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Subject Specific Information

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Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses. The teacher training provider(s) you apply to may ask you to take an SKE course if they feel you have the right qualities to become a teacher, but they think you need to complete additional subject training first.

Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses

If that’s the case, they’ll offer you a place conditional on doing an SKE course. This could be for several reasons, including: your degree wasn’t in your chosen subject, but it was closely relatedyou studied the subject at A level, but not at universityyou have relevant professional experience, and an SKE course will show you how to apply that to the curriculum and your teaching SKE courses are fully funded – so you won’t have to pay any tuition fees – and you may be eligible for a training bursary of up to £7,200 to support you throughout the course. SKE programmes are available all over England at universities, schools, or third parties such as Science Learning Centres. Explore my options. Teacher Training Scholarships. What are the benefits?

Teacher Training Scholarships

Our scholars receive: a £25,000 tax-free bursary from the Department for Educationfree classroom materials including books, posters and a lab coatmentoring by an expert chemistry teachermeetings with other scholars from their regionfree online CPD courses focused on active learning in chemistryopportunities to represent the Royal Society of Chemistry at meetings and conferences on chemistry and chemistry education. Education. We are committed to supporting and encouraging the study of biology at all levels.


With our Member Organisations and often in collaboration with the broader scientific community produce education policy statements, respond to consultations. We are contributing to curriculum development through the work of our curriculum committee, primary working group and student group. For science teachers. CASPrimaryComputing. Teacher%20Training%20Scholarship 4pp leaflet Final no%20crop. Home - Naace. For Education - D&T Association. Primary Design and Technology in primary schools develops young children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food.

For Education - D&T Association

Design and Technology encourages children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues. Enter this section Secondary Secondary Design and Technology introduces increasingly sophisticated resources, including dedicated teaching environments, computer aided designing and manufacturing equipment and specialist teaching. Enter this section Training and Events A regular schedule of varied events: refresher courses, legislation updates, networking meetings and CPD training to build on your existing knowledge. Enter this section Design & Technology GCSE 2017 The new single title Design and Technology GCSE, will be first taught from 2017 and examined 2019. Enter this section Curriculum.

NAAIDT: Welcome to the NAAIDT Website. Home - National Drama. Welcome - NATE. Welcome to the English Association — University of Leicester. NAAE – National Association of Advisers in English. National Association of Writers in Education. The Poetry Society – Connecting you to the transformative power of poetry. National Literacy Trust. The United Kingdom Literacy Association. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG): the heart of geography. The Historical Association / Historical Association. Schools History Project - History Matters. Home - Association for Language Learning. Mathematical Association - Home. Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship. “How can I challenge my pupils if I am not prepared to challenge myself....” - Maths Scholar We are delighted to announce that the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships will be running for a fourth year for those who commence their initial teacher training in the academic year 2016/17.

Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship

Over the years that the scheme has been running, a thriving social media community has developed on Twitter and Facebook. This year there is a website dedicated to the Maths Teacher Training Scholarship Scheme which gives more detail about all the Scheme can offer in addition to £25,000 such as membership of professional bodies; training courses and access to resources. When you’re ready to apply, complete the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships online application.

Please note that we cannot accept hard copies of the application form. As a potential Scholar your excellent subject knowledge and first class communication skills will inspire passion and confidence in the next generation. National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics - NCETM. Association of Teachers of Mathematics - ATM. Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education - ACME. IMA - The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Education. Numbers are everywhere and knowing how data are used is key to understanding the world and to developing a strong economy.


We believe that all school leavers should be able to use and interpret data effectively to make evidence-informed choices and decisions. We all know that statistics is an important area of study within mathematics but it’s also a crucial tool for subjects ranging from biology, medicine and engineering through to the environmental sciences, geography, psychology and sociology. Our interest in promoting statistical education has two main strands: our policy work seeks to influence the education curriculum, particularly in secondary schools.

We also support teaching through a range of resources. National Association for Music Education (NAfME) The Schools Music Association (SMA) – ISM. The Schools Music Association (SMA) became part of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) on 1 July 2014.

The Schools Music Association (SMA) – ISM

The ISM and SMA are guaranteeing a strong voice for the music education profession at the national level. By working together they will continue to ensure that full professional support and representation is available to those working in music education. The two organisations have increasingly worked together in recent years in areas of advocacy and support for music educators. This merging of SMA with ISM is a natural next step and will preserve what is best about the SMA within the ISM, the subject association for music. Following the merger, the ISM organisation, name and normal functions will continue unaltered. The merger is the result of a considered process within the SMA, which consulted its members on possible futures for the organisation from 2012.

SMA Music Awardswill continue as normal. Careers with music - general information. Friday 15 July 2011 A career with music is challenging and worthwhile, and offers a high level of job satisfaction for anyone with a strong interest in music.

Careers with music - general information

Music offers a wide variety of opportunities. There are performers and composers, teachers in schools and at home, administrators, publishers, record companies, instrument manufacturers, librarians, broadcasters and journalists. Musical Futures - Transforming music education through real world learning. Artforms Leeds – Arts and Music Education Service Leeds. Bradford Music Education Hub. Free Sheet Music and Music Lesson Plans. YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic. PSHE Association - Welcome to the PSHE Association.

Association for Physical Education - Association For Physical Education. Education. IOP Teacher Training Scholarships. £30,000 tax-free funding for talented individuals entering physics teacher training in England in the 2016/17 academic year. 150 IOP scholarships will be awarded to the very best individuals who impress us with their academic record, physics subject knowledge and commitment to teaching.

IOP Teacher Training Scholarships

As an IOP scholar you will not only receive £30,000 tax-free funding, you will also become part of a scholarship community, giving you access to: The Religious Education Council of England and Wales. National Association of Teachers of Religious Education. AREIAC Home Page. Home - The Association for Science Education. The Council for Subject Associations - A voice for subjects. The Council for Subject Associations - A voice for subjects.