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The Data Visualisation Catalogue

The Data Visualisation Catalogue

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web Our information age more often feels like an era of information overload. Excess amounts of information are overwhelming; raw data becomes useful only when we apply methods of deriving insight from it. Fortunately, we humans are intensely visual creatures. Few of us can detect patterns among rows of numbers, but even young children can interpret bar charts, extracting meaning from those numbers’ visual representations. Of course, visualizations, like words, can be used to lie, mislead, or distort the truth. More literally, visualization is a process of mapping information to visuals. Figure 1-1. More complex visualizations are generated from datasets more complex than the sequence of numbers shown in Figure 1-1 and more complex sets of mapping rules. Mapping data by hand can be satisfying, yet is slow and tedious. Sets of mapping rules function as design systems. Unfortunately, software (and computation generally) is extremely bad at understanding what, exactly, people want. Selected Tools 25+ Free JQuery Plugins For Doing Guided Tours Through A Website - When you have a web application which requires some getting used to from your users, a walkthrough of the interface is in order. There are awesome jQuery plugins that easy guiding users and creating site/page tours. You would find these plugins really useful for improving your overall user experience on your website. They are stylish, customizable and simple to use. Check them out: 1 – intro.js Demo Download Intro.js is a simple and fast javascript plugin for creating better introductions to websites and features with step-by-step guides with keyboard and mouse support. 2 – Website Tour with jQuery Demo Download A little script that allows to create a tour on a website with jQuery. 3 – jquery joyride feature tour plugin Demo Download Joyride is extremely flexible and lets you take control of how people interact with your tour. 4 – Bootstro.js Demo Download Bootstro.js is a tiny JS library taking advantage of bootstrap’s popover to help guide your users around. 5 – jQuery myTour plugin 6 – Crumble

Ufraw Que serait le numérique sans le format raw ? Ce véritable négatif numérique offre d'énormes possibilités et permet de reprendre à posteriori une nouvelle photo. Ses avantages sont nombreux : souplesse de correction de la prise de vue, obtenir l'entière plage dynamique du capteur et ainsi pousser la qualité des retouches photographiques, maintien plus facile de la chaine colorimétrique . . . Ufraw est un logiciel libre permettant de dérawtiser ce format et ainsi d'en obtenir le meilleur possible. Ufraw est une interface graphique de dcraw, ce moteur de dérawtisation libre se retrouve dans bons nombres de logiciels de dérawtisation libres et commerciaux : Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, IrfanView, Picasa, RawShooter, Raw Convert, etc . . . De ce fait, Ufraw reconnait de nombreux formats (liste des appareils supportés). Il existe plusieurs façons d'utiliser Ufraw, mais à mon sens, la plus facile reste celle utilisée avec Gimp. Gimp est multi-plateforme, et Ufraw s'utilise comme un greffon de Gimp.

D3 And JavaScript: Working With JSON | D3.js Screencasts | This example covers the basics of how to use JSON when working with D3 and JavaScript. Why Working With JSON Is Important: JSON is a human readable data interchange format. JSON makes moving data around your JavaScript Application/Data Visualization easier. This helps you get the benefit of organizing your data as well as the benefits of interoperability and openness. The Concept Behind JSON The concept behind JSON is that it is a lightweight data exchange format. It consists of a collection of name / value pairs. Each value can be a string, number, array or another JSON object. Because you can nest JSON objects within JSON objects, you can highly complex data objects. Here is an example of a JSON object representing the 1972 movie "The Godfather": In the above example the keys are in blue font color. The values are in red font color (except for the number 1972 which is in green). Notice that the blue writing is always double quoted. Next, lets assign this JSON object to a JavaScript Variable

Newton 2 We shall have sole and exclusive ownership of all right, title and interest in and to the Software and all modifications and enhancements thereof (including ownership of all trade secrets, patents, copyrights and any other intellectual property rights pertaining thereto), subject only to the license rights and privileges expressly granted pursuant to this Agreement. Licensee shall assign free of charge to Motion Boutique all right and title to any adaptations, additions, collective works, compilations, derivative works, enhancements, modifications and translations of the Software to Motion Boutique and shall execute whatever documents are required by Motion Boutique to affect such result. Licensee shall keep the Software free and clear of all claims, liens, and encumbrances. Third-Party Software / Open Source Archival or Backup Copies You may either: Things You May Not Do Compliance with laws Transfer / Assignment Tax Limited Warranty No Remedy

Angular directives for Bootstrap The $uibPosition service provides a set of DOM utilities used internally to absolute-position an element in relation to another element (tooltips, popovers, typeaheads etc...). getRawNode(element) Takes a jQuery/jqLite element and converts it to a raw DOM element. parameters element(Type: object) - The element to convert. returns (Type: element) - A raw DOM element. parseStyle(element) Parses a numeric style value to a number. value(Type: string) - The style value to parse. (Type: number) - The numeric value of the style property. offsetParent(element) Gets the closest positioned ancestor. element(Type: element) - The element to get the offset parent for. (Type: element) - The closest positioned ancestor. scrollbarWidth(isBody) Calculates the browser scrollbar width and caches the result for future calls. isBody(Type: boolean, Default: false, optional) - Is the requested scrollbar width for the body/html element. (Type: number) - The width of the browser scrollbar. position(element, includeMargins)

Tips on how to create fantastic presentations- by PowToonThe PowToon Examiner Here are some reasons why your presentations are BAD! We know that so many of you use programs like PowerPoint or Prezi because they have been around for a while, and it is what you know, but change is not always a bad thing, especially if that change can lead to presentations beyond your wildest imagination. Based on PowToon’s recent “Presentation Frustration Survey”, many of you aren’t happy with the outcome of your presentations, so let’s go into some depth on the real problems out there, the reasons why many of you shouldn’t continue presenting until you change your ways, and how we can solve the issues at hand. Lack of engagement This is perhaps the biggest presentation killer out there, but luckily it is something that is easily fixed if you have the right knowledge and tools. Let’s go over some main causes of “engagementitis” as I like to call it. Uninteresting presentation of content Poorly Designed Slides Text: length & presentation In Conclusion Article written by: Jordana Pepper

Authoring Data-Driven Documents Over the last few months I’ve been learning D3 (Data-Driven Documents), which is a really powerful data visualization library built for javascript. The InfoVis paper gets to the gritty details of how it supports data transformations, immediate evaluation of attributes, and a native SVG representation. These features can be more or less helpful depending on what kind of visualization you’re working on. For instance, transformations don’t really matter if you’re just building static graphs. But being able to inspect the SVG representation of your visualization (and edit it in the console) is really quite helpful and powerful. But for all the power that D3 affords, is programming really how we should be (want to be?) Here’s something that I recently made with D3. Now, of course, the exploratory data analysis, storyboarding, and research needed to tell this story were time-consuming. But, really, where’s the flash-like authoring tool of data visualization?

Las mejores herramientas de visualización de datos gratuitas Partimos de la idea de que “los datos son el nuevo petróleo” y que somos una sociedad con abundancia de datos (más bien diría de saturación de datos), y éstos, a menos que se transformen en información comprensible, no van a permitir acceder al conocimiento. Si a ésto le sumamos que nuestro tiempo es limitado y nuestra capacidad para asimilar la información es aún menor (la mayor parte de los cerebros sólo pueden prestar atención durante aproximadamente 45 minutos), necesitamos de algo que nos sintetice la información. “El exceso de información conlleva una pérdida de interés en las audiencias que se traduce, en muchos casos, en una falta de comprensión de la información expuesta.”-David McCandless- De esto se encarga la visualización de datos que no es otra cosa que el “diseño de la comprensión”. Cuando se trata de hacer una visualización de muchos datos las cosas no son tan sencillas. Herramientas de visualización de datos Tableau (Public) Es de tipo escritorio y corre sobre Windows. Weave

MinecraftEDU - The Virtual School The videogame Minecraft has sold almost 14 million copies and has redefined the term indie game. Now thousands of teachers across the world are using MinecraftEDU in the classroom. In this series of videos we look at how one teacher is using the game in his classroom. The Game That Defined a Generation On the surface Minecraft appears to be a primitive dungeon exploration game where killing zombies and skeletons is the goal, but look further and you’ll find complexity and depth that has spawned a creative community unlike any other. Best described as digital Lego, Minecraft gives you a set of materials, some tools, an endless world, and lets you to create anything you can imagine. Simple building blocks with differing properties can be used to create anything from a tiny wood hut to a diamond palace. Minecraft’s creator, Markus Persson, has gone from bedroom developer to multimillionaire and is adored by fans worldwide. MinecraftEDU in the Classroom Shane’s Minecraft Classroom