned and just plain “in-the-wild” text documents has a higher degree of difficulty. Twitter data was specifically cited as problematic by several presenters at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium. After the event, I asked some questions of those who are “in the know” about Twitter data to get some clarity on the issue.

Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search Drag down from the middle of the Home screen and type what you're looking for.

Open Source 2.0: The Science of Community Management (The Java Source) Welcome to the mind of David Eaves (@daeaves), public policy entrepreneur, open government activist and negotiation expert. Speaking in a rapid fire style, Dave admitted to "dumping" hours of negotiation theory in a few minutes in his OSCON session "Open Source 2.0: The Science of Community Management." I, for one, was delighted to be soaked by the firehose. Dave started by debunking the 3 Great Myths of Open Source communities: Myth 1) Your Open Source Community is a Meritocracy. Slingshot Labs founders start fresh with BeachMint and new $5M Barely two months after leaving Slingshot Labs, News Corp’s incubator, the two men formerly running the show, Diego Berdakin and MySpace co-founder Josh Berman, have launched a shiny new venture: a social commerce site called BeachMint. Despite bare-bones information on what the Santa Monica, Calif. company will actually be doing, it just managed to raise $5 million from New Enterprise Associates and Anthem Venture Partners. According to the two well-known co-founders, BeachMint’s mission is to build an end-to-end e-commerce experience across multiple verticals. Each category would have its own recommendation engine, social media tie-ins to allow for sharing and viral marketing, and channels for big-time influencers like celebrities to air their opinions.

Try our popular and free Google Analytics "Sales Cockpit" dashboard This Google Analytics dashboard is perfect for Online retailers who need an overview of how their online business is performing. This “Sales cockpit” answers following questions:

Are You Reading These 17 Science Blogs? You Should These days everybody keeps asking “If you could only read 17 science blogs which would you choose?” so I decided to address this issue by sharing my favorite science blogs. If you are not already reading them, start today. A science blog can be many things, from the rants of a frustrated PhD student to the award winning science communication articles. A science blog can save your PhD, give you exposure or many other good things. I try to put together a balanced mix of blogs written for and by scientists. Former MySpace Exec Teams With Yahoo Rock Star For New Startup MySpace’s former GM International Travis Katz left the company shortly after the big executive shakeout in the Spring of 2009. He spent a few months in Hawaii recharging, and then moved his family to Silicon Valley. Since January he’s been working on a new startup, he says, and he’s teamed up with Ori Zaltzman, the former Chief Architect of Yahoo Boss. That’s enough of a team to make things really interesting. Particuarly Zaltzman’s deep infrastructure background.

What a Tweet Can Tell You Imagine a tiny little sun, just bursting with heat and light, but trapped inside a hard metal cover with a few holes to let beams of energy stream out from inside. Now imagine there were millions of those little suns, maybe the size of basketballs or tennis balls, all rolling down an assembly line one after another, each with a unique pattern of holes and beams of light streaming out into the world. That's what Twitter is. Inside every unborn tweet you can find infinite potential - someone will be in a place, with social context and they will say something, anything, and give that potential a form.

Skybox – Games, Reviews, iPhone Apps and Games – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News Our Review By Chris Hall on January 22nd, 2010 Rating: Share This: Much like the Japanese game show Human Tetris, Skybox pits you, a Tetris piece, against a wall with a Tetris cutout.

CBS Testing Social Viewing Room: Watch Stuff With Strangers And Talk During The Show CBS Labs, which has been testing new HD streaming products, has also rolled out a labs version of a new product called Social Viewing Room. The idea is that you show up to the site, pick a show that’s on right now, and watch it with your friends or whoever is there. You can comment, LOL or take quizzes for points.

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